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The Henry Harvin education offers the complete package for educators interested in TEFL and in enhancing their teaching skills. The Henry Harvin EFL Academy is a credible TEFL training institution with internationally recognized accreditation.

There are 15 modules in this TEFL course, plus five additional modules that cover email writing, business English and resume writing. Thus, you will develop a broader range of skills and continue to develop your personality. The certificate makes you feel successful and makes you stand out from the crowd.

With over a decade of experience, the trainers are highly qualified. You needn’t be concerned about the instructors since they’re so talented and skilled.

Participants receive one-year gold memberships to enjoy numerous benefits :

  • The program provides access to pre-recorded videos, case-studies, and projects.
  • Upon completion of the course, you are guaranteed 100 % placement support with job counseling.
  • Participants who are certified gain access to the LMS portal where they can view TEFL related content such as articles, lesson plans, videos, etc.
  • In this course, you will learn how to apply Bloom’s taxonomy and best practices of pedagogy.
  • By collaborating with Tutree, a global recruiting agency for teachers, Henry Harvin education exposes you to a wide range of career options.
  • Henry Harvin or their partners will offer internships to all participants. Internships boost confidence and enable learning.

What makes Henry Harvin education unique?

There is no other program like it because they guarantee 100% success rates for interviews after completing the course. Furthermore, the program prepares you to land a job that can pay up to $3000 per month. Aside from that, you qualify for over 12000 positions in six countries.

Likewise, everyone can easily access this course online from the comfort of their homes.

All trainees passing the exam on the first attempt are guaranteed TEFL certification from Henry Harvin. It helps teachers evaluate students more easily and helps them understand the learners’ perspectives.

What are the benefits of the TEFL course?

A little over 500 words ago, I mentioned how difficult it was for me to teach when pressed into service. I created a teaching methodology from scratch without any formal education or training.

All aspiring English teachers should invest in learning EFL for a quick return on investment. Teachers and schools alike enjoy the benefits of this investment.

Here are some ways it will help your career:

  1. This certificate does not require any previous teaching experience. By imparting the right skill and confidence, this course prepares you and coaches you. There is also no requirement for a specific educational degree.
  2. It is true that certifications don’t expire!!! If you complete the course, you are on the right track for life. The biggest advantage of this certification is that it never expires. In addition, it is widely accepted across borders. Therefore, you are valued everywhere.
  3. The better job opportunities are available to you. If you are a passionate teacher, you should ideally obtain a TEFL certification in order to get the best jobs.
  4. Learning and studying never grants the ability to teach. Your readiness to teach comes with this certification. Additionally, they will possess excellent planning skills  and organising abilities.
  5. Low pay makes a teaching career unattractive. You get a nice return on your investment when you upskill yourself. You have access to lucrative career. There is an increased demand for certified teachers as students appreciate their value more.
  1. The curriculum here introduces you to better teaching methods and approaches that have practical applications. You learn how to create lesson plans and engage different types of learners. 
  2. During my teaching career, I never taught EFL to children. Teachers are often thought to teach only children or beginners. In my experience, most of the students are intermediate or advanced. 
  3. Global job opportunities will knock at your door, causing you to globe-trot. Is there anyone who does not want to experience new cultures.

Is TEFL certification really necessary?

Let’s figure out what’s going on there. Let me ask you a few questions: Do you enjoy teaching? What skills do you know how to convey to students? What is your classroom management strategy? What strategies do you use for lesson planning?

Whether you need this certification or not depends on your response. Whatever your career goals are, boosting your career will require you to prove your worth.

It also serves as a valuable addition to your portfolio in addition to imparting knowledge.

Although it may seem difficult, the time plus money you invest, plus the 100 – 120 hours of effort you put in, will result in a positive outcome. While there are positions available without certification, there are downsides, as well.

It is important for you to know that employers always prioritize candidates with certifications. Do not wait to invest in yourself before applying for jobs!

Take a closer look. You can inherit credentials, get better pay and career opportunities through this program. You have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams, as there is a greater need for certified teachers. Improve your career prospects with a training program that will last a lifetime.

Furthermore, TEFL training will support you in teaching the English language by covering grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation. Most of them focus on multiple skills at once through activity-based learning.

Even students with accents are taught phonology in the course.

Additionally, there is a module on classroom management, which covers strategies for implementing varying styles of teaching. A classroom filled with students who can’t communicate with each other isn’t the most pleasant experience (trust me, I have been through this).

When planning and managing your classroom, you can use different intelligence theories.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to establish a needs analysis by identifying individual needs and creating a lesson plan accordingly. You will be able to integrate all your skills effectively and integrate activities to teach. This courseware emphasizes lesson planning.

As someone who has been there and done that, I can relate to all of the above. I’ve learned from my trials and errors. Therefore, do not waste your time and resources on this course since you will not regret it.


I recommend to my readers, as an ESL teacher, and as a trainer, “don’t be double-minded, and read all of the benefits of the TEFL course”.

Make wise decisions. Invest wisely to reap benefits. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to get where you want to go.

In addition to learning the nuances of teaching the English language, you’ll also enjoy job security. It is possible to explore job opportunities across the globe, as learning is continuous and there are no age restrictions. Meanwhile, all aspiring teachers and dreamers, get your sleeves rolled up and prepare for the work ahead.

Best wishes!

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1. What should I look for when choosing a TEFL Certification Program?

Ans. It is critical to select an accredited TEFL course when selecting a TEFL Certificate program. However, not all professional certifications are recognized in every country. There really are no particular rules that apply to all courses and professions in the field of TEFL. As a result, potential students could perhaps check the accreditation of the institution to ensure that it has been granted by a credible body.

2. How will enrolling in Henry Harvin’s TEFL course benefit me?

Ans. The TEFL course taught by Henry Harvin covers a broad range of topics, from curriculum design to practice skills. Innovative techniques are used to help educate Phonetics, Grammatical structures, and Vocab, as well as to develop Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills. As a result of this all-inclusive course, students are learning to handle even the most complex and difficult classroom scenarios.

3. Can I work as an online freelance English teacher?

Ans. Definitely, Yes. Working as a freelance English teacher has lots of advantages. You have complete control over what, when, and who you teach, the different kinds of lectures you deliver, and the fees you charge. Moreover, all student payments are charged directly to you.

4. Will my Henry Harvin TEFL certification ensure me a job after I complete this course?

Ans. Henry Harvin, aims to assist you in writing your CV and finding decent placements. Furthermore, they provide internship opportunities with their industry partners. A TEFL certificate from a reputed and reliable institute, such as Henry Harvin, will unquestionably assist you in getting to the interview session. The rest is up to you and on your performance.

5. What are the prerequisites required for furthering a TEFL certificate?

Ans. In order to enroll in a TEFL course, you must satisfy the following criteria:
You should be familiar with the basic concepts of teaching English to students.
You should be able to read and understand anything written in the English language and speak it fluently.
You must have an excellent grasp of the English language.


  • I am very satisfied with my overall experience. The course was easy to access and to understand and follow. All the people I have been in contact with in this institute from support staff to my mentors, have been very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend this teaching institute to everyone who is passionate and serious in completeing their teaching journey.

  • Henry Harvin was a wonderful experience, and I am very happy and satisfied that I chose the program! The content and approach presented by trainer is very friendly and broken down in easily navigated stages. I also really appreciated the ability to take my time and complete the program at my pace and between other activities. I would highly recommend the Henry Harvin program to anyone seeking to begin or continue their teaching journey, and I am excited to be certified and part of a growing family of professional educators. Thanks very much trainer and the Henry Harvin team!

  • I was very satisfied with the quality of TELF course consisted of, offered by The Henry Harvin.

    All work is well planned and structured and easy to understand and follow. The end of unit tests was a creative way of keeping me motivated througout the whole course.

    At times when I felt a little bit lost, the Academy had a great platform offering assistance to help and guide me to better understanding of what was expect of me.

    I am very satisfied and was suprisingly amazed by the wholesomeness of the course. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and learned so much from it to equip me with the tools to become a very good qualified TEFL – teacher.

    I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to join the TEFL family. You won’t regret it for a single moment.

  • The TEFL course in United State was definitely a 10/10 experience! Although it’s intense, we had an incredible instructor to guide us and help us every step of the way. I’m much more confident in my ability as an ESL teacher now after having learned about critical teaching techniques, classroom management, and of course doing practical teaching with Latin American students! This was an amazing experience I will never forget and I can’t wait to see where this certification will take me in the future!

  • Henry Harvin TEFL course is very good course and helped me obtain a teaching job once I had finished the course. The content of the books could be a little better but the practice teaching was great and I enjoyed the course and the feedback I got from my observers and instructor.

  • Henry Harvin was a great place to complete the TEFL course. Packed full of info with the necessary tools you need to get you out there and teach wherever you want in the world. With a great support network, acknowledging fun as well as the grind, covering career advice, and more, you’ll be sure they’ll get you on your way.

  • Henry Harvin’s TEFL course was thorough, engaging, and practice-driven. Although it is a very jam-packed month, (don’t underestimate the time you’ll need for homework and planning!) in one month we were able to cover the techniques of teaching and have ample time to practice those techniques with real ESL students. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, had excellent advice, and was always available for guidance. One of the best courses I’ve ever taken.

  • I am so thankful for my training at Henry Harvin. After successfully completing the course, I received several job offers to teach English and obtained my current job. I feel strongly that the face to face course was instrumental in preparing me for my current position and my employer has commented on my level of confidence and competence. I have recommended Henry Harvin to several colleagues who asked me about my experience. They completed their TEFL course online and are interested in taking a face to face course in the future.

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to the administration at Henry Harvin. Thank you for all you have done to make my transition to teaching English in Mexico so successful.

  • Getting trained from HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION on TEFL is worthwhile for sure. The trainers, course curriculum and the entire infrastructure is absolutely amazing and I must say it is the only education institution that offers assured placement after the training to the learners.

  • I had a very great experience at Henry Harvin TEFL. The people on staff went out of their way so many times to accommodate us, and it showed. Definitely worth while and a whole lot of fun ?

  • I feel more confident about planning a lesson and completing the online course. I learned many useful examples of activities I could perform with students. Our tutor was excellent.

  • This course provided me with the skills and tools to prepare my lessons and to teach English. It is easy to follow and well structured. My tutor provided me very useful material and reviews after the submission of each assignment. I would hardly recommend Henry Harvin tefl course to anyone who is interested in teaching English as a second language.

  • I have completed my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course from Henry Harvin and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Every parameter, be it the teaching, Internship, or placements were meticulously implemented. There are both online as well as offline classes available to choose from. Overall, it’s totally worth the time and effort to pursue your TEFL certification from Henry Harvin.

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