Top 10 Online TEFL Certification Courses -2023 (Don’t Ignore)

top 10 Online TEFL certification courses -2021

Often mimicked as the International Language of Business, English is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used global languages. Whether you like it or not, mastering the common language isn’t an option anymore! 

Irrespective of what career an individual chooses, mastering the art of communication in this common language is a must!

Most international businesses, multinational corporations, academic institutions, government and research organizations require basic to advanced English speaking and writing skills. Hence, to survive in this globalized economy, one needs to learn the art of communicating effectively in English. 

With the increasing popularity of the English language, the demand for qualified English teachers is also increasing

A lot of educational institutions in countries like China, Japan, Russia, UAE, Latin America, Cambodia, Turkey, Thailand, etc are actively looking for TEFL/TESOL certified English teachers. While some educational institutes employ native speakers with high school graduation, most educational institutions prefer college graduates. If you’re planning to teach English in any of the non-English speaking countries, consider getting a TEFL/TESOL certification.

The Importance of Choosing an Accredited Institution

Before you choose a TEFL certification course, it’s very important to make sure you go for a course that is provided by an accredited institution. Since a lot of institutions provide online TEFL certification courses, choosing an accredited institution helps you avoid courses that aren’t up to the mark.

To help you get an idea about the best courses available online, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the top 10 online TEFL certification courses. By going for an online course, you get the opportunity to choose the best coaching institution irrespective of your geographic location. You also have the liberty to take the courses at your own convenient time. 

Note: All the courses mentioned in this list are accredited by recognized governing bodies.

1. Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin Education is one of the fastest-growing global Edtech Startups that provides a wide variety of courses in TEFL, Data Science, Web Development, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Product Management, Content Writing, etc. It has various academies that categorize its courses into proper sub-niches. 

Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy provides two comprehensive TEFL programs. 

Key features & Benefits 

The course curriculum consists of 15 base modules and 5 complementary modules. Starting with an introduction to English language teaching, the course curriculum spans out and covers other key aspects such as lesson planning, classroom management, introduction to digital technologies, etc.

The first 40 hours consist of interactive instructor-led core sessions. This is followed by 24 hours of community sessions. Additionally, you get access to 56 hours of E-learning course modules as well. 

They also provide TEFL certification courses in three locations – the USA, South Africa, and India.

Check out this TEFL/TESOL Course tutorial by Henry Harvin’s TEFL Academy!

Personal Assistance: All its online courses are live interactive courses. Additionally, it also conducts personal feedbacks sessions to help students identify their mistakes and improve themselves.

Placement Support: Henry Harvin has a dedicated placement cell that helps students get placed.

Accreditation & Recognition

The TEFL Certification Course is accredited by

  • The International Association of EFL (AAEFL), and
  • United Kingdom Accreditation Forum (UKAF).

Course Fee

120-Hours TEFL Certification Course Online: $299

Contact Details


Email address: [email protected]

Contact no: + 1 508 936 5088

Address: 1031, Walnut Ave Apartment 1511, Fremont, CA 94536, United States.

2. International TEFL Academy

The International TEFL Academy has an A+ rating from BBB and is known to be one of the leading international institutions providing accredited TEFL programs. It provides both online and offline programs. Its offline courses are available in more than 20 locations. 

It offers level-5 TEFL certification courses and also provides personal guidance to all students. 

Once the candidates complete the course, the students can get access to their dedicated job placement cell that helps them seek employment in more than 80 countries. In one given year, more than 6000 students graduate from the International TEFL Academy.

Personal Assistance: Yes

Accreditation & Recognition 

All International TEFL Academy programs are approved by TQUK (an authorized accreditor of OFQUAL).

Course Fee

Get TEFL Certified and Teach English Online/Abroad: $1,448 (USD).

Contact Details


Contact number: +1 773-634-9900

Address: World Headquarters, 916 Diversy Parkway, Chicago, IL -60614.

3. ITTT (International TEFL & TESOL Training Academy)

ITTT Or International  TEFL & TESOL Training Academy has been one of the leading global training academies providing accredited teacher training programs since 1993. It provides a mix of online, in-person and hybrid programs. 

The first 120-hour of the course curriculum consists of all the basic theories and techniques. The next 50 hours consists of TEO specialization units that consist of the working options available in the online teaching world, equipment required, social media awareness, etc. 

After the completion of both courses, the candidates will be put through an assessment of multiple-choice questions. Only after the successful completion of all assessments, will the candidates be able to get the certification.

Accreditation & Recognition 

The online TEFL certification courses offered by the ITTT Academy are accredited and affiliated with,

  • Teacher Training Council TESOL/TEFL Accreditation, 
  • Paris College of International Education,
  • EGS, and
  • Bangkok School of Management.

Course Fee

  • 170-Hours Course for teaching abroad/online (with Tutor & Videos): $369,
  • 170-Hours Course for teaching abroad/online: $289, and 
  • 170-Hours Course (specialized online teaching): $349.

Contact Details


Email address: [email protected]

4. Premier TEFL 

Premier TEFL is one of the well-established TEFL and IELTS course providers globally. It provides a wide range of programs that are categorized into combination packages. These combination packages include internship opportunities for all successful graduates. The internships require TEFL trainers to attend in-person summer camps in Korea, Thailand, etc.

It provides both online and in-person coaching. All three levels of TEFL courses are provided by Premier TEFL. Its 30-hours TEFL course falls under the no-level TEFL course category.

All its other online TEFL certification courses fall under the level 3 and level 5 categories.

Personal Assistance: Yes

Accreditation & Recognition 

Its programs are accredited by

  • OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation),
  • Accreditation Council for Distance Learning, and
  • Training Qualifications UK.

Course Fee

  • 30 hour TEFL Course: $75 
  • Level Five 168 Hours TEFL Course: $379,
  • Level Five 230 Hours TEFL CourseCourse: $489, and 
  • Level Five 300 Hours TEFL Course: $539.

Contact Details


Contact no: + 44 1273 782869

Address: South Wing, St Mary’s College Emmet Place, Youghal, Cork P36 N796.

5. I to I

Founded in 1994, the I to I Teach English Abroad & Online Academy has more than 25 years of experience and has successfully trained 2,10,000 graduates. It also offers internship opportunities in South Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand

Once the candidates complete the online TEFL certification courses, they are provided with job assistance. Some of its popular online TEFL certification courses are,

  • TEFL Diploma Course and
  • The Advanced TEFL Diploma Course.

Accreditation & Recognition 

The I to I institute is accredited by the following governing bodies, 

  • OFQUAL (regulated by the UK government), and 
  • Approved by DEAC.

Course Fee

  • 180 Hours Online TEFL Certification Course : $270,
  • TEFL Diploma Program – 300 Hours: $385, and
  • Advanced TEFL Diploma Program – 420 Hours: $263.

Contact Details


Email address: [email protected]

Contact number: +44 113 205 4610.

6. Maximo Nivel 

Situated in Latin America, Maximo Nivel is one of the leading organizations that offer professional programs covering a wide range of topics. It is an internationally accredited institution that provides in-person coaching in three countries such as Peru, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.

Its online TEFL Course includes 12 modules and covers all important aspects of English teaching such as Critical ESL techniques, Lesson Planning, Teaching English with interactive games, etc.

Personal Assistance: Yes

Accreditation & Recognition 

The programs of Maximo Nivel are accredited by 

  • Global Associate Members of NAFSA
  • The Ministry of Education in Guatemala, and
  • The Ministry of Education in Peru.

Course Fee

  • Online TEFL Certification Course: $695,
  • On-site TEFL Certification Course: $1500.

Contact Details


Contact number: +1 800 866 6358.

7. myTEFL

MyTEFL is a premium organization that specializes in providing accredited TEFL and TESOL certification courses globally. It provides both on-site and online programs and has more than 35 years of experience training prospects. 

Additionally, it also provides internship opportunities and job assistance. Its graduates are successfully employed in countries like South Africa, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Personal Assistance: Yes

Accreditation & Recognition 

Its programs are accredited by the following governing bodies. 

  • International TEFL Accreditation Council and
  • OTTSA (Online TEFL & TESOL Standards Agency).

Course Fee

  • Fundamental Classroom Management (40 Hours): $139,
  • Professional TEFL Instructor Program: $299, and
  • Master TEFL Instructor Program: $349.

Contact Details


Contact number: USA – +1 917 580 3653, 

Address: Footprints Language Education Ltd,  #207 – 1425 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, Canada.

8. The Language House 

The Language House is one of the oldest TEFL training institutes in Prague. Founded in 2004, the institution claims that its main goal is to provide friendly non-corporate coaching with live feedback sessions and mentor support.

After successful completion of the course, the graduates are also provided with job assistance. Its online TEFL certification course is an intensive 170-hours course. The course curriculum is very detailed and well structured.

Accreditation & Recognition

The online TEFL certification course offered by The Language House is accredited by IATQuO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations).

Course Fee

Online TEFL Certification Course: $1349.

Contact Details


Email: [email protected]

Contact number: + 420 773 935 048

Address: Education Center SPUSA, Na porici 1038/6, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic.

9. ITT TEFL Certifications

The International TEFL & TESOL Ltd is an organization that provides both online and offline TEFL/TESOL certification courses at affordable prices.

Its programs cover all three levels of TEFL training and provide job assistance as well. In order to make its programs accessible to all students, the academy has made sure that all its courses fall under an affordable margin.

If you are under a tight budget, you can choose the basic no-level online TEFL course that covers the basics of English teaching in 60 hours. But if you are looking for a more rigorous TEFL course, you can choose any of the level-3 or level-5 courses it offers.

Personal Assistance: Yes

Accreditation & Recognition 

The programs offered by ITT are accredited by the International TEFL/TESOL Accreditation Council.

Course Fee

  • Basic online TEFL course: $65,
  • Advanced online TEFL course: $89,
  • Professional online TEFL course: $129,
  • Professional Plus TEFL course: $225, and
  • Level 5 TEFL course: $215.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Contact number: International – + 639982334416.

10. Teach Away

Teach Away has been in the business for more than 13 years and provides three major online TEFL certification programs. It has partnerships with leading academic institutions such as the University of Toronto, International House, Berkeley, and Manhattan College. 

It also provides access to a recruitment portal that helps students get employed in the companies they’re interested in. Some notable employers who hire Teach Away’s alumni include Disney English, VIPKid, Gogo Kid, Education First, Esol Education, etc.

Accreditation & Recognition 

The online TEFL certification courses provided by Teach Away are courses that have a partnership with established accredited institutions such as the University of Toronto, Manhattan College, and International House, Berkeley. 

Course Fee

  • TEFL Certification Course from the University of Toronto OISE – (100 to 150 hours): $1036, 
  • TEFL Certification from the International House, Berkeley: $876, and 
  • TEFL Certification from the University of Manhattan: $876.

Contact Details


Address: HQ: 343-2927 Lakeshore Boulevard W, Ontario M8V 1J3.

The Three Levels of Online TEFL Certification Courses:

Observe the TEFL course levels we mentioned in the course list? Don’t know what they are actually about? Relax. We are here to explain what they are!

The three levels of online TEFL courses are,

  1. No-level TEFL Course,
  2. Level-3 Online TEFL Certification Courses, and 
  3. Level-5 Online TEFL Certification Courses. 

i) No-level TEFL Courses are usually not certified by a recognized awarding body.

ii) A Level-3 Online TEFL Certification Course is a more comprehensive course that is at least 120 hours. It is equivalent to a High School Diploma.

ii) A Level-5 Online TEFL Certification Course is an even more extensive course that exceeds 120 hours. It is often considered equivalent to a College Diploma.

How Much Do Online TEFL Certification Programs Cost?

Most online TEFL certification programs fall in the range of $150 to $1500.

How Much Do TEFL Tutors Make?

top 10 Online TEFL certification courses 2021-how much do tefl tutors make
Stop worrying about paychecks and choose the right TEFL Training Academy with our guidance!

Although the salary varies depending on the country you choose to work in, an average TEFL tutor usually earns somewhere around $500  to $4000 per month. Some countries like South Korea and China prefer native speakers over non-native speakers. So if you’re a non-native speaker, try to search for countries that hire non-native speakers. 

What more are you waiting for mate?

Enrol in any of these accredited online TEFL certification courses and make your dream of working abroad come true.

Kickstart your career as a certified TEFL tutor!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are online TEFL/TESOL certification courses difficult?

The level of difficulty differs for each individual based on their knowledge and proficiency in English. But if you’re a native speaker, you can easily ace the exams. Just pay extra attention to grammar as most of the time, we forget the technicalities behind basic sentence formations.

2. Can I work abroad after completing the TEFL Course?

Yes. Definitely! A lot of countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Russia, Cambodia, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, and many other countries across the globe actively employ TEFL certified tutors.

3. Which countries pay well for teachers with a TEFL certification?

The following countries pay the highest salary for TEFL Tutors.
UAE – $3500 to $5000,
Japan – $2200 to $5000,
Saudi Arabia – $3000 to $4000,
Kuwait – $2600 to $4000,
Oman – $2000 to $3500 (Source: The TEFL Academy).

4. Does A TEFL certification expire after a while?

No. Once you get a TEFL certification from an accredited institution, the certification is considered valid for a lifetime. It doesn’t expire and requires no renewal.

5. Are there enough jobs available to employ TEFL tutors?

There are over a billion people actively learning English globally. On average, there are over 1,00,000 vacancies open for TEFL tutors every year. With more online and remote opportunities available nowadays, the number of vacancies are only expected to increase.

6. What is the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

A TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification prepares an individual to teach English to students in non-native English speaking nations. 

Whereas, a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification prepares individuals to teach English to students in both native English speaking nations and non-native English speaking nations.

To put it simply, most individuals choose a TEFL certification if they want to teach abroad. 
On the other hand, if the geographic location isn’t a constraint, a TESOL certification will be the right fit for you. With a TESOL certification, a candidate is qualified to teach ESL in both native countries and abroad.

7. Are online TEFL certification courses reliable?

With more and more online academies popping up every day, the number of TEFL coaching institutions has multiplied rapidly. With the overwhelming number of options available online, it’s very important to choose the right course from institutes/academies that have proper accreditations. 

That’s why we have listed the top 10 Online TEFL Certification Courses. All of the courses mentioned above are accredited courses from reputable institutions. Scroll up, take a thorough look and start training yourself!

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  • HENRY HARVIN has the best infrastructure and well-experienced trainers to coach the students. In fact, the course curriculum also satisfies the current industrial demands. Therefore, the students get highly paid jobs by the end of the course and get the right start of their career in TEFL.

  • If English teaching interests you and wants to be able to connect with your students in the best possible way, then TEFL certification is a cherry on the cake.

    There are many TEFL providers, it was a struggle for me to find that one unicorn which can meet all my needs. I have just completed my Henry Harvin TEFL certification course, and I am proud to say I have been able to equip myself with all the technicalities associated with mindful English teaching. I would like to recommend this course.

  • TEFL Course at HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION is the best professional course to opt for. It is undoubtedly worthwhile. The Academy maintains the best LMS to give quality education and also the trainers have designed the most updated course curriculum to make the students an expert in this domain. The Academy also gives 100% placement assurance so that the students can get a strong foundation to start their career in this field.

  • When I was searching the Tefl options, my criteria was the quality of the course. Not the cost, not the certificate. Those were also important for me but I didn’t want to regret my decision because of cost related concerns. When I had my first interview with Trainer, I immediately realized that she was a true professional. Because she didn’t try to sell me anything. Reading the reviews in the end I decided to go with Henry Harvin and I am glad I did. Not only the quality of the material but also the easy access to my instructor made the process very easy for me. Also I believe Tuesday coaching sessions are very beneficial if you can reserve an hour per week. It added great value to my overall experience. Lastly, I thank Henry Harvin, especially Trainer, for the professionalism and dedication.

  • Completing the TEFL course through Henry Harvin is a great decision. Having completed the Level 5 course with this company has really equipped me for teaching English to non-English speakers. The content is sound and is covered in a professional and efficient way. The flexibility of the course allows you to complete it in your own time, as well as giving reasonable notice before the course expires. The ability to apply for an extension is also reassuring. With all the different facets of teaching and learning English as covered by the course, I completed it feeling very capable and excited for the doors the TEFL course opens.

  • I enjoyed studying with Henry Harvin. I’ve learned new ideas and teaching techniques.

    My tutor sent me a feedback as soon as possible, which was really good.

    I think it’s better if I could decide students’ level and age when writing a teaching plan. Because I won’t teach adults in my career.

    Anyway I’m happy that I’ve chosen Henry Harvin.

  • I’ve taken TEFL course which I found excellent. Henry Harvin helped me to be a better teacher. My tutors were amazing. It seemed that they were concerned about my learning. They were so fast at giving feedback or explaining sth to me. I never felt that they were far from me. In fact, I learned a lot from them. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful as well. Everything was perfect. I’m so grateful.

  • Completing the TEFL course through Henry Harvin is a great decision. Having completed the Level 5 course with this company has really equipped me for teaching English to non-English speakers. The content is sound and is covered in a professional and efficient way. The flexibility of the course allows you to complete it in your own time, as well as giving reasonable notice before the course expires. The ability to apply for an extension is also reassuring. With all the different facets of teaching and learning English as covered by the course, I completed it feeling very capable and excited for the doors the TEFL course opens.

  • Hearing about this course at first, I thought would be very different and unfamiliar. But once I started it and finished it in a few weeks, I came to learn this course has everything you need to assist you in teaching English. Everything was well planned, organized, and useful! Definitely one of my favourite courses. Very happy with my experience.

  • Henry Harvin is the best institute to get your TEFL Certification from. The Institute has experienced and top-quality instructors who ensure that your basics and advanced concepts of the course are learnt in the best way possible. I was also very satisfied with the course material they provide. The learning material and teaching style also helped me grasp concepts very well. They also have offline classes in many cities which is an added benefit for students who prefer to learn so.

  • It is a well-equipped TEFL Course that anyone can pursue. The faculty members are quite good and cooperative. I’ve really enjoyed the whole teaching and learning process of this course. I’ll suggest you all to give this a shot and enjoy learning.
    Happy learning folks!

  • If English teaching interests you and wants to be able to connect with your students in the best possible way, then TEFL certification is a cherry on the cake.

    There are many TEFL providers, it was a struggle for me to find that one unicorn which can meet all my needs. I have just completed my Henry Harvin TEFL certification course, and I am proud to say I have been able to equip myself with all the technicalities associated with mindful English teaching. I would like to recommend this course.

  • Henry Harvin is a leading company that provides the best Certified TEFL Training Course. This course is ranked amongst the top 3 courses in the industry by It is located in an urban centre. It has an amazing location, enough to refresh your mind.

  • Very good experience. I just wish there was a short session at the end covering how to start looking for a TEFL job as a new teacher. But in general I had great time during the 2 days + very efficient.

  • Very good course and helped me obtain a teaching job once I had finished the course. The content of the books could be a little better but the practice teaching was great and I enjoyed the course and the feedback I got from my observers and instructor.

  • I was Sceptical about doing a TEFL course initially, but when I joined Henry Harvin, all my anxieties were blown away. The teaching faculty make you feel comfortable all the way through the course curriculum. The course is well-structured and divided into several modules to make learning easier. This course will definitely open up job opportunities in several foreign countries. Overall, I recommend a TEFL certification for anyone interested in teaching and would like to add that Henry Harvin is the best Institute to get certified in TEFL.

  • Getting my TEFL certificate at the Henry Harvin was a fun, challenging, and worthwhile experience. Not only did I feel prepared to teach after the course ended, I felt as though the entire experience had made me a more independent person, better equipped to survive and prosper outside my comfort zone.

    I recommend the course to anyone who is hesitant (as I was). You’ll find yourself surrounded by positive, supportive, and experienced instructors. Assistance is provided throughout the entirety of the course (and beyond). And you will probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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