Top 10 GST courses in Mumbai: 2023 (Leaked)

GST is the abbreviated term for Goods and Services tax. This is an Indirect tax imposed on the supply of services and goods. The GST is paid by consumers for utilizing the service or purchase of goods. The advantages of GST are like

  • Elimination of cascading the effects of Tax
  • The subsumption of Indirect Tax
  • Increase tax to revenue surplus and GDP ratio
  • Decrease tax evasion and corruption
  • Increase Tax compliance
  • Increase in productivity and efficiency. 

The knowledge of GST can be obtained by undertaking a GST course from the institution online or in person. The certification courses are available in various cities. 

The top 10 GST courses in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

Henry Harvin is known as the 1st GST course in India. The key features of Henry Harvin GST Practitioner Certification include practical GST training, 9 in 1 course, 1-year Accounts Academy of gold membership, the trainers are award-winning, and 24×7 lifetime support and access. 

Benefits of doing a Certification course 

  • The training is facilitated by trainers from the industry 
  • The certification is recognized by the Government of India
  • The course covers 4 modules and 2 complimentary module
  • The training is practically based
  • Study materials worth Rs 500 is free

Why you should do the Henry Harvin course

  • Practical training is provided
  • Topics covered like provisions for E-invoicing, How to deal with the input Tax credit, and GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, GSTR 3B.
  • Analysis of GST law 
  • Complicated GST provisions application
  • 100% placement support is provided
  • Get the recording of sessions
  • Get access to the e-learning portal and LMS.

Course coverage

  • Module 1 covers Supply/ levy, supply place, supply value, e-way bills imports, and exports
  • Module 2 covers registrations, Input Tax credits, ITC04, job work, and transitional provisions.
  • Module 3 covers Accounts, records, invoices, payment of tax, supply time, returns, and refunds
  • Module 4 covers the management of litigation, Audit. Assessment, offenses, penalties, demand, and recovery. 
  • The complimentary module 1 is soft skills development.
  • The complimentary module 2 is resume writing. 

Fees structure 

The fee for the course is RS 12500. This is currently at a discounted price of RS 8999 up to 10th October 2021.

Few other courses from Henry Harvin

  • Postgraduate course in GST
  • Postgraduate course in Accounting and Taxation
  • GST plus course
  • GST course
  • Advance Tally ERP 9 course 

2. Laqshya ; TOP GST Training Course in Mumbai

Laqshya Institute was established in the year 2008 to support technical and non-technical courses in the state of Maharashtra. This institute covers various fields in the IT sector, web services, Accounts, Taxation, Finance, Banking, HR, and Aviation.

Their support is 100% practical experience. They have supported 2536556 vacancies, 10 389 companies, and 34177 students. 

The courses are designed to make the concepts clear and provide practical knowledge. The course helps you to learn basic concepts, the applicability of concepts, and the importance of concepts. 

Benefits of doing Certification course from Laqshya

  • They have been training since 2009
  • The training and certification is recognized by the government of India
  • Trained and expert faculties
  • Printed study material
  • Online student portal with mobile applications support
  • Limited batch size of 8 students
  • Daily batches for beginner 
  • Weekend batches for working professionals
  • Placement support 

Course coverage 

  • Gst provisions of government
  • Computation and calculations of GST
  • GST Law
  • Registration process
  • Input Tax credit and composition scheme
  • Return filing process- GSTR 
  • Annual Returns procedure- GSTR 
  • GST documentation
  • E- filing process and government form filling 

Information on course details and fees

This course is eligible for undergraduate or graduate from any stream. You can contact them at 8976789830 or [email protected].

The batches are available for 1 month or 2 months or 3 months. The batches are available on Sunday only batch and regular batch.

3. IIPTR- Best institute For GST certification in Mumbai

IIPTR has trained more than 10,000 students covering PAN India. Their curriculum is industry-specific. They provide best-in-class training to the students. IIPTR is accredited by ISO certifications.

This institute was founded in 2008 and is one of the leading institutes of Mumbai. They specialize in Finance and Tax industry training. The team consists of highly qualified professionals. The Training is provided on an online platform, classroom, and by practical knowledge. 

Benefits of doing Certification course from IIPTR

  • The up to date knowledge is provided based on the Recent amendments
  • Lifetime faculty support is provided for any doubts and query resolve
  • Practical knowledge of GST law
  • GST implementation training with the software
  • Case studies and examples 
  • The industry-recognized certificate
  • Placement support

Course Coverage 

  • Introduction of concepts new and old about GST and Tax
  • Types and rate structures 
  • Exemptions
  • Registrations and types of registration
  • Concepts of Supply in GST- Like the palace, time, and valuation
  • Concepts of Branch transfer, Principle, agent, and various categories of workers
  • Imports and export 
  • Invoices- types and formats
  • Computation including RCM of GST
  • Input Tax credit concepts
  • Reverse charge mechanism with its compliance.
  • Recordings of transaction types
  • Filing returns
  • Eway bills
  • E-invoicing
  • Composition scheme 
  • Tax payments, reporting, and computations
  • GST Annual return
  • GST Audit

Contact details

For further information, you can contact them at (+91) 8080468822 or write to them at [email protected].

4. ICA : Best GST Training Centre Course Online

ICA is a leading skill and training development institute. They offer the best training and placement at affordable fees. They have centers in 120+ across India. They have about 70000+ registered employers. The classes are interactive with fun activities, practical training, and up-to-date study materials.

Benefits of doing the course from ICA

  • Eligibility criteria are 12th standard plus and graduates.
  • The total duration of the course coverage is 27 hours
  • Coverage of important definitions and syllabus.
  • Payment of GST to the government 
  • Pass GST entries
  • Computation of taxable value of services
  • Calculation of payable GST
  • Overview of Indirect taxation systems
  • Input utilization of Tax credit
  • GST compliance and registration
  • GST returns
  • E-invoicing and E-way bills 

Course coverage

The total course coverage is for 27 hours

  • Module 1 is basic concepts 
  • Module 2 is levy and collection of tax
  • Module 3 is valuation
  • Module 4 is the payment of tax
  • Module 5 is returns
  • Module 6 is GST using Tally
  • Module 7 is practice on GSTN
  • Module 8 is a project on GST

5. Tax Guru Edu : Best institute For GST Training in Mumbai

Tax guru Edu offers professional development courses on GST, Income Tax and Customs, and FTP. 

Benefits of the course from Tax Guru Edu 

  • Online courses with Live streaming for updated law and self-learning courses are recorded versions.
  • This is online, hence, the student can learn from the comfort of home.
  • Interactive query resolution forums
  • Weekend batches are available
  • Recording can be provided for a limited time of classes. 

Professional development course 

This course offers a syllabus from basic to advanced. The course consists of compliances, return, E-invoicing, assessment and check-up along with case studies

The trainer has trained more than 30000 professionals. The trainer is a GST expert and speaker in various seminars 

Course coverage 

Session 1: Basic concepts of GST, CST, and Compensation Cess

Session2: Valuation, set of rules, and amendment Tax of GST

Session3: Return filing, Import-export of goods, Exemption, Custom law, and others

Session 4: GST portal

Session5: Registrations

Session6: Collection, supply, Valuations of goods, and many more goods

Session7: Tax credit

Session8: Reverse charge, Types of the invoice, Debit note, credit note, and many more

Session9: Place of supply and workers 

Session10: Assessment, Transitional scheme, Appeals, Demand, recovery, and many more. 

Fees details

  • The course is 25 hours which is divided into 2.5 hours in 10 days
  • The batch will start on 31st October 2021
  • The batch timings are on Saturday 6.30 PM to 9 PM and Sunday morning from 8 AM to 10.30 AM 
  • Fees is 10,000 + GST 0f 18%. 

Self Learning Certification course 

This course covers basic concepts to advance concepts in legal aspects. Amendments, handling assessments, and many more aspects with case studies. 

Course coverage:

The course is provided with 21 areas which help in detailed coverage of the syllabus. The coverage is provided from basic concepts to GST to advance level. 

Fees details 

The fee is RS 8000 + GST @18 % 

There is a current discount of 40% with coupon code TG40 for a limited time. 

6. National Institute of Financial Markets : Top institute For GST training in Mumbai

The course from NIFM provides insights on GST, Indirect taxation, and the software of GST. They are known as the best GST and accounting institutions. They provide hands-on experience of their courses to students and also share up-to-date knowledge. 

Benefits of doing the course from NIFM

  • Professional certifications
  • Behavior and compliance with the law
  • Industrial training
  • Hands-on experience of GST Concepts
  • 20% theory and 80% practical training
  • Entry making and reporting
  • Filing of returns
  • Interview assistance and various knowledge on job aspects
  • Experience of working on GST portal
  • The calculation, deposit of GST, and filing of returns
  • Well equipped classes
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Lifetime support to students from faculties 
  • Weekend batches 

Course Coverage:

  • Detailed GST coverage
  • Supply
  • Invoices
  • Ledger
  • Return filing
  • Tax rate
  • Registrations

Fees details 

The program fee is Rs 25,000 + GST for 2 months durations

7. Institute of Chartered Accountant of India ; Best Training centre for GST Training in Mumbai

The ICAI was established under the Chartered Accountant Act of 1949. This has marked the existence of 64 years. ICAI is recognized for its contribution in fields of education, accounting, auditing, and professional development.

Benefits of doing a certification course

  • Providing detailed and up to date knowledge 
  • Enhancing decision-making skills by improving analytical skills and problem-solving.
  • The Faculties are advocates, academicians, practicing CA 
  • Certification provided is recognized 
  • The course is for 10 days which is from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • The classes are divided based on 2 options on Saturday and Sunday or Monday to Friday for two weeks.

Course Coverage 

  • Concepts and definition of GST
  • Levy
  • Time and place of Supply
  • Input Tax credit
  • Transitional issues
  • Valuation
  • Registrations
  • Returns
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Assessment
  • Offenses
  • Penalties
  • Advance ruling
  • FTP
  • Customs duty
  • Ethical practice 
  • Compensation cess
  • Exemptions
  • Miscellaneous provisions

Fees details

For the cities Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Jaipur, fees is RS 14,000 plus GST

For other cities, it is Rs 12,600 plus GST.

8. EDUCBA ; Best GST Course Training in Mumbai

EDUCBA is an online learning platform. They offer various courses online and they provide bundle learning with packages and certifications. Their GST course in Mumbai offers 10 online courses, 21+ hours, certification on completion, and lifetime access. The classes are online-based, Technical support, mobile app access, and case studies. 

Benefits of doing a certification course

  • The course is the bundle package of all the courses combined
  • 21+ Hours video of the syllabus
  • Learn GST with the numerical examples
  • Lifetime access to course 
  • Certifications on completion of courses
  • This is the video course with self-paced learning

Course Coverage

Module 1 is Taxable event is for 1hour and 53 minutes

Module 2 is understanding the meaning of Good and services chargeability which is for 2 hours and 1 minute 

Module 3 is Composition levy for 1 hour and 5 minutes

Module 4 is a Reverse charge mechanism that is for 1 hour and 42 minutes

Module 5 is the time of supply for 2 hours and 23 minutes

Module 6 is the palace of study for 2 hours and 1 minute

Module 7 is Taxable registration and person for 3 hours and 38 minutes

Module 8 is Job-work for 1 hour and 5 minutes

Module 9 is the Input tax credit for 3 hours and 26 minutes

Module 10 is for the Determination of the value of the supply for 1 hour and 6 minutes

Fees Details

The course fee is RS 19999. This course is currently at a 90% discount for the price of Rs 1999. 

9.Tax4wealth : Best Training Centre For GST Training in Mumbai

Tax4wealth is the online GST training course for CA, lawyers, and experts of tax. The duration is for 51+ courses. The mode is live + recorded classes. 

Benefits of doing a certification course

  • 51+ hours course with Live Q&A 
  • Live and recorded sessions with 180 days of access
  • Free E-GST book download 
  • Access on mobile, Laptop, and TV
  • Access to 6 months of query sessions
  • Certificate of completion videos on demand
  • Details analysis of GST provisions with practical aspects

Course coverage

  • GST overview
  • Administration
  • Levy and collection of tax
  • Composition Scheme
  • Exemptions
  • Time of supply
  • Value of supply
  • Input tax credit
  • Registrations
  • Invoice, debit note, credit note, and E-invoice
  • Accounts and Records
  • Returns
  • Payment of tax, TDS/TCS 
  • Refund
  • Assessments
  • Audit
  • Inspection, Search and Seizure, and asset
  • Demand and Recovery
  • Liability to pay in certain cases
  • Appeals and revision
  • Offenses and penalties 
  • Miscellaneous provisions
  • E-way Bill
  • GST tools
  • Laws under GST

Fees Details

The fee for the course is RS 2400 at a discounted price. The course price is Rs 5000.

10.UDEMY : Best GST Certification Course in Mumbai

Udemy is an online learning platform. They have various courses which are self-paced learning. The basics of the GST course give you theoretical and practical knowledge on the topic.

Benefits of doing certification

  • You get access to 12 hours video on demand
  • 1 Article included in the learning 
  • 4 downloadable resources
  • Understand concepts of GST 
  • GST practice and application learning 
  • Full-Time access on mobile, TV, and desktops
  • Certificate of completion

Course coverage 

  • Module 1: Introduction to GST for 18 min including 4 lectures
  • Module 2: Framework of GST for 27 min including 14 lectures
  • Module 3: Interstate and intrastate case studies which are for 16 min including 2 lectures
  • Module 4: Constitutional provisions which are for 11 min including 6 lectures
  • Module 5: Registrations which is for 1 hour and 9 min including 29 lectures
  • Module 6: Amendment of registration for 7 min including 4 lectures
  • Module 7: Cancellation of registration for 20 min including 7 lectures
  • Module 8: Supply under GST for 1 hour and 19 min including 43 lectures
  • Module 9: Tax Invoice, Credit note, and debit note for 1 hour and 15 min including 35 lectures
  • Module 10: Levy and collections for 1 hour and 50 min including 45 lectures
  • Module 11: Accounts and records for 45 min including 14 lectures
  • Module 12: An input tax credit for 1 hour and 30 minutes for 20 lectures
  • Module 13: Audit for 22 min including 4 lectures
  • Module 14: Payment of tax for 47 min including 8 lectures
  • Module 15: Return for 1 hour and 4 min including 14 lectures
  • Module 16: Tax invoice, E-way bills, and DR / CR notes for 19 min including 6 lectures 

Fee details

The course fee is RS 3520. This is now at a discounted price of RS 455.

History of GST in India

The idea of GST was proposed by Prime minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee 16 years back. Since then, the term has been evolving. In 2006, the finance minister in his Finance budget proposed it to be introduced from 2010. In 2011 the Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha, to enable the levy of GST. However, this was not passed due to lack of political support, and the bill lapsed after the dissolution of Lok Sabha in 2013.

The bill was again passed in 2015 by the Lok Sabha. This bill was passed by Rajya Sabha in August 2016 and Lok Sabha in August 2016. Further, the bill was approved by the GST council. These bills include CGST Bill, IGST Bill, UTGST Bill, and GST -Compensation to the state Bill. The bills were passed in Lok Sabha in March 2017 and Rajya Sabha by April 2017. The GST Laws were effective from 1st July 2017.


The above mentioned are a few popular GST courses in Mumbai offered by various institutions in person and online.  Certifications always act as physical proof of completion of learning and value to your portfolio. Hence, doing courses from institutions is important to learn the concepts and gain knowledge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the career options after doing certification in GST? 

There are a lot of career options an individual can opt for after doing a certification in GST. Few careers options are 
Taxation Manager
Taxation research Analyst
GST Compliance Practice
GST Consultancy Practice
GST Legal Practice
GST Department
GST Practitioner
GST Trainer  

Q.2 What is the scope of a GST Practitioner?

The GST practitioner assists in developing applications for registration on behalf of the clients who are taxpayer. The practitioner assists in amendments, returns, and cancellation of GST. They help in quarterly, annually, and monthly support on GST.

Q.3 Who Should Learn GST?

Any graduates of arts, commerce, or engineering backgrounds
Chartered accountants, Company secretaries, management accountants, and Law aspirants
Any professionals who want to move into the Tax domain
Individuals who want to start a career in Taxations
Finance professionals 

Q.4 What are the Types of GST in India? 

There are four types of GST in India they are
State Goods and Service tax – which is popularly known as SGST
Central Goods and Service Tax- which is popularly known as CGST
Integrated Goods and Services Tax which is popularly known as IGST
Union Territory Good and Services Tax which is known as UGST

Q.5 What are the types of GST forms?

1. GSTR-1
2. GSTR-2A
3. GSTR- 2B
4. GSTR- 3B
5. GSTR-4
6. GSTR-5
7. GSTR-5A
8. GSTR-6
9. GSTR-7
10. GSTR-8
11. GSTR-9
12. GSTR-9C
13. GSTR-10
14. GSTR-11

Q.6 What is the syllabus of GST certification?

ST Levy
GST Time of Supply
GST Place of Supply
Transitional problems
Input Tax Credit
GST Valuation
GST Returns
GST Registration
GST Payment
GST Assessment
GST Refund
GST Penalties
GST Offences
GST Advance Ruling
GST Customs Duty
GST Moot Court
GST Ethical Practice

Q.7 What is the best GST software?

There is a lot of software, the best GST software is ClearTax GST, OctaGST, GST Hero, Gen GST, COMPU GST, Hostbooks GST Software, and many more.

Q.8 Q.How to prepare for the GST practitioner certification?

Citizen of India, Should be of sound mind, Not adjudged as insolvent and has not been imprisonment of more than 2 years 

Q.9 How to become a GST practitioner: 

The eligible candidate need to fill online form 
This form is validated by the authorized officer and can be rejected if the candidate is not fit
The certificate is then provided and remains valid until it is being canceled.
The candidate needs to pass an exam which is conducted by NACIN- National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes, and Narcotics.

GST course in India

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