Top 10 Junior MBA Course in India: 2023 (Don’t Ignore

Have you ever wanted to start your own business at a young age? You’re on the right track if so.

In today’s society, your child would benefit greatly from possessing business management skills. Experiential learning helps a student become a better business person. MBA programs can provide long-term benefits to teenagers. These courses will help students feel more confident and closer to reaching their dreams. Encourage them to develop their skills by educating them about challenges.

Students in a junior MBA Course learn to think critically while understanding their potential. Early learning courses offer numerous benefits.

My only goal is to ascertain which junior MBA course is significantly better by comparing the top 10 junior MBA courses. In this article, I am going to list the top 10 Junior MBA courses in India

1. Henry Harvin Entrepreunership Academy

Digital education offers upskilling and reshaping opportunities for growth through Henry Harvin® Education. To realize its mission and vision, AACB must push forward the digital future and try to break free of the learning lockdown.

With over 100 courses and 10 Academies in 7+ countries, the company is bringing the future of education to schools today. They provide 24-hour support to make learning convenient, and their innovative technology allows learning to take place anywhere. Henry Harvin® Education has been praised by several reputable publications, including the Hindustan Times, Stateman, Hans India, The Pioneer, Financial Express, Aaj Tak, and News World India.

About the program

Henry Harvin provides one of the best Junior MBA Courses in India.

  • Educating young children about entrepreneurship and management empowers them. They realize success is not linear as a result. When a child is not worried about failing, their creativity is heightened. We should encourage people to take risks and make mistakes. It is entrepreneurship that provides this platform!
  • With management and entrepreneurship skills they will be able to achieve success in almost any field they choose. In addition, it fosters:

Schedule of training

  • Duration of the course: 32 hrs
  • Instructional mode: Live online with instructors
  • Course duration: 1.5 hours – 2 hours


  • Industry instructors have experience working with CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and CTOs. As a result, every educator is highly qualified to guide your kid in deepening his knowledge of industry secrets to help him achieve success!


  • After successful completion of the course, students are eligible to get their govt authorized certificate

Eligibility: Grade 3-8

Furthermore, the junior MBA course facilitates:

  • Optimistic thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Possibilities identification
  • Roles/Responsibilities
  • Innovation
  • Defining your goals

 What is the purpose of Junior MBA course in Henry Harvin?

  • Globally professional courses have a specific advantage, but due to various factors except for a few good institutions, all others are far away from the global standards.
  • The focus of B-Schools (Business Schools) has shifted to placement rather than academic excellence, or B schools have become placement agencies. Henry Harvin has devoted itself entirely to skill development.
  • India is a very diverse country where not everybody can pay a fee of lakhs. In comparison to other courses, Henry Harvin’s courses are significantly cheaper (In terms of acquisition of practical knowledge and experience), so they provide significant relief for those who cannot afford the expensive courses.
  • Henry Harvin extracted (Only Practical Aspects) of various professional courses and further modified them by the need of the hour so that courses can be completed efficiently with reduced costs and less time.
  • A college or university curriculum needs to be updated regularly; students are being taught outdated topics. It has been a while since the curriculum has been updated in many cases. Henry Harvin updates the courses regularly.
  • We have faculty members who teach about Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Sales who have never been an entrepreneur or started a startup or who have no experience in selling, but our faculty is highly experienced in their field of expertise.
  • Focus on 1:1: Professional courses need the focus of one on one, but at other institutes, one class can have 40 to 50 students, but at Henry Harvin, one class is limited to ten to fifteen students.
  • Providing Most Up-to-Date, Most Refined Curriculum, 100% Practical Methodology, One-on-One Focus, Short Duration Courses, Focus on Skill Development, and Cost-Effectiveness 

2. Clever Harvey ; Best Juniuor MBA Training in india

With the uncertain world, Clever Harvey seeks to prepare teens for a bright future despite its junior MBA program. Their Junior MBA program aims to develop students’ problem-solving, critical thinking, and business knowledge skills. The Online Innovation Summit brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, and disruptors to launch innovation.

About the program

A review of junior MBA programs by Clever Harvey discusses specialization options. It is possible to choose one or two specializations, or even all three.

  1. Strategy junior MBA program: 

Topics taught:

Business models based on data analysis for market research and sales strategy, value propositions, unit economics, and value propositions

Tools for industries: Google data studio

Students in this program were taught how to devise and implement sales and marketing strategies using data in collaboration with Samsonite.

2. Technology junior MBA program

Topics taught:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as well as Virtual Reality, as well as using technology for problem-solving

Industry Tools: Rapid prototypes from Marvel

Students learn how to prototype tech products through a program designed in collaboration with Infinity Cars.

3. Junior MBA Marketing:

Topics taught:

The list includes segmentation, positioning, product development, invisible marketing, branding, creative briefs, target personas, virality, trends, and competitor analysis, just to name a few.

Tool for the industry: Canva

As India’s number one sportswear brand, PUMA instructs students how to create viral marketing campaigns through social media channels.

Curriculum pillars

A review of Clever Harvey’s junior MBA program reveals the following highlights:

  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Making investments for the future
  • How to present a value proposition
  • Identify and seize growth opportunities
  • Innovation in the development of new products
  • Segmentation model for markets
  • Preparing a business plan is a good idea
  • Investors want to hear your idea
  • Solving problems for businesses

Program Details

Clever Harvey discusses the following topics in their review of Harvey’s junior MBA program:

  • Having medium-level English, the author has written this article
  • Engage in real-time interaction with another participant
  • No age restriction applies (grades 9 to 12)
  • Certificates are provided  
  • A web-based operation is a form of online operation
  • Twenty-five sessions are scheduled, each lasting an hour
  • Every student chooses ten classes in their specialization
  • Approximately 15000 is the cost of the program

3. Arcadia : Best Juniuor MBA Course in india

Junior MBA provides students in primary schools with an MBA-style curriculum over 12 weeks. With four learning objectives, the program offers MBA modules to students ages 6-11

About the program

  • Critical thinking should be encouraged among students
  • Students should gain a basic understanding of financial literacy
  • Collaboration between students is encouraged
  • Students will have the opportunity to talk according to the Oracy Framework and learn through conversation

Navin Valrani, Arcadia Education’s award-winning CEO and founder of the Junior MBA program, has not only been educated at some of the most prestigious business schools but has also grown several profitable companies.


The program is regarded as essential because it provides students with financial literacy skills as well as basic entrepreneurship skills that will be beneficial to them in the long run. As a result of its discussion-based format, the program encourages critical thinking skills and encourages collaboration, preparing students for their academic and personal future.


Mr. Valrani and his class teacher teach a discussion-based course. During the first six weeks of the course, students discuss theory, and the last six weeks focus on real-world applications, which include visiting companies, participating in guest speakers, and preparing and pitching a business plan.

The program is only available to students who attend Arcadia School. Arcadia students in the third through sixth grades (ages 7-11) are required to take the course in Term 1 of the academic year. Arcadia’s Enrichment Learning Programme allows students in their First or Second Year (ages 5-7) to take this course.


Using material from the first year of an MBA program, the course has been designed to be easily understandable for young students. Each course is delivered in a manner that is appropriate for the age group attending. 

Topics covered include:

  1. Business entrepreneurship
  • Generation of Ideas
  • Formation of an organization
  • Impact on society
  • Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations
  1. Advertising
  • It’s all about the marketing mix
  • Developing a brand
  • Social Media (safety concerns highlighted)
  • Preparing the pitch deck
  • Developing presentation skills
  1. Budgeting
  • Raising funds through family and friends
  • Banking commercially and Islamically
  • Investing in Startups
  • Exposure to the stock market (including live trading!)
  • Investment in real ventures (crowdfunding)
  1. Accounts
  • Expenses and revenue: a look at a business’s financial statements
  • How to Calculate Profit
  • Balance Sheets: A Quick Guide
  • Gratitude
  • Case study method: what you need to know


At the end of the program, every student from Year 3-6 prepares and presents an investment pitch based on their choice of the business venture. They must come up with a business idea, research it, and develop a presentation around it that outlines the idea, the marketing mix, how they plan to raise money, and the social impact the venture can have. While preparing their decks, students are encouraged to look beyond their learning in the program.

The winner of this school-wide competition will be determined by external judges once the students have completed their projects.

4. Pragya ; Top Training Institute For Junior MBA Course in india

Pragya’s Excellence in Junior MBA Program is one of the best junior MBA courses in India.

Students here learn sales and marketing skills, creativity, innovation, strategic planning, risk-taking, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship. Your kids will also develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.

About the program:

  • An industry-leading curriculum developed by World-Class Trainers after rigorous scientific research. Curriculum with a high degree of structure and comprehensiveness
  • A robust scientific investigation has been conducted by their team. Coaches and mentors from all over the world design the curriculum.
  • Effortless, 100% practical training methodology with world-class results
  • A World-Class Institute with a Unique Training Methodology in Jaipur
  • Environment and infrastructure that are world-class 
  • Imagine the possibilities
  • Positive Energy in a Place
  •  Satisfaction guaranteed 100%  
  • Affiliate – Rajasthan’s first soft skill institute that is affiliated and accredited by India’s largest library
  • 3. Free e-book on how to be a great speaker
  • 4. Entrance is free to the Sunday Motivation & Talk Show
  •  University of Rajasthan’s ILD skill program.
  • The course fee is 16500

 5. MCE : Best Training Institute For Juniour MBA Course in india

A leading provider of international management development services in the EMEA region is Management Centre Europe (MCE); they offer both online and on-campus programs in India. You can advance in your management career if you can acquire real operational and managerial abilities. You’ll improve your leadership skills and management abilities with the help of this junior MBA course.

Course duration: 12 three-hour sessions over six days

 6. Udemy

The Udemy Junior MBA course in India is available to both professionals and students seeking advanced education. You can take MBA courses at an affordable price on Udemy. Students all over the world are connected with the greatest educators on Udemy, which enables them to accomplish their objectives and pursue their aspirations. Junior-MBA course offered by Udemy is one of the most popular courses available online.

7. Excel with Business : Juniour MBA Course in india With Live Training

Excel with Business features the most comprehensive Junior MBA program online as well as training from industry experts in subjects such as Strategy, Finance, Project Management, Computing, and Commercial Experience. You can take this junior MBA course if you are a professional seeking to advance your career by learning critical skills to stand out in your field and succeed in it.67 hours were spent on this course.

8. The Chicago Insti­tute of Business

Its Online junior MBA program offers comprehensive leadership and management training, coaching, and business skills to help you get ahead in your career. By the end of the course, you will have gained insights into essential management concepts. Whether it be business leadership, finance or marketing, communication, project management, or human resources, you’ll gain solid, coherent insight into all these functions and their contribution to organizational success. In India, they provide junior MBA courses online as well. The course takes 130 hours to complete online.

9. IBM : Best Juniour MBA Training Centre in india

Junior MBA courses are offered by IBMI online in India. Hundreds of thousands of students from more than 185 countries have received important business skills and information from IBMI. As a result of the curriculum, students have been able to achieve a wide range of employment goals, including getting a promotion, starting a business, and discovering new hobbies. Six courses are required for graduation. Online, self-paced, 3 hours per course.

10.Coursera : Top Institute For Juniour MBA Training in india

Coursera offers a variety of online learning opportunities for junior MBAs in India, including a global web-based learning platform. As a global leader in continuing education, Coursera has partnered with world-renowned institutions to deliver a wide range of expert and advanced learning opportunities.

 Over 77 million students have taken online courses from Coursera. The certificate you receive upon completion of the course can be shared.

The benefits of a Junior MBA program.

  1. Entrepreneurship skills.
  2. Developing decision-making skills.
  3. Having a thorough understanding of the market
  4. There is a strong emphasis on student coordination.
  5. Improved presentation and creative skills are achieved by students.
  6. Problem-solving skills and conflict resolution should be taught.

Exactly what makes a Junior MBA unique?

An important part of management is played during all phases of life, including early childhood and old age. We develop our skills for managing and becoming independent in our early years. By learning good decision-making skills and practicing critical thinking, the student will become a more critical thinker.

After gaining some experience and exposure to real-world conditions, many professionals, such as doctors, engineers, accountants, and lawyers, start their businesses. Having experienced all of this, many people realize that they didn’t get exposed to entrepreneurship and management during their formative years and that it’s too late to start a business.

Through a course like this, elementary school students can learn about sales, management, and diverse cultures.This unique opportunity to learn basic management skills is offered by Henry Harvin. 

We can thank institutes like Henry Harvin for implementing courses that make graduates more employable no matter how the educational landscape has changed. A Junior MBA Course at Henry Harvin’s school inspired this company’s CEO, Kounal Gupta. These courses will improve the business skills of children between grades 3 and 8.

Schools today require students to select a subject and a stream. Parents run around trying to help their kids contact counselors, uncles, and friends to keep them informed. What if we tried something new?

With so many career options available today, it makes sense for parents to worry about how their children will develop their careers. In the future, new courses will be offered. Students will be able to experience different career options through these courses. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after degrees in the world. As a senior, are you interested in pursuing an MBA at one of the top universities? It’s no longer necessary to ask. The junior MBA program is offered at many renowned institutions!

Could you benefit from a junior MBA program?

Junior MBA programs are designed for middle school students. This course motivates and inspires students by teaching business management fundamentals. To help them understand how the world of business works, students learn about business first. Everyone is welcome to participate in this event, isn’t that awesome?

As a kid, what are the advantages of getting an MBA?

By enrolling in this course, students will get a head start on their academic careers and be prepared for real-life situations. Following are three steps that explain how attending training can help you.

Step 1: Be sure you have a good understanding of what you have to do 

People can obtain an MBA at an early age if they have the opportunities to learn the fundamentals of the program. Students can use the information to help them decide whether to study Business Administration or Technology as a post-graduate course of study.

Step 2: Developing knowledge 

Young students are extremely curious creatures. They are always eager to learn and explore new things. It can be frustrating to parents for kids to have the same questions repeated over and over again if they are addressed in an MBA program.

Step 3: Bring the ideas to life 

Can students gain an entrepreneurial mindset in the junior MBA program? Students learn how to build an empire during their undergraduate and graduate studies. By picking a subject that interests them, students will learn more. It is important to us to spread creativity and enrichment. 

What does a “junior MBA” entail?

In this program, students in 3rd to 8th grades are eligible to enroll. As part of the program, students are taught to think strategically, make decisions, and solve problems from an early age. As students take this course, they can visualize themselves as CEOs, CMOS, CFOs, or CTOs.

There are a lot of doubts and obstacles before enrolling in the program, based on my experience. Hence, the name, junior MBA; differs greatly from regular two-year MBA programs. This demonstrates why an hour may be necessary instead of a two-year MBA program. Short-term online courses offer a glimpse into American culture and everyday life. Students tend to lack financial support and student leaders as they age. By preparing them for this, the junior MBA course will give them an entrepreneurial mindset.

Students become more responsible and independent, and their learning processes are better organized and sponsored. Whenever I write, it has always been my intention to provide people with as much information as possible. In light of our discussion of careers in entrepreneurship, we must make point of highlighting these two well-known junior MBA training providers.

Junior MBAs: Why they are a great choice

Do you feel inspired when you read the success stories of top business people? Amazing.How do you feel when you hear about their net worth? Astounded

What do you think of their lifestyle when you see it? Intimidation

What do you think about someone’s fame and name? Stunning.Only a few people can achieve the same level of success as them.Is there a Biggest Reason for this?

A lack of business knowledge.From now on, cultivate a business mindset in your children if you want them to sign business deals, acquisitions, and mergers. The mindset of a business person cannot be developed in a school

We live in a world of Young Entrepreneurs – The majority of class toppers are already billionaires by the time they graduate or complete their Post-Graduation.

The digital world and nuclear families inhibited social growth between the ages of 18 and 25. Our kids don’t get any practical experience until the age of 25. In the past, kids used to work in their family’s business during their free time or handle it at an early age, but today many miss out on these golden opportunities because of studies. The early cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking in your kids’ minds has a considerable impact, therefore it is the ideal time to plant the seed.

 Having a degree and a job can make it easy for you to get caught up in the rat race:

# Get a job and work 9 to 5 for 35 to 40 years, hating your alarm clock every morning

Keep up with the Joneses by buying useless trinkets for your living room

# Wake up when your boss says so, work when your boss says so, and take a limited vacation when your boss permits

Not! This hamster wheel must never be ridden.

Having to feel guilty over $10 Starbucks coffee has been a lifetime struggle. Taking whatever handouts you can get… It’s of shrinking your world and convincing yourself that spending $10 on an extra dessert will make you happy.

I don’t. More must be on your mind. To get it, you must work hard.

What “Junior MBA” can offer you

  • Taking your passion and turning it into a profession is the way to live your best life.
  • Dream big and don’t let anyone tell you what to do – If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs. – Tony Gaskins
  • An incredible opportunity to grow. It’s not all about making more money; it’s more about getting a reasonable outcome from your skills and efforts.
  • Differentiate oneself from the crowd.
  • Pursuing your dreams makes you feel fulfilled
  • The opportunity to learn is great
  • Adaptability will increase
  • Develop the ability to take risks
  • Become an excellent business leader by transforming your personality
  • Learn how to solve problems
  • Think critically and make informed decisions
  • Learn how to be an effective businessperson
  • Learn to be patient
  • Create a creative and innovative approach
  • Developing resourcefulness requires a shift in mindset 
  • Own your own business
  • Become a job creator by becoming a job seeker
  • Legacy-Building
  • Management, Planning, Directing, Controlling, and Coordinating
  • Literacy in Finance
  • Skills development to bridge the skills gap
  • According to the VUCA World, make them competent
  • Mindset as a mastery
  • Failing Successfully: The Art of It
  • It is essential to have a strong foundation for a solid building. The most difficult thing is to fix a broken adult, not to build a strong child. ~ F. Douglas


Identify their potential as soon as you start – You can greatly increase your chances of succeeding in life if you start early and identify their talents, interests, and personalities. When someone starts early and identifies their skill, interests, and personality, their chances of success are higher. There is substantial evidence that those who have worked on their strengths and passion have performed well. There are a few names in this list: Saurabh Jain, Saurav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Sanjeev Kapoor, Mitali Raj, and Sundar Pichai.

To know that a child is a miracle, a child must realize that there has never been, and there will never be, another like him since the beginning of the world.” ~ Pablo Casals

Interested in Developing These Qualities In Your Children? Henry Harvin is the best if the answer is yes


1.    What skills will the Junior MBA program help to develop in the child?

Ans. The Junior MBA program will develop problem-solving, entrepreneurial skills, critical thinking management skills, and research skills in the child.

2. What does a Junior MBA certification course consist of?

Ans. The Junior MBA comprises three different areas of studies – Junior CEO, Junior CMO and Junior CTO.

3. How is Junior MBA considered to build entrepreneurship in children?

Ans. A Junior MBA program focuses on teaching young children financial literacy skills and the basic tools of entrepreneurship. Both these skills are beneficial to have for any entrepreneur in the long run.

4. Are the classroom sessions interactive and helpful?

Ans. Because of the interactive nature of the class, the Junior MBA program enables students to think fundamentally and critically, fully intent on getting ready understudies for their academics and individual excursion ahead.

5.    Can kids be counted on for a specialized program like Junior MBA that has initially been assumed to be accessed by adults?

Ans. Yes, of course. Children when growing up doing such specialized courses receive maximum positive exposure. This helps them to understand things quicker, better and makes them smarter.

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GST course in Mumbai

GST course Online

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