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French language 

French is the second most learned language and fifth most spoken language in the world. It is spoken on 5 continents. It is the language that is taught in every country alongside English. Speaking French is an added advantage in the international job market. It helps to do business with french speaking companies. France is one of the prime economic partners and knowing french helps to enter the French business market. speaking french helps to bring business in our country as well.

At a certain stage of learning french, you may feel that what is taught is repetitive, But the key here is fluency and that is why it all seems repetitive. For learning french focus is also a key component that helps you master the language.

The Henry Harvin’s French Language Course

Henry Harvin is one of the finest institutes that offer the french language course( A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2 distinguished basis level of advancement.) The course curriculum is designed in a way that you learn french in a sequential manner. 

The course is designed per the requirements of the European Framework of reference for languages. Thus maintaining the international standards of content delivery.

The beginners level A1-

A 30-hour course includes basic french vocabulary like greetings, days and months, simple introduction, numbers, basic grammar nouns pronouns verbs, etc. the course includes simple tasks like grocery shopping, placing an order at restaurants, 

The advanced beginners level A2:- 

It is an advanced level for beginners course. It is also 30 Hour course.  It includes making thorough in what you have learned at the A1 level. The course covers grammar comparison and expression of decision

The Intermediate level B1- It is a 40-hour course and this level includes writing skills, reading skills, and listening skills, and is about sentence formation.

The Upper-intermediate level B2- 

This segment includes creativity in the creation of long speeches and expressing complex thoughts. This is a 40-hour course too.

The advanced level C1-  

A 40-hour course and this section are more of developing the habit of speaking French fluently and spontaneously without much effort.

The proficiency level C2- 

A 40-hour course that includes summarising information and reconstructing arguments all in french language.

There are various projects for practical learning and practice to get fluency in the French language.

100% placement assistance is provided at Henry Harvin post-1-year completion of the course. Thus not only guiding on the course but also provides the job openings to apply for.

Elearning access is very important these days as it provides flexibility and portability. One does not need to carry books and has the flexibility to read any time. There are abundant videos and content and different tools and techniques through eLearning access. The e-learning portal can be accessed from mobile as well.

There is access to Henry Harvin #ask Henry Hackathon and competitions that help to guide in their career and infuse confidence among aspirants.

One of the best parts of getting trained by Henry Harvin is the Internship. It helps to gain experience along with the stipend. An on job kind of experience that makes you ready for the job market.

The course offers 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin language academy and 12 months of boot camps that make the course spectacular.

There is the facility to attend unlimited batches for the next 1 year from different instructors for 1 year without paying extra. There is 24X7 lifetime support and access.

A complimentary course for soft skills is included in the course to enhance employability.

Certification is awarded post completion of the course.

The Training Methodology @ Henry Harvin

The trainers at henry Harvin are experienced and are hired after careful selection. The classes are live interactive classes where students have the full opportunity to clear their doubts. 

The live projects at henry Harvin give a platform to understand the subject and gain experience related to practical aspects.

The engaging classes and brainstorming activities make the participants ready for the actual job.

The enrollment process is and getting the certificate includes registration for the course followed by attending the training in french language, submission of projects, and the certification.

Henry Harvin has job opportunities from recognized companies like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other top brands of the industry.

Career Options after French Language course

Knowing the French language opens doors to numerous job opportunities. After Chinese, it is one of the most demanded languages. It helps to make connections internationally and increases the ability to multi-task. The job opportunities that can be available are


With the advent of technologies and international commencement of business, various organizations require interpreters. The interpreter helps in meetings through video calls or normal calls. 

Immigration and custom services

In the area where the foreign counties have been involved the requirement of foreign language comes into the picture. The ability to speak french not only [provides you an edge but it offers a job that is related to another country. And the job related to other countries is white-collar kind of jobs.

BPO( Business Processing Outsourcing) 

The multinational companies where french is the language used require a french speaking professional to make effective communication, with the growing outsourced business the demand for french language is increasing day by day.


A career in Education is one of the most demanding these days, As the requirement of french-speaking professionals is increasing so is the requirement of french teaching professionals is. You can also be a French teacher in any university or run a private institute.


Tourism is a growing sector in India and many foreigners visit India as a tourist spot. So to interactive with them and guide them a french professional is required. 

The proofreader or editor

In international business, a Proofreader and translator go hand in hand as speaking french and proofreading the documents in french is also required. The contracts. The legal matters etc are required to check the documents.

Casino and hotel staf

The hospitality Industry having french-speaking professionals are considered to be elite and provides good career opportunities to take care of tourists from other parts of the world.

Voice over artist

Voice-over artists are required for dubbing, It can be movies cartoons, anything. Just as in our country the movies of other language is dubbed in Hindi in the same the movies of our language is dubbed in other countries. Thus for both cases, understanding the french language is required.

Embassy jobs

These are the lucrative jobs that attract the most attention. The position is prestigious and requires french-speaking professionals.

Tips to Learn French

  •  Listening:- One of the key components of learning french is listening  The more you listen the more you recognize the words and their pronunciation. French movies and songs are a great start. Initially, it’s hard to follow but later on, it’s a good exercise.
  • Repeat and repeat loudly- When you speak ur pronunciation gets better and you develop confidence. There may be instances where people may not understand you but repeating, again and again, gives you the practice that you need.
  • Mark in your Schedule- Don’t postpone it and don’t think you don’t have time to learn. Block the time in your schedule and stick to it. Then further divide the time in – listening, speaking, writing, and reading as all four are important to be a fluent French speaker.
  • Be patient – don’t lose hope if you feel you are going nowhere the french course. Just follow your routine and stick to it, learning takes time and it can be seen later on. As we always say Rome was not built in a day.
  • No stress and be good to yourself- do not be stressed up in case feel that you are not learning french. Stress is not good for, learning. We do not learn in the same way as children learn. We require much more time and much more patience. And when you feel stressed take a break. It also gives time to revise what have you learned instead of learning.
  • Be an active participant in class- Being vocal in class helps you gain confidence and handle scenarios. And most important mistakes are better teachers. So when you make mistake in class there is always an option to rectify it and gives and lasting impact.
  • Which mode of learning to adopt- Analyse how your brain works meaning does it respond well to audio, visuals, or the environment, these are the elements that have an impact on us and while studying something new it is important to know which model to adopt.
  • Don’t watch videos with foreign translations:- If watching french movies u mustn’t use the subtitle, and very important while any thought formation you should be able to think in french, just as write know when I am writing this article the thought process channels in English.


There are many courses for the french language and every course covers more or less the same topics it is certain aspects that need to be compared before enrolling for any course.

The learning process should be an engaging and fun and shared pleasure. And any student can learn a language if the teacher is good enough and offers the best method of teaching.

At henry Harvin, the teaching methodology is experiential and engaging. It offers 360-degree development. Certification is awarded on completion of the course. The instructors are experienced and guide students in all possible ways. They guide and engage students and make them understand all the concepts and terminologies. 

Assistance from institutes before and during the course. The relationship manager is appointed at henry Harvin who guides the aspirants throughout the course. He clears all the doubts and provides clarity for the journey at henry Harvin. 

At henry Harvin 100% assistance is provided in the job search. With complimentary skill development courses, henry Harvin ensures that the participants are provided all the help to face the interview. They are given an environment where they can confidently face interviews.

Price is also a major criterion for the course. The cost and the standard of the course are a win-win situation. Certification from a reputed institute with such a cost is a great deal that cannot be missed.

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