Top 10 Junior MBA Courses Online in 2023

Uplifting news to every parent and child there. I would like to inform you about a great opportunity to understand business administration and its terminology at a very young age. Do you like to encourage your children to learn the business as a parent who is thriving to bring out their best abilities? Are you an entrepreneur or a businessman? Do you want to train your kids at a very young age so that he or she can continue your legacy? Do you want your children to be confident and represent their ideas and views openly in front of the public? Then I suggest you enroll your kids in a Junior MBA course.

The trending Junior MBA Course is implemented in USA, Australia, Norway, Germany and many other countries for their kids bright future and the good news is that the junior MBA course is exclusively available in India to encourage startups and develop entrepreneurship in India.

Here, I am presenting top 10 junior MBA courses in India for your reference.

1. Henry Harvin Education 

Henry Harvin education is one of the best institutes in India to learn skill development and aspirational courses. They are the leading providers of technical, non-technical, language, and management courses. They mostly offer on-demand courses to make their students competent and efficient as per the current industry standards. Students have praised that they had a great learning experience after completion of the course. They were satisfied with the outcome and results. Henry Harvin offers Junor MBA Course to class 3rd std to class 8th std. They offer management and entrepreneurship sessions to your kids.


Course Duration: 32 hours live online interactive sessions(1.5 hrs to 2 hrs) 

Course Highlights 

  • Your child will get the opportunity to interact with experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen. The mentors are highly experienced in handling your kids and their business ideas and they will guide your kids on the correct path to implementing their ideas.
  • The course curriculum covers all the concepts like how to generate business ideas, CTO, CXO, CEO, CMO, and CFO, and their functionalities. They also cover all the major jargons used in the business world.
  • The sessions will be fun and filled full of games and activities like debates, discussions, and role-playing one trending topic.
  • After completion of the course, your child will be able to express his ideas and will have a zeal to create his startup.
  • Your child will get a course completion certificate post-completion of the course and as you know awards and certificates always boost individual confidence and motivate them to reach their goals.

Course Fee 

Self Paced course- INR 8099/- 

Live online classroom sessions– INR 8999/-(EMI option available)


  • Recorded sessions of all batches
  • Flexible Schedule
  • One year gold membership
  • Unlimited live sessions for one year
  • Weekly boot camp sessions
  • Sessions on holidays and weekends

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2. Clever Harvey

Clever Harvey is a Mumbai-based Edtech firm that offers junior MBA courses exclusively for children ages 13 to 18. They offer junior MBA courses in 3 different specializations and they are marketing, technology, and strategy. Your child can opt for any course as per his or her area of interest. Further, they offer an explorer pack and a junior CEO. 

Course Duration and Course Fee 

Junior MBA Strategy -25 hours, INR 15000/-

Junior MBA Marketing -25 hours, INR 15000/-

Junior MBA Technology -25 hours, INR 15000/-

Junior CEO -75 hours, INR 45000/-

Junior Explorer -10 hours, INR 15000/- 

Course Highlights


  • The course curriculum is developed by alumni of IIM Bangalore and other foreign universities.
  • The training sessions are conducted by experienced tutors in the industry and they have trained many CEO, CFO’s and other reputed positions in organizations.
  • They conduct summer camps for industrial visits during vacation.
  • The course covers all the major sample modules and terminology related to business administration.
  • Sessions will have multiple activities like games, group discussions, debates, and even friendly competitions like quizzes between kids to create awareness.
  • Post completion of the course they will give you a course completion certificate.


3. Kidspreneur


Kidspreneur is a Singapore-based educational institute that offers online entrepreneurship sessions to kids across the world and this program is designed for kids whose ages are 7 and above. Kids Preneurship workshops help them to enhance their full potential.


They accept that each child can turn into a business person. Furthermore, with the right sort of guidance and mentorship and obvious support from parents, children can explore this feature of life at an exceptionally youthful age. While most business venture courses straightforwardly start with business thoughts and a marketable strategy, they start with fostering the right attitude.


Course Duration: 10 hours


Course Highlights


  • Activity-based learning
  • The session covers all the basic concepts of entrepreneurship
  • This course will help enhance your kids’ creativity
  • This course will develop confidence, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.


Course Fee: S$288


4. BornPreneur


BornPreneur is a Bangalore-based education institute and offers courses to enhance kids’ skills and creativity. They help to empower entrepreneurship in individuals and turn them into young entrepreneurs in the future. Born prodigy is a program designed for kids ages between 8 years to 11 years. In this course, youngsters are acquainted with business equipment and they will be engaging and help them to begin a business. They work through the means of beginning their own miniature business while learning essential business terms and ideas. 


Course Duration: 6 weeks


Course Highlights


  • The sessions will be lots of fun and they are activity-based. your kids will have a great learning experience and will get a chance to meet industry experts.
  • this course helps to create new products and launch them into market
  • This course helps individuals to work in teams, conduct meetings, and presentations, etc.
  • pricing and product evaluation
  • This course helps to set a primary target market.


5. Pragya personality development


Pragya personality development is an educational institution that offers skill and personality development sessions to kids and adults. They offer junior MBA courses to Kids ages between 7 to 13. your child will learn concepts of development, inventiveness, decision-making ability, managing failures, critical thinking abilities, decisive reasoning, direction, making plans of action, profound comprehension of deals and showcasing, business ventures and mergers, etc.


Course Duration: 2 Months


Course Highlights


  • Experienced trainers who can handle kids’ mentality and help them to identify their talent.
  • The sessions will be loaded with fun activities like games, quizzes, role play, and equipment that helps to improve cognitive ability.
  • Post completion of this course your child will be confident and will be able to express his opinions and ideas in public. This course will help to enhance your child’s creativity skills


6. Kidwise


Kidwise is an online learning planning platform located in Pune, Maharashtra. They are designed to train kids to enhance their creative skills and personality development. They offer junior MBA courses online. It is a community of parents and children to look for and offer guidance, meetings, reviews, audits, and proposals. Many providers join and take part, because of the children’s age and interests.


The surveys by parents are extremely valuable to assist the most ideal choices for their children.


Course Duration: 10 days


7. MetamorphosisEdu


MetamorphosisEdu is a school of entrepreneurship located in Kondapur, Telangana and they offer entrepreneurship programs to kids grades between 6th to 12th. This is the world’s greatest advanced learning stage for every child at the school level who tries to become equipped business people. With modern specialists available as mentors and trainers, the students will undoubtedly get a great learning experience apart from academic knowledge.


Course Duration: 0-3 months


Course Highlights


  • Video Sessions
  • Chance meet with kids with a similar mentality
  • This course will help to create start-ups
  • Live classes and case studies
  • Friendly events and competitions
  • Course completion certificate 

Course Fee: INR 11700/-


8. VentureLab


VentureLab is an online education platform and they offer entrepreneurship courses to kids from 8 years to 15 years they give innovative learning out how to kids anyplace! This course works for in school, self-teach, afterschool programs, and for face-to-face, half and a half and distant. It highlights 10 areas and 30 exercises to show the enterprising mentality and abilities. 

Course Duration –30 hours

Course Fee-50$ 

9. Young Entrepreneur School(YES)


Young Entrepreneur School(YES) is a Tamil Nadu based entrepreneur development forum and they offer online sessions across the world to improve their knowledge in business, foster an inspirational perspective and get to know the latest in overall key ways to deal with gain ground expertly and they offer offline sessions in various parts of Tamil Nadu.


Course Duration: 0-1 year


10. Bizkids


Bizkids is an international financial education channel. It is an Emmy award public winning show. You can access episodes on their website, youtube or you can purchase the videos on Vimeo. The episodes consist of kids, money, and business. The episodes are designed cleverly and they cover the concepts of finance and entrepreneurship. Each episode has reached 1 million views.


Course Highlights


  • Fun and engaging Videos with comedy and animation.
  • Free lessons are available on their website
  • The course covers concepts like credit, debit, product launch, and market strategy, etc.
  • They will also give examples of real-life entrepreneurs.
  • The sessions are very motivating and will make your child think about startups.


The Junior MBA course will give a great experience to any child who has a knack for business and creativity. Indeed, it is true that management and business are art and certain kids do have this ability by birth. So as parents we need to understand their ability and interest and our responsibility is to push them toward their goal with strong support and guidance.  

This course will help you to pave a way for your kids and it will show the direction and help them to use their knowledge and abilities on the correct platform. Hence, I suggest enrolling your kids in this trending course during holidays or if you feel your child has extra time post-academic sessions especially during this covid period.



What is the age to take up a Junior MBA course?

Ans. on average the age must be between 6-15 years

Is taking a junior MBA course worth it?

Ans. Yes, This course will improve your kids’ cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, decision-making, and risk-taking abilities. This course will develop an entrepreneur attitude in your kids.

3. What is the value of junior MBA certification?

Ans. This certificate will boost the confidence in your kid and they add it as an achievement in their student profile.

Can I get a demo of the Junior/teen MBA course for reference?



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  • This list of top junior mba courses online is very worthy for those who are in search of best institute to join this course.

  • By doing junior MBA course you will improve your decision making skill. So go ahead and take any of the good junior MBA course and start learning how to take risk and examine the situation.

  • This junior MBA course will have a great experience for those who has a knack for business and creativity. Will surely help you to gain knowledge. Join any junior MBA course online to start your management and business career.

  • Henry Harvin education is the best for learning aspirational and skill development courses. You can join its online and offline course. They are more focused to enhance the skill of their students. They are leading provider of many management courses in India. Go and join its junior MBA course without worrying about its quality.

  • To encourage startups and to develop entrepreneurship in India and many other countries Junior MBA courses are implemented. If you also want to enhance your managerial skill and if you have any idea to start up your own business then it is recommended to join this junior MBA course either online or offline.

  • These online Junior MBA course will definitely improve the knowledge and ability of your kids so that they can use it on the correct way. So it is suggested to enroll your kids in these kinds of trending courses when they have spare time.

  • Excellent course for the kids to join in their holiday. Must encourage your kids to join this amazing Junior MBA course online so that they can learn new skill during their holiday time.

  • The Junior MBA course online was an invaluable resource for me as I was preparing to transition into a managerial role at my job. The course was comprehensive and gave me the tools I needed to be successful in the business world. It was well worth the investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their career.

  • The Junior MBA course in online is an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the world of business without having to commit to a full degree program. I find the lectures clear, comprehensive, and engaging. The case studies and simulations are also very helpful in helping me understand the concepts taught in the course.

  • The Junior MBA courses online are a great resource for students who are looking to gain an understanding of business fundamentals. The material is presented in a way that’s easy to understand and the instructors are always available to answer questions. I’ve learned a lot from the courses, and I’m confident that they’ll help me excel in my future career.

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