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On another hectic morning my husband and I stood arguing the best route to our offices. The time kept ticking as we cursed and stomped up and down. Just as we began to glide down the parking, we jerked to a stop for the perfectly timed answer from our helper’s 13-year-old daughter. Yes, she spoke that with such confidence like an arrow that is fired, we were stunned to silence. And that spark of inspiration from her helped us sail through that day.

Speaking good English isn’t just a necessity, it is an armour. It magnifies your true ability and skillset that otherwise your fear hides from you. Fret not, we are here with the top 12 English speaking courses online that ensure you reach the heights you deserve.

Top Best English Speaking Course Online

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin holds the pride of being the best out of 5 fastest growing Edtech institutes in India. It is also an online University with 200+ programs for career and competency upskilling. The 9 in 1 English speaking course online is segmented into 6 levels with levels 1 to 4 for 40 hours each and levels 5 and 6 for 50 hours each.


  • 100% Placement Support for 1-Year after the completion of the English-speaking course.
  • Internship support for practical application of English speaking.
  • Booster Bootcamp sessions, Hackathons and competitions.
  • English speaking classes Online follows the Common European Framework (CEFR)
  • Honourable trainer experts with 12+ years of experience in English literature fields.


  • Gain confidence to give Prepare for International English Language Exams.
  • Effectively communicate and understand a wider audience
  • Competent to explore and debate on the trending topics on the social media platforms.
  • Become an Online influencer or English Tutor to help many other aspiring candidates.
  • Turn skilled to crack the many challenges of the job market.
  • Get hired easily by the top MNCs.

Apart from the English speaking course online, the institute also offers

  • Content writing course
  • Technical writing course
  • Digital Marketing course
  • Medical Writing course

2. National Institute of Language

National Institute of Language is branched into NIL Academy and NIL Technologies which are units of NIL Edutech (P) Limited. They reinvent e-learning to suit the needs of the students especially in South-East Asia. The institute aims to create not only qualified educators but also a great culture in education.


  • Post completion of the course you will become a certified ESL student.
  • Personality development modules to address communication skills.
  • Learn from Cambridge Certified Trainers in interactive classroom sessions.


  • Adept in sentence framing and manipulation
  • Clear understanding of grammar techniques and appealing vocabulary.
  • Improved Interpersonal skills and listening and writing skills.
  • Become adept in public speaking and effective communication

The 3-month English speaking course online is divided into 12 modules with practical exercises and tests at regular intervals. Other courses offered are IELT, Foreign Languages and Language courses for kids.

3. Aksent Corporate Solutions

Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu the institute is offers as one of the premier Online English speaking courses in India. With interesting training programs, they teach the language that is in par with the global audience. The English-Speaking Course is for a duration of 8-10 weeks, applicable for Basic to Advance Learners.


  • Live interactive classes with regular feedback sessions to track the learning curve.
  • Live ideas like brainstorming sessions, storytelling, debates and speeches to infuse the language aspects.
  • Trainers with expert knowledge of the language and its many techniques.
  • Aided with Grammar videos and Public Speaking sessions to improve the candidate’s confidence.


  • The English Speaking Course includes rigorous practice and mind mapping techniques.
  • Integrated training strategy in an interactive dynamic environment.
  • Regular evaluation tests to confirm the transformation of the students.
  • Course structure aligned with the international curriculum of Oxford and Cambridge.

Apart from the English Speaking classes online they also offer:

  • Business English Course
  • Grammar Mastery course
  • Voice and Accent training

4. English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis

It is a department of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) (SIU) re-accredited with “A” grade by NAAC. The institute imparts English Speaking course to 5500+ Indian students every year.

Being run under the brand name called ‘Speakfast’ it offers a part-time job-oriented ‘Diploma in Practical English and Life Skills’ (DPELS) and for international students they also have a ‘Diploma of Proficiency in English & Career Skills’.


  • Comprehensive course which is divided into 5 levels to suit the need and ability of the learner.
  • Gain Communication skills, Soft Skills, Presentation Skills and Business English.
  • Access to exciting facilities like Movie Club, Readers’ Circle, Speakers’ Club, English over Tea and Hinglish-Minglish.


  • Interactive & activity-based classroom sessions that use ICT & audio-visual aids.
  • Listening sessions in the language lab to improve critical thinking.
  • Fun based learning with Pair Work, Role plays and Presentations.
  • Workshops on Resume / Email Writing, Personal Interview and Presentation Skills.

The English speaking course online is for a duration of 8-12 weeks depending on the Level the student chooses.

The institute also offers, Content Writing course, Business English, TOEFL/IELTS, Proficiency in English and Corporate Training in Soft Skills and Personality Development.

5. Inlingua

The academy has over 50 years of experience in providing high-quality language training to its students. They are represented by over 250 languages in more than 30 countries to coordinate national and international language training initiatives. The English-speaking course online is a part of the portal called ‘inlingua Online training’.


  • Tailor-made inlingua e-learning modules support self-paced learning.
  • This English-speaking course Online is a blended learning structure to make faster progress.
  • Enhance your skills with the intricately designed flex-e-books.
  • Flexible virtual classroom for face-to-face training.
  • Interactive training units that meets the individual’s knowledge and requirements.


  • Access to the platform ‘inlinguanow’ that offers a large number of e-learning exercises, dictionaries and grammar books.
  • Limited student group for effective learning.
  • Continuous feedback and periodic tests to track the progress.
  • My.lab offers interactive exercises with Gamification features.
  • InLingua plus combines the benefits of online and classroom training effectively.

Apart from the English speaking course online the academy also offers a range of programs for Adults, Companies and Kids under language learning.

6. Wabstalk

Wabs Talk specialises in offering English speaking course and Public Speaking. The institute has trained 20,000+ students and takes pride in having a 4.9 * rating in Google. They focus on the development of corporate level soft skills and communication skills which is suitable for all the industries & ideal for entry level & middle managers.


  • Free Counselling Session before admission to help students choose the best suitable course.
  • Outdoor Sunday- Public Speaking at Public Places to boost the confidence.
  • Affordable Fee Structure with EMI option.
  • Psychological Techniques are used to boost the morale of the candidate.
  • Small teaching groups with Interesting and Flexible Teaching Methods.


  • Mock Interviews Sessions, Weekend workshops and Weekly Competitions for a practical experience.
  • Regular tests in Grammar, Vocabulary and English Speaking are given every week.
  • Innovative in-class and outdoor sessions at the best Soft skills training institute in Delhi.
  • Training given to improve Oratory skills, Grammar essentials, Pronunciation and Nonverbal skills

Apart from the English Speaking course Online they also offer public speaking and personality development Course that would boost the candidate’s chances of cracking an interview, striking a good business deal or getting fast promotions.

7. Oxford School of English

The institute aims to provide high-quality and a conducive learning environment to its students. With the advanced Cambridge English Empower Courses from Cambridge University Press, they provide a smart projector-driven classes with interactive spoken activities.

The institute offers the English speaking course at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. And for students aspiring to travel international they offer English speaking classes online, online IELTS coaching and online competitive exam English classes.

The duration of the English speaking course online ranges between 2-12 months depending on the program the candidate chooses.


  • Master Grammar, sentence construction and conversational skill.
  • Gain confidence to use rich vocabulary embedded with idioms and phrases.
  • Become adept at communication, retelling news stories, discussing and debating with confidence.
  • Trained to give public presentations and crack job interviews.
  • The English speaking course Online created by experienced language trainers has downloadable PDF exercises and interesting assignments.


  • The institute is a Certified Silver Partner of Cambridge University Press.
  • Access to Audio-video, PDF worksheets, Blogs and Forums on the Cambridge Learning Management System (CLMS)
  • Get career guidance from expert trainers and counsellors.
  • Avail free registration for placement support and updated information about job openings.
  • With a firm grasp of the complex grammar concepts, master email and blog writing.
  • Benefit from the CVideo shoot feedbacks for Personality Development.

Apart from the English speaking course online the institute also offers, Personal English classes, IELTS/PTE, Courses for Competitive exams.

8. Engmates

Engmates is one of the leading training institutes in Delhi that offers English speaking course online. Having trained over 40k+ students they take pride in following a USP that aims at improving the Life skills, Conversational skills and Image Management of the candidate.

The course is for a duration of 3-4 months giving the student to choose from an array of suitable schedules. The course fee is Rs.12,760.


  • Improve your grammar, speaking skills, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Learn essential grammar and sentence structuring.
  • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic programming.
  • Detailed modules that cover Verbs, Vocabulary, Idioms, Proverbs and phrases.
  • Overall development with a smart interactive activity-based English speaking course online.


  • Master the art of speaking with the experience from Situation Speaking and Group Discussion.
  • Understand the Do’s and Don’ts of interview, key interview phrases and Expected Questionnaire.
  • Interactive activities like Group Discussion & Debates, Roleplay, Picture Speaking and Podium Sessions.
  • Training in body language and tone modulation for Personality development.

Apart from the English speaking course Online the institute offers Public Speaking course, Advance Spoken English course, Professional English Speaking and Interview Preparation program.

9. New American Institute

The institute was established in 1995 with an aim to provide English language proficiency to the aspiring student learners. The English speaking course online is built to enhance the conversational and writing skills of the student. The duration of the course is between 2-3 months that is tailor-made to suit the requisites and the skillset of the individual.


  • Extempore sessions, Mock interviews and group discussions to break the hesitancy to speak.
  • Learn the art of conversation, ease in daily vocabulary, effective reading and listening skills.
  • Knowledge of grammar techniques, idioms and phrases and voice modulation for appealing conversation.


  • Gain oratory skills and fluency in English language.
  • Break job market stereotypes with confidence.
  • Excel in Group discussions, public speaking and facing a global audience.
  • Skilled and efficient to prepare for coveted training exams TOEFL / IELTS.
  • Master right pronunciation and conversational skills to improve personality development.
  • Understanding foreigner’s Accent Audio, Video & English Scripts.
  • Club Membership after  the course @ – 1000/- per year.

Along with the English speaking course online, the institute also offers:

  • IELTS program
  • Call centre Training course
  • Business English course

10. British School of Languages

British School of Language is hailed as the “Oldest & Finest” Language School in India which offers training also for IELTS. The institute is also recognised by IDP, Member of the British Council IELTS Partnership Programme. BSL has adopted the CEFR (Common European Framework for Languages) as their teaching system.


  • Avail the facility of Cloud based virtual classroom & LMS software through a free demo class.
  • Choose between Systematic Learning in Group Classes or one on one Learning with Personal Trainer.
  • Well researched and conclusive study material
  • English speaking course online has videos covering grammar techniques, communication skills and writing practises.


  • Regular online assessment and training activities to track the progress.
  • English speaking course offers 12 Personality Development weeks.
  • Proficient in language through public speaking, debates and role plays.
  • Exclusive training to steer and crack an interview with confidence.

The institute also offers Foreign Language courses, Program for TOEFL, PTE and IELTS.

11. BM Consultants

BM English Speaking courses online is the centre to learn the nuances of English language and develop communication skills and enhance your self-confidence. They offer a course structure which is futuristic, forward-thinking, innovative and result-oriented.

The course duration is for one month, 1 hour/day which is a live online training for a small group of 5-10 students.


  • Gain social confidence and increased visibility among employers.
  • Get knowledge of phrases and idioms to improve writing skills.
  • Understand and master email writing, presentation skills, right pronunciation and art of public speaking.
  • Daily speaking practise, activities and Game based learning.
  • British Council certified trainer experts.


  • Focus on all round personal development of the candidates
  • Written evaluation and feedback provided for transparency in training
  • Academic excellence and holistic growth.
  • Understand correct grammar techniques and enhanced vocabulary.
  • Competent to clear interviews, make public speeches and ace in the group discussions.
  • Effective communication in emails, reports, business interactions, and presentations.

Other courses offered along with the English-Speaking course online:

  • Personality Development course
  • IELTS course
  • TTT program
  • Business English course
  • Voice and accent course

12. WizMantra Academy

WizMantra takes pride in giving effective teaching techniques that guarantees placement and personality development. The institute believes in filling fill in the gaps between information and knowledge by adhering to practical lessons with on-going training through online sessions. The course is priced at Rs. 6962 for the 1-month course and at Rs13,924 for the 2 months course.


  • Ideally segmented into levels according the requisite of the candidate.
  • Get fluent in speaking by learning the communication techniques.
  • Boost your confidence by undergoing the Round table sessions and class presentations.
  • Gain knowledge of Grammar Concept & Auxiliary Verbs.
  • Master speaking techniques with error free and grammar right conversations.


  • Learn Basic Art of Writing & Business Letters etiquettes.
  • 100% Customized course modules to meet the demands of the aspiring candidate.
  • Training and references for Professional Bio-Data Preparation.
  • Improve Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills.
  • Voice your opinions with confidence in Social media and among peers.
  • Deliver effective presentations and enhance the quality of e-mail writing.

With the English-Speaking course online, other courses offered are:

  • Foreign Language courses
  • Interview Preparation courses
  • Personality Development course
  • Writing in English courses

Spoken English is important for each one of us. It smooths effective communication which improves your confidence, enhances your productivity and finally takes care of your emotional well being too. Without further delay let us join the bandwagon, to ace the art of conversing and writing in error free.

Before I bid adieu let me share a few tips for your ease:

  • Shun that shyness, start conversing in English.
  • Read, begin with simple books with easy vocab.
  • Don’t miss a chance to grab the mic ?.
  • Learn a new word everyday and remember to use it throughout the day.
  • Begin writing, short daily entries in simple sentences.

You are ready to pin that English speaking star on your shoulder now!

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  • I got a good understanding of the course and it was really informative to me. The teacher had a very good teaching method and explained the concepts very well. I am glad that I took the English Speaking class from your institute, I feel much more confident about myself after completing this course.

  • This course is based Speaking on English Speaking Course. But Micheal sir has put his deep knowledge in this course by Henry Harvin live interacting with the students. His teaching style is something good to learn. Thanks For Henry Harvin institute

  • I have completed three sessions so far, and I am very happy that I opted for this course. Our instructor (Dr. Rakesk ) is very knowledgeable and very friendly.

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  • These top 12 online English speaking courses offer a comprehensive curriculum for learners of all levels. With interactive lessons and expert instructors, students can enhance their language skills effectively. Check out the list to find the perfect course that suits your needs and goals.

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