Top 10 SAP FICO Training Institutes In Delhi: 2023


Introduction to SAP


SAP-Systems Applications and Products is an essential tool of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and its related enterprise applications.SAP has grown multifold from a small venture to a large multinational company with headquarters in Germany. 

ERP systems of a company are vital in enabling the customers to execute their business-related activities, such as accounting, sales, production, human resources, and finance, all in a coordinated and integrated way.

SAP processes must be integrated to facilitate information exchange across SAP components and execute the financial and legal process.

SAP users mainly comprise small to medium-sized businesses. The SAP customer list is long and includes branded global companies catering for food and medical devices. An extensive check of the world’s transaction revenue involves the SAP system.

SAP FICO is a commonly used SAP module. Various companies are widely using SAP FICO for financial data handling. SAP FICO comprises two modules- SAP FI and SAP CO. The SAP FI modules are involved in financial accounting and reporting. The CO modules are involved in monitoring costs and financial planning. The goal of SAP FICO is to facilitate companies to make the overall financial planning and analysis much smoother.



SAP FI (Finance)

SAP FI software handles all exclusive features for conducting financial transactions and various other data. The software also is involved in generating financial statements. Various institutions like banks, tax authorities use SAP FICO widely.

SAP FI  contains the following sub-modules:

  1. General Ledger– General ledger accounts commonly used for reporting can be managed well through general ledger accounting. This provides a complete report for internal/ external accounting.
  2. Accounts Receivable– It is widely used in managing customer accounts and transactions. The everyday transactions in accounts receivable include invoices, down payments, credit memo posting, and customer reports.
  3. Accounts Payable-All the transactions associated with vendors are recorded, besides managing vendor accounts, The examples of transactions in account payable are-invoice posting, credit memo posting, down payment, and invoice payment.
  4. Asset Accounting- This is utilized in managing  transactions related to the asset for an entity. So, this sub-module maintains the assets of the company. Common examples are  all fixed assets such as heavy equipment, land, and buildings.

  5. Bank Accounting–  It stores all transactions with the bank. So, this is being used in merging all the transaction data in bank statements.  It also  compares and correlates  the data with transactions  that are stored in the system.


Execution of SAP FI

SAP FI needs to be configured to be implemented.  Subsequently, all financial statements must be transferred to SAP FI. The document is posted after completion. This leads to easy financial transaction tracking and financial reporting at the end of their financial year.

SAP CO (Controlling)

This module is involved in monitoring, controlling, and optimizing business processes.  It helps in efficient financial planning. The companies can ideally compare their planned data and actual financial data to analyze the difference




Sub Modules of SAP CO

  1. Cost Elements– It represents different company costs and cost origin. It helps in estimating the costs and revenue of the company.
  2. Cost Centers Accounting–  It tracks expenses associated with the company’s internal department. Thus, the Cost Center is inclusive of only costs but not the revenues.
  3. Profit Centers–  This is a composite statement of expenses and revenues of the company’s business lines.
  4. Internal Orders– This module manages costs of smaller internal projects.
  5. Profitability Analysis– Profit and loss of the company are analyzed using this sub-module.
  6. Product Costing–Costs related to the company’s goods and services is taken care of by this model
Execution of SAP CO

The SAP CO helps companies in handling the database of business information. The SAP CO perfect implementation leads to business reporting and decision-making.


SAP FICO  combined with other SAP modules handles various components, such as:

Quality Management (QM), sales and distribution(SD). Material Management (MM), production planning

SAP FICO Advantages

SAP FICO is one of the most valuable courses to get good placement in MNCs and start as an SAP FICO consultant. SAP FICO certification course enables the candidate to choose from a wide range of options, such as sales and distribution, plant, material management, etc. Strong fundamental knowledge in SAP FICO helps to handle reporting and finance accounting in a much better way.


Eligibility criteria for SAP FICO course 

SAP primary module enrolment as SAP SD certification does not require any specific criteria. Some of the SAP ERP certification modules require relevant work experience in a selected field. An engineering graduate with a minimum of two years of relevant work experience  may get enrolled in courses like  SAP MM, PP, and PM module, while  SAP FICO certification  requires a commerce graduate or MBA qualification


Benefits of SAP FICO course certification


Some of the significant benefits the SAP FICO module include:

  •     Improving the financial processes in the company 
  •     It makes the user aware of the latest economic trends.
  •     Be mindful of the latest software tools to manage economic activities in the organization.
  •     SAP  helps in getting strong technical support for the organization.
  •     SAP FICO training enables smooth conduction of business processes and growing larger.
  •     The SAP FICO certificate helps build skills and enhance career.
  •     The SAP FICO training helps enhance the professional growth and gives  better job prospects
  •     Smoother business operation results due to better coordination between various functions.


ERP Importance:

The importance of ERP lies in its usefulness in refining the business’s internal processes and overall functioning. ERP also reduces various costs like labor and IT. The interaction between staff and organizations are also boosted to a great extent

Disadvantages of ERP include:

  1.   High cost of purchase
  2.   High cost of implementation and maintenance. While the software 
  3.   Difficult customization processes.
  4.   The complexity of the software


SAP Advantages:

SAP is a reliable global provider of ERP systems and provides a simple and cost-effective solution for the use of ERP system


SAP  Modules:

SAP ERP system includes functional and Technical Modules. SAP modules coordinate with each other to provide the best business solution

Components of functional SAP ERP Modules:

  • Human Resource Management (SAP HRM)
  • Production Planning (SAP PP)
  • Material Management (SAP MM)
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
  • Project System (SAP PS)
  • Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO)
  • Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)
  • Quality Management (SAP QM)



Components of Technical SAP ERP Modules:
  • SAP Basis
  • SAP Security
  • Advanced Business Application Programming (SAP ABAP)
  • High-Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA)
  • SAP NetWeaver
  • Information Systems Management (SAP IS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM Technical module)
  • Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)
  • SAP Solution Manager


The SAP FICO stands for FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling). All the sub-modules that are commonly used, such as -accounts receivables, accounts payables, asset accounting, general ledger Accounting, and bank accounting, are very well integrated and function well. SAP FI module caters to complete financial reporting and accounting while SAP CO delivers on planning and monitoring costs.


SAP FICO Top 10  training institutes in Delhi:


  1. Henry Harvin: This is one of the most prestigious institutes for SAP FICO training in Delhi. It is one of the world’s best comprehensive training institutes, providing many courses in all domains. Henry Harvin is registered with the Ministry of MSME for various training offered. Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course Ranks at number 1 in India  by Higher Education Digest. The institute has lots of advanced tools and robust course material.


The course has 13 primary and two complementary modules.


  •       ERP software introduction is module 2, and modules 3,4,5,6,7 deals with the different parts of financial accounting.
  •       Modules 8 to Module 13 deal with detailed processes about SAP- CO-Controlling. Two complementary courses were added to the curriculum.


SAP FICO course in Delhi also enables E-learning Access as well besides classroom-based learning. E-learning provides students access to various study materials such as recorded videos, games, projects, case studies, etc. Monthly Bootcamp sessions are held periodically held every month under the guidance of the field experts



Benefits of certification with Henry Harvin:


The graduates of the SAP FICO course are provided 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities. Hands-on training is provided to the students with industry projects. The students can also attend different batches and work under other trainers. Students can also opt for unlimited repetitions of the certified SAP FICO Training course during their membership tenures. Besides these benefits, a 1-year complimentary subscription to Henry Harvin LMS (Learning Management System) is also provided.



Faculty for SAP FICO course:

The course trainers are leading industry experts with years of experience, having delivered many lectures and numerous organizations recognizing their professional work.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is fixed at  44-hours instructor-led training and certification program. Subsequently, 24 hours of Bootcamps are conducted in 12 months.

Course Fee:


The self-paced course is priced at Rs.26550. The live online classroom mode is priced at Rs.29550/-

SAP FICO training course in Delhi will enable the students to sharpen their financial accounting and control skills. The training will also facilitate a smooth experience in the use of SAP FICO software.


Henry Harvin conducts SAP FICO course training. Other cities are Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, and Indore.


2. SAP SysAppPro

 Sap Syspro is another provider that is one of the best in the industry. It provides valuable training essential to advanced SAP FICO training, hands-on practical knowledge, and full job assistance.

This SAP FICO course is offered through subject experts having comprehensive experience in handling real-time SAP FICO projects.

The students learn the skill needed for integration with various SAP domains.

It provides 100% placement support to the trainees. Well-defined course modules and training sessions are provided to the students.


Sky Infotech is ranked among the topmost training providers of SAP FICO courses. It provides a corporate standard that helps students prepare for the course according to industry demands.

This SAP, FICO course training provider, located  in Delhi  provides detailed training of the modules:- Finance organization structure, Ledger Configuration  & Operation, Account payable and receivable configuration and operation, Foreign exchange, etc.

Faculty: The training is conducted by an expert with at least 6+ years of experience managing real-time work and projects.

All the required servers and software are provided to the students for practicing. Full time Placement assistance is provided by the institute. The fee is quite affordable. There is provision of both weekdays and weekend classes.



 APTRON Delhi is recognized as one of the top ten SAP FICO training organizations in Delhi. The training modules are demarcated into beginners, intermediate, and expert levels. Hands-on live projects are provided, which give a rich experience to the students.

The courses are conducted in 3 tracks. In the regular route, the course duration ranges from generally 45-60 days and it is for 2 hrs a day, and live classroom training is conducted.  The weekend track course duration is up to 8 weekends and training is conducted for 3 hours a day. The fast-track mode has 5 days and is offered for 6+ hours in a day. These different tracks provide a wide range of training options to the learners, enabling them to choose the best option according to their feasibility.

The course curriculum has various modules, providing in-depth information about various aspects such as SAP introduction, , General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Asset Accounting, Controlling, Internal Orders, Profit Centre Accounting, Profitability Analysis.

This SAP FICO course provider in Delhi also prepares the students for interviews and also provides placement assistance.


5. iCLASS Delhi-NCR

This SAP FICO course provides one of the top providers in Delhi and includes essential to advanced levels. There are multiple centers located across different parts of Delhi.  iClass institute offers a choice of various locations across Delhi. iClass Delhi provides real-time training and is highly focused on placement SAP FICO training.

Trainers are industry experts in SAP financial accounting and controlling and have rich experience handling  SAP FICO based projects.

The students learn about various aspects such as -, General Ledger, Accounts payable and receivable, Asset accounting, Controlling, Internal Orders, Profit Centre, Analysis of Profitability, Costing  of products and Integration, Reports.

The classes are conducted in the morning, daytime & evening. The weekend batches are run on Saturday, Sunday & holidays. The provision of fast track batch-size option is also provided.

The SAP FICO course training centers in  Delhi have lab facilities and excellent infrastructure. The institute provides full-time Placement assistance. There are other related training courses provided by iClass such as SAP ABAP course, SAP CRM course, SAP HR course, SAP SD course, and SAP HANA course. So, the institute provides comprehensive training on SAP-related courses.

6.   Career TechWorld


Career Techworld provides training and expertise to the students. The participants are provided valuable training. Value-added services are provided to customers for running their businesses efficiently. This SAP FICO course provider in Delhi imparts practical knowledge and tips about working in the corporate world and tackling different issues.

The institute is managed by well-qualified and highly experienced professionals and training provided by competent faculty. The Career Techworld has its curriculum linked to corporate client needs, thereby providing the client’s competence and skills.

The institute offers tailored training courses to a diverse range of industries with  handling of live projects. The training is made efficient using the latest teaching methodology. The institute also offers training courses related to  SAP and other ERP like SAP HANA, ABAP on HANA and S/4 HANA.  

7. Learning Campus

This SAP FICO training institute in Delhi makes the learners proficient in handling all the SAP finance concepts and SAP controlling concepts. Much needed hands-on-expertise and practical knowledge are provided.

This SAP FICO course provider in Delhi provides a vivid idea of the SAP ERP and SAP FICO modules. The learner will be able to demonstrate knowledge about different types of documents. In depth analysis of the application of currency exchange rates is provided.

This SAP FICO training institute in Delhi helps in integrating SAP FICO with other SAP modules.

The course duration varies from 30-60 days for weekdays, weekend sessions for seven weeks, seven days fast track sessions. Training mode has provisions of both classroom and online mode.

High qualified trainers having vast experience provide the training to the aspirants. 100% placement assistance is provided to the students.

8. iexcelERP:


iexcel ERP meets the prevailing industry standards enabling to acquire placement in MNCs. iExcel ERP is regarded as one of the top SAP training institutes in Delhi. 

The classes are offered in both online and classroom modes. In this SAP FICO course, online modules students acquire skills such as implementing SAP FICO components, gathering business Documents to the report process cycle, providing hands-on experience with the SAP system, enabling users to function as both SAP End- User and Consultant, etc.

Trainers are highly skilled subject specialists,  corporate professionals having at least 35+years in tackling real-time SAP enterprise.

This SAP FICO course in Delhi propels the students to find and learn all the end-to-end application methods for setting up and using  SAP FICO for any organization.  

Rank#9. Shape My Skills

ShapeMySkills has an online training course for SAP FICO under the guidance of highly skilled and experienced trainers and provides classrooms and lab training. This SAP FICO course in Delhi enables students to read and comprehend all the needed steps to set up different  SAP FI and CO modules in any organization.

The course curriculum consists of various SAP domains such as, SAP FICO- Organization Structure, Bank Accounting, SAP FICO- Asset Accounting, SAP FICO- General Ledger, Treasure Management, etc.

Trainers are experienced IT professionals having good expertise in their respective fields. Hands-on training is a value-adding component of the training. Not only the training but regular evaluations in terms of mock tests and assessments are provided. Online e-Learning Access is provided, and placement assistance is another value-adding feature.

10. UCPL Technologies

UCPL Technologies provides a technological edge and various other means to cater to today’s global market. UCPL  Technologies promotes innovation to its best. They provide acceptable, affordable, and available services to the learners and the clients. The training institute provides training in FICO as well as other modules.

Both regular classes and weekend classes are conducted. Regular courses, the course duration is up to 60 days. For weekend classes, the course duration is up to 90 days. Classroom mode is available for both regular and weekend classes.

This FICO course provider in Delhi provides one of the best and most updated course contents and didactic study material designed based on best practices in the company and industry. Training are provided on the live project. The training is provided by highly experienced trainers having at least more  than ten years of working experience.


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  • The top SAP FICO training institutes in Delhi mentioned on this website offer excellent programs for aspiring professionals. The comprehensive courses and experienced faculty ensure a strong foundation in financial accounting and controlling, preparing students for successful careers in the field.

  • The SAP FICO training institute in Delhi was really helpful in giving me the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful SAP FICO consultant. The trainers were extremely knowledgeable and patient. They gave us great tips and tricks to help us understand the concepts better. I am thankful to the institute for helping me make my career in this field.

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