Top 10 French Language Courses Online: 2023 ( Don’t Ignore)

Is mastering the French language something you’d want to pursue? Perhaps you already know a little French and would like to improve your abilities.

You can learn French for a variety of reasons, including personal and professional development, as well as for recreational purposes. There are numerous resources available to assist you in getting started on your French language classes’ journey. Some people who like independent study choose to learn French through the use of a traditional language textbook, whereas others prefer the more modern technique of learning the French language classes through the use of an application. Others decide to hire a French teacher to help them improve their language skills. Another option is to enroll in online courses to learn more. They can be live, one-on-one or in a group setting, or they can be self-paced sessions that you complete at your own pace. Online classes are becoming increasingly popular. You’ll find the greatest online French classes in this section, and you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your needs.


1. Henry Harvin  

This French language course is aimed to help students comprehend themes and lexical structures. Furthermore, you will study grammatical ideas that will help you improve your command of the French language. After completing the course, you will be able to compose several different types of documents. Henry Harvin® will guide you through the process of learning to speak French authentically. Master the French Language and ace the most significant French Language Exams, such as the DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, and TCF, by following the steps outlined here. 

A1: The beginners level- In this level, students learn the fundamentals of French vocabulary, how to greet people in French, and the fundamentals of French grammar, which includes the use of nouns, pronouns, verbs, plural forms, and adjectives, among other things. 

A2: The Upper Beginners Level- This level is concerned with the upper Beginners level of the French language. Convey a judgement, make a comparison, suggest a chronology, express certainty, and more using languages such as Future tenses, Relative pronouns, Comparative/Superlative Sentences, Adverbs, Demonstrative Pronouns, and other grammatical structures. 

B1: The intermediate level – This level deals with skills such as writing, reading, and listening. Candidates will obtain the ability to structure sentences in the French language as a result of this course. 

B2: This is the upper intermediate level of proficiency. This level is concerned with the in-depth study of French dialects and complex textual structures. The candidate will gain the ability to construct lengthy speeches in French and to explain complicated concepts clearly and concisely. 

C2: The Proficiency Level- Candidates who achieve this level will be able to comprehend all that is virtually heard or read. It is expected that the candidates would be able to condense information from various oral and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts into a coherent presentation. 

3. Berlitz  

In addition to being one of the most well-known language schools in the world, Berlitz is renowned for its immersive, communicative approach, which encourages students to interact with and learn a language in a natural way for conversation.

The Berlitz organisation has been providing language instruction at language centres for many years, but you can also take some of its courses online. There are private and group French classes available, with instructors who are Berlitz-certified. You can choose between private and group classes.

Another option is to enrol in a programme for online self-paced lessons called Berlitz Connect. An online group session of 12 weeks duration, meeting twice a week for 90-minute lessons, is available. Around $699 for six months with tespeakingsng practise sessions or approximately $849 for twelve months with twenty-five speaking practise sessions, is the cost of the self-paced Berlitz Connect programme.

The Berlitz language school is an excellent choice if you’re seeking formal language instruction from a recognised institution.


4. FrenchPod101 

FrenchPod101 is a French-language learning system that consists of audio and video lessons that are based on real-life conversations in French. The sessions are primarily concerned with listening comprehension and pronunciation, and the teachers and speakers are chosen in such a way that you are exposed to a variety of voices and speaking styles.

A beneficial component of this programme is that FrenchPod101 releases new content every week, ensuring that its information is always current and relevant to the audience. Unlimited access to all audio and video courses and notes, as well as a list of 100 French fundamental terms and phrases, is included in the base plan with no additional fees. 

4. French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) 

In New York City, the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) is a non-profit organisation that promotes the French language and culture. French classes are available both in-person and online, and they are taught in an immersive, culturally rich environment. The FIAF’s professional teachers deliver online lessons through the Zoom video conferencing system.

The FIAF provides one- and two-week refresher courses, which would be great for someone who needs a crash course in French before travelling or starting a new job and wants to brush up on their skills quickly. A one-week refresher course that meets every day for two hours costs approximately $300, and for the same money, you can enrol in a two-week course that meets for two and a half hours twice a week for the same amount of time.

A significant advantage of the FIAF is that it also provides classes that are specifically developed for children aged one to four years, as well as pre-teens and teenagers aged five to seventeen years, in the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. 

5. Rocket French 

Rocket French is a language learning tool that uses interactive audio lessons to teach you how to speak French. A 20- to the 30-minute session is followed by reinforcement exercises such as games and flashcards, as well as language and culture classes to reinforce what has been learned. In addition, speech recognition is used during the sessions, allowing you to improve your pronunciation.

Rocket French is a mobile application that allows you to keep track of your progress and continue learning. The company provides a free trial period, following which you have the choice to purchase the programme and gain access to its materials for the rest of your life. The Rocket French curriculum is divided into three levels, the first of which costs approximately $150 and the subsequent two of which cost approximately $300. Rocket French, on the other hand, frequently gives coupons that significantly cut the price.

You can purchase each level individually, or you can purchase two or three levels together as a package.  

6. Babbel 

It is possible to learn 13 different languages with Babbel, which is a language-learning system. Through conversation and real-life discourse, the Babbel approach teaches students how to communicate effectively.

The organisation uses realistic settings and interactive dialogues to assist you in learning with sessions that are between 10 and 15 minutes in length, according to the company. Babbel uses the spaced repetition technique to aid with the long-term memorization of information as well. The system developed by the company is intended to appeal to both visual and auditory learners.

Other notable characteristics include the utilisation of your first language to assist you in learning the new language, as well as the opportunity to tailor the programme as you progress to make it more engaging and based on your unique interests.

If you want to learn on the move with short courses based on real-life conversations, Babbel now has an app that you can download. 

7. Rosetta Stone 

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular self-paced language learning systems on the market, with 25 languages available to choose from. According to the company, their curriculum is immersive, which means that you learn through being exposed to intuitive communication circumstances, which is similar to the way we naturally acquire our first language in our childhood.

Your computer, tablet, or mobile phone can all be used to access the Rosetta Stone materials. In addition, several programmes now include the option of live teaching, which allows you to practise with a native speaker online while saving money.

It costs approximately $36 ($12 per month) for a three-month subscription to Rosetta Stone French. Another option is to purchase a Rosetta Stone Unlimited Languages subscription for approximately $145 for 12 months ($12 each month). 

8. Frantastique 

Frantastique is a French program that offers self-paced lessons that are based on stories that are relevant to current events. They are amusing to keep you involved and amused throughout the show.

It comprises a daily lesson that is given to you via email or via the app on your mobile device. Microlearning is a term used by Frantastique to describe lessons that should take no more than 15 minutes each day to complete. Exercises, videos, text, conversations, conjugation tests, and mini-lessons are all included in each session of the course. Each lesson concludes with some interesting cultural content that can be found at the end of each lesson. They also include a revision to aid in long-term memorization. In addition, the organisation employs software that can customise lessons to meet the needs of individual students and accommodate their mother language.

Begin with a free trial, during which you can assess your skill level. After that, you can choose whether or not to subscribe. There are three different kinds of plans: The Basic subscription, which costs approximately $24 per month, includes up to five sessions per week, individualised pedagogical content, and actual cultural allusions in the classes. 

9. Linda 

Lingoda is a European online language school situated in Berlin that offers group or private classes in English, German, Spanish, and French through the video platform Zoom.

There are classes available at any time, no matter where you reside because its French classes are given by expert teachers who are all native speakers and live in all of the different time zones. According to Lingoda, you should switch up your professors so that you can be exposed to a variety of accents.

Lingoda’s style for language training is communication-based, which means you’ll receive a lot of opportunities to speak in front of others. It also employs a technique known as situational training, which means that whatever you learn during the session is something you can apply to a real-life situation after you leave.

Courses are one hour in length, and you have the option of taking private classes or joining a group of three to four other students.  

10. Live Lingua 

Live Lingua is a virtual language immersion school that operates online. There are 28 self-paced French courses available on its website that you can take for free. They are a compilation of courses from the Foreign Service Institute, the Defense Language Institute, and the Peace Corps, and are available for anyone to use.

However, Live Lingua’s primary goal is to provide online language classes in seven different languages with qualified instructors through the use of the Skype video conferencing platform. All of the teachers are well-trained, native French speakers who can develop a programme that is tailored to your specific requirements.

If you want to try out the service, you may sign up for a free 60-minute trial class. Following that, the cost of lessons varies based on the package you choose to purchase. If you purchase between one and nine hours of classes, the cost of each course is approximately $29, however, the price per course drops as the number of hours purchased increases.



Q1- What Is Taught in an Online French Class?

The structure and lesson plans of online French programmes vary from one another. Some courses are self-paced, while others require students to finish a specific number of lessons. It is recommended that you take an online French course to master basic communication skills, verb conjugation often used vocabulary terms and the accurate pronunciation of French words. You will also have a better understanding of French culture and which nations are Francophone (French-speaking).

Q2- Who Should Take an Online French Class?

If you want to brush up on your French language skills or if you just want to learn the language, you can enrol in an online French course. If you plan on travelling to or residing in a French-speaking nation, or if you already live in a country where French is widely spoken, this book will be very useful to you.

Q3- What’s The Best Way to Learn French at Home?

Only by practising as much as possible will you achieve the best results when learning French at home. Individual learning styles vary, so what may work for you may not work for someone else, and vice versa.






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