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You are probably familiar with Six Sigma certification. Benchmark, one of the top Sigma course providers, has some information about its courses for those who are not sure if Sigma is right for them. This article has been written to provide a comprehensive overview of six sigma benchmark course reviews

What is Six Sigma?

Processes can be improved using Six Sigma methodologies and tools. This methodology has been used by companies worldwide since 1986. The six-sigma methodology improves operational efficiency by using standardized procedures.

Your leadership skills can be enhanced significantly through the Six Sigma certification. One of its advantages is that it allows you to streamline your business processes.

The Six Sigma method is similar to the Lean method. This method emphasizes achieving the best possible results in all operations. Specifically, efficiency and accuracy are the focus. Using lean strategies reduces the amount of time and resources wasted on unnecessary processes.

All industries have a high demand for these methodologies. Healthcare, manufacturing, and information technology are among the industries that can benefit from these technologies. Customers would experience cost savings as a result of Lean Six Sigma. In turn, this would result in higher revenue and more efficient operations.

In addition to developing analytical skills, Six Sigma cultivates expertise in processes. This is an advantage in leadership positions. If you are Six Sigma certified you will have an advantage over your competition. It will greatly enhance your resume. Furthermore, you will be able to solve problems more effectively and become a better leader.

The average annual salary for Six Sigma Black Belts is $167,000 in the United States. According to, the average salary is about $93,000 per year. It has been found that Black Belts with Six Sigma certifications earn more money than those without the certification. It is estimated that Master Black Belts in the United Kingdom earn an average salary of $148,514.

The following are a few examples of jobs that may benefit from Six Sigma certification:

  • Managing Business Processes
  • Take on the role of team leader
  • Managing/Supervising
  • A manager
  • An executive or manager of the company
  • Project Management or Program Management
  • Business analyst
  • The manager responsible for continuous improvement
  • Quality Assurance Management


Would you like to find out more about Benchmark Six Sigma?

Online certification programs have been pioneered by Benchmark Six Sigma Institute for years. Benchmark Six Sigma reviews indicate that the institute was founded in 2001. Benchmark Six Sigma programs are accredited by Exemplar Global. This company offers training, consulting, and coaching services to companies across more than 30 industries. Their presence in India extends to major cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi – Head Office, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

Worldwide branches include India, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Dubai – UAE, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, US, and Vietnam.

Applied to the business analytics Leadership Program, they specialize in Non-Programmer’s Lean Six Sigma methodology. In addition to Six Sigma courses, they also provide PMP online training.

Benchmark Six Sigma Institute has trained more than 40,000 professionals of varying fields through more than 1500 training classes, according to Benchmark Six Sigma reviews. With experience in pharmaceuticals, BPOs, information technology, hospitals, financial services, consultancy, technology, manufacturing, logistics, automation, etc., they possess a wide range of skills.

Methods of learning are classified into two categories based on the type of learners.

Live Online TRAINING

Professionals wishing to upgrade their business excellence skills can take advantage of this type of training. According to Benchmark Six Sigma, 19 online certification courses are taught by instructors, trainers, and facilitators. There are three levels of certification in the lean six sigma program:

  1. Six Sigma Green Belt
  2. Six Sigma Black Belt
  3. Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  4. Business Modelling expert
  5. Lean practitioner and lean guide

Professionals interested in taking an online instructor-led certification course can begin by enrolling in the Six Sigma Green Belt course. Next-level courses will largely depend on their personal preferences.


Corporate companies/industries can take advantage of this type of training. Depending on the needs of the company/client, it is a customized program. Training programs are designed based on custom roadmaps that take into account a client’s process and objectives.

Moreover, the program provides corporate clients with customized workshops, according to Benchmark Six Sigma reviews. Using excellence as a framework, twelve competencies are decided upon, combined, modified, and recreated.

Global leaders like Google, Amazon, Boeing, JLL, and others have been satisfied with Benchmark’s Lean Six Sigma corporate training program. The company conducts internal programs with leading industry experts to be able to provide complete satisfaction to their clients.

Key Highlights about Bench Six sigma course


In addition to being corporate coaches and consultants, the facilitators have experience in a wide variety of fields. In some Benchmark Six Sigma reviews, they were described as having a good knowledge of manufacturing and service. Facilitators with experience in Lean Six Sigma programs facilitate workshops.

Six Sigma and Lean are integrated into the workshops. Lean Six Sigma facilitators at our program have created millions of dollars in benefits using Lean Six Sigma.

A Different Learning System

As learning aids, Life-Long Excel-based software, Free Webinars, multi-sensory approaches for projects, Sample examination papers, Practice projects, Free Online Project Assistance, as well as Pre-training Preparatory Material and Data and Templates for Analysis are provided to students. Additionally, as per a review of Benchmark Six Sigma, learners receive coaching while implementing projects at their workplace.

Management Support System

Support is one of the best features of Benchmark Six Sigma. Live Chat, Whatsapp, and telephone support are offered to learners to address any questions they may have.

Objectives Of The Live Training Program And Corporate Training Program

  • To provide a structured approach to solving business problems to professionals.
  • This program is intended for professionals who are interested in improving the performance of their organizations.
  • For professionals who wish to improve processes in their projects. 
  • Aimed at bringing positive change for progressive management professionals.
  • To benefit Professionals who want competence that is independent of a particular domain

Benchmark Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma Courses

Reviews by Benchmark Six Sigma describe its training and certification programs for Lean Six Sigma based on the six sigma belt level and training program. Training programs can be provided as public or corporate programs, but the fundamentals are the same.

In the corporate program, the courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the company, while in the public live program, the modules are set. In this respect, the two programs offered differ only slightly.


  • Students learn from experts from multiple industries
  • We will provide online instruction for 24 hours with an instructor
  • Minitab exercises were conducted during the workshop
  • For students to practice, there are two project options
  • There are a total of 24 PMI PDUs
  • A global certification from Exemplar Global
  • Business improvement community
  • Online project assistance for free
  • Certificate of completion for another project
  • Pre-training Instructional Materials
  • Best-in-class training materials online
  • An analysis template and data
  • More than 200 questions are available in the practice section
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam
  • A pre-training webinar on awareness.


  • Multi-industry experts facilitate the students’ learning
  • Online instructor-led training for 40 hours is scheduled for this course
  • During the workshop, participants performed a Minitab exercise
  • There are two practice projects available to students
  • For PMI credentials, 40 PDUs are required
  • Certification from Exemplar Global that is globally recognized and valid for life
  • Become a member of the largest business improvement community
  • Help with your project online for free
  • Certificate of Completion of Additional Projects
  • Instructional Materials for Pre-Training
  • Online training materials that are the best in the business
  • Templates and data for analysis
  • There are more than 200 practice questions
  • Examining black belts in Lean Six Sigma
  • The trial session before training


  • Multi-Industry Experts facilitate the students’ learning
  • Training will take 16 hours and be facilitated by a trainer via the Internet
  • For PMI credentials, 16 PDUs are required
  • A certificate with a lifetime validity that is globally recognized
  • Become a member of the largest business improvement community
  • The kit contains materials for both Lean Practitioner and Lean Guide
  • Case study, data, and templates for analysis
  • Examination for the Lean Practitioner and the Lean Guide

It has a good reputation in providing Corporate Services to Pharmaceutical companies, BPO companies, IT companies, hospitals, consulting firms, technology companies, manufacturing companies, logistics companies, etc. Students who have taken the course have expressed satisfaction with the content. There has been high satisfaction with how the content is delivered.

Six Sigma Certification

Black Belt, Green Belt, and Yellow Belt are the three levels of Six Sigma certification. It is not necessary to be certified at all three levels. Select the level that best suits your professional goals.

An effective way to gain knowledge of Six Sigma is to earn the Yellow Belt certification. Yellow Belt certification is useful for those tasked with short-term improvement. Assisting the Six Sigma team with an improvement project is a limited role.

Members of teams involved in Six Sigma management are ideal candidates for Six Sigma Green Belt certification. These are particularly useful to those who collect and analyze data. Your ability to successfully implement Six Sigma will improve after you obtain a green belt.

Black Belt certification should be required for teams whose leaders manage large improvements. It’s also helpful when solving problems with Black Belt certifications. The Black Belt is capable of applying all the aspects of Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma impacts every aspect of an organization. Due to these reasons, it has been embraced by businesses in all industries.

Benefits of Six Sigma to Your Career

Using Six Sigma methodologies can dramatically alter your future. You can demonstrate your commitment to improving your analytical skills and business knowledge by listing your Six Sigma certification in your profile. It signifies your commitment to improving your skills.

That can result in higher salaries and opportunities for employment. In part, Six Sigma certifications are respected because they are difficult to get.

Additionally, real-world applications can be found. Those skilled in Six Sigma are familiar with many ways to increase revenue and cut costs. They know how to rationalize processes and increase employee involvement, among other things.

Six Sigma training is beneficial for those aspiring to leadership roles. To achieve Black Belt status, the individual is taught Six Sigma methodologies. They can, in addition, become change agents within their companies. By taking charge of initiatives, they can boost customer satisfaction and improve processes.

Upon achieving Six Sigma Black Belt status, you have the potential to advance in your career. It is also more likely that you will get hired by another company. Certified Six Sigma applicants are always in a better position than those without these skills.

Benefits of Six Sigma to the Organization

With the right application of Six Sigma, a business can improve all aspects of its functioning. Enhanced services to employees can be one example of dedicating more time and effort to the final product. The following are some benefits of improving business operations with Six Sigma:

  • Businesses can improve their processes and satisfy their customers with Six Sigma methods. Ultimately, this leads to better products. More satisfied customers equal a better business.
  •  In a loyalty program, happy customers will return to the brand again and again. Keeping the product’s quality consistent will help it gain a loyal following.
  • Happy customers spread the word about their experiences. Repeat customers spread the word about their experiences. Ultimately, this leads to positive income.
  • One of the benefits of Six Sigma is aligning employees towards a common goal. Six Sigma facilitates the role of leadership by establishing clear policies and procedures. It also cultivates a sense of companionship as it improves results. Having a partner makes things easier.

Associated companies benefit from the success of one company when others are involved with the firm. This may lead to both of them adopting similar Six Sigma strategies.


1. During the workshop, what sort of Six Sigma tools do we learn?

Statistical Process Control, metrics of process performance, FMEA, Hypothesis testing, Design of Experiments, etc. are just a few examples.

2. Can Benchmark Six Sigma help with Six Sigma projects?

You receive free help with your projects when you attend our workshops.

3. In what manner will I receive my six sigma certification? What course content is included?

In addition to the course guide, data files, templates, quizzes, and model papers are included in the course material. Six Sigma Body of Knowledge is a comprehensive study guide covering all topics. The Benchmark Six Sigma Academy allows you to access digitally hosted content as soon as you enroll.


According to the Benchmark Six Sigma reviews, the  Global certified Lean Six Sigma training and workshops are some of the best courses offered by Benchmark Six Sigma. The Benchmark Six Sigma courses’ success can be measured by the number of professionals trained, training batches conducted, and the alumni reviews. Since they have a global presence I highly recommend the benchmark six sigma course to be the best that you can enrol and achieve success in this field


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