Top 10 Content Writing Books in 2023

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Lord Acton rightly quoted, “Learn as much by writing as by reading.” Reading is as good as exercising in the morning. Reading best content writing books can enhance your vocabulary, drive your imagination and even give you tricks and tips to plan your piece when writing. There are a lot of content writing books available online or otherwise that you can refer to. Let me ask you, what makes content writing books a bestseller? It is definitely what is written in it, who has written it, and how it has been written. 

The only magic potion to help writers write better is reading a lot of books. Often we ignore the fundamentals of writing. The pillar of a good piece of writing is the books read by the writer. Every writer has their way of narration. Reading a lot of books will certainly help a writer to get a diversified point of view. This improves the writing style and pattern.

If you are planning a profession in content writing, these titles can be substantial. After extensive research, I have noted down the best books one must read to become a successful content writer. Writing is a pursuit, and to be a doyen, you must read good books.

A content writer must read a lot of books irrespective of the genre. These books will give you the desired advice and assistance to be a good content writer. If you like reading this piece of work, then you must read the books I have mentioned. The best content writing books have been my writing inspiration ever since I read them.

Here is the list of top-most content writing books

1. Content Writing Handbook 2021

Author – Kounal Gupta

Publisher – Henry Harvin Education

Price – INR 799 (Paperback)

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In case you are searching for content writing books that can be your definitive manual for be an effective content maker, this book is intended for you. The principle thought of this book is to foster your etymological abilities and show you web help. This book is stacked with tips for content development.

Kounal Gupta, the young CEO of Henry Harvin, knows how to keep the readers hooked till the end. You will be rewarded with amazing ideas about how to earn by creating content from the comfort of your home.

This book has covered in detail common grammatical errors and different types of writing. From being a guide for your interview to tips to earn online, this book has your back. An in-hand experience of six years; helped Kounal Gupta; to pen down this book that will help millions of readers.

The author spoke about a-z of content writing in his book. From what content writing is to how to earn money by being a content originator, the author has covered everything in-depth for a novice. What makes this book special is the time each section takes is as minimal as a daily activity would take.

If you wish to learn content writing in an elementary and comprehendible language, this is your answer. There are many content writing books available in the market, but this is not a book, this is an experience of a lifetime. Affordable, detailed, and simple; this book is a friend in need of a newbie or a freelancer to refer indeed.

2. The Scribe Method

Author – Tucker Max – Zach Obront

Publisher – Lioncrest Publishing

Price – INR 11,274 (Hardcover)

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This book is one of the best in this genre. Written by Tucker Max and Zach Obront, this non-fictional piece of work will enlighten you with tips to publish your work to the world. From industrialists to influential entrepreneurs, this book gives you the proficiency to be the best in this field.

The authors are an expert in this area. This book speaks of their success story and the reason for it. Tucker and Zach together organize workshops for aspiring writers and even help amateur content writers to start the journey.

Have you ever thought of being criticized for your work? And that stopped your journey even before you have started it? I did. This book helped me get over the fear of being judged and come forward to pursue what I love doing. Content writing books will help you understand that content writing is not only about writing. It is much more than the eyes can see.

If you are about to begin your content writing career, then do give this book a read. This book will help you understand the methods of content writing and implement this learning in the real world. This is one of the best content writing books I have read so far.

The price is on the higher side when compared to other content writing books available in the market, but this book will give you in-depth knowledge of content creation. According to the reviews, this book has been a very helpful guide for the game.

3. The Content Code

Author – Mark W. Schaefer

Publisher – Lightning Source Inc

Price – INR 1963 (Paperback)

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Do you wish to read the best content writing books that will help you with ideas and concepts of content writing? This book does the same. Are you a budding content writer? This book is for you. Written by Mark W. Schaefer, this book is one of the greatest content writing books you can easily avail of.

Writing is not the only goal of a content developer. Being an expert in marketing can help you climb the success stage soon. This book talks about the role of marketing in content creation. The INC magazine has acknowledged this book. It has also won the award of “Best SEO Book.”

This book talks about the fundamentals of content marketing and covers almost six different strategies of content writing for the readers. If you wish to explore details of search engine optimization, web traffic, and web-based media, this book can provide a lot of details.

Mark W. Schaefer’s masterpiece features a detailed description of the relationship between trade name and content. Accentuations on the crowd that will advance the content and noteworthy stages to make shareable substances are the main philosophies of this book.

As the name suggests, this book is your key to success. It has next-level plans for your business and to market it the right way. In this digital world, SEO and marketing are the crucial factors that can decide the success of your business. Learn to survive the completion with the advice from the expert by reading the six elements shared by the author. If you wish to make a mark, apply the content code.

4. One Hour Content Plan

Author – Meera Kothand

Publisher – Amazon Digital Services

Price – INR 1314 (Paperback)

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Do not judge a book by its cover or name. The one-hour content plan is not a simple one-hour read. This book is one of the best content writing books by an email marketing strategist. Meera Kothand has shared her life journey through her blogs and books. She did not become an influencer overnight; it took a lot of hardships and failures to reach where she is today.

The author has separated the book into three main segments. The first half of the book talks about the framework of essential data that will make you a successful content creator. While the second part discusses three critical techniques for concocting content composing thoughts, the third one shows an unmistakable image of what your brand voice is utilized for.

Are you seeking answers like what to make? When to make it? The best time to make it? And the outcome of it? This book will share the answers for sure. Meera talked about these topics with fluctuated content that was easy to comprehend. Real-life examples and a straightforward approach made it one of the utmost desirable content writing books.

The crowd is allured to peruse this book with snappy titles. Reviews are rave for best content writing books. For bloggers who just started their voyage, this book is a must-buy. Albeit the creator has verbalized great themes, he has done as such in an extensive way. If you struggle to write or chase trending topics to make your blog go viral, make a plan to read a one-hour content plan.

5. Content Writing Step By Step

Author – Joseph Robinson

Publisher – Independently Published

Price – INR 1866 (Paperback)

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Writing content is not a tough job. Writing content that is entertaining and accommodating to your reader can be challenging. Solve this by walking one step at a time. Are you a learner who wishes to learn step by step in-depth like me? Then refer to this book. This is one of the best content writing books to teach you bit by bit.

Joseph Robinson teaches you to make your site visible by increasing the traffic and engagement of your blog. If you do not know what gives your blog the right push, then try this book. The author explains well that plugins and recent tools are not the keys to a good SEO rating. There is a lot that goes behind the curtain.

If the content is King, you are the Kingsman. A good Kingsman knows to enhance the King and expand the kingdom similarly; a content writer must retain skills to create engaging and enjoyable content. This book holds important elements like the difference between content writing and copywriting that many new and even experienced writers get confused about.

One of the bestselling content writing books, Joseph Robinson’s book comes in handy. There are mixed reviews for this piece of work. If you are willing to learn SEO rating, content marketing, and social media writing, this book is all you need to have. This piece of content is going to build your content career and blog brick by brick.

6. Everybody Writes

Author – Ann Handley

Publisher – Wiley

Price – INR 1688 (Hardcover)

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True that Everybody Writes, but how many writers make it to the heart of the readers? Think about it! If you want to decode the secrets of content marketing, try this book. Content writing books are many, but only a few will give you tips to write like a pro.

Ann Handley discussed expert opinions on writing more than 17 vivid types of content in her book. From a promotional email to a social media post, this book will teach you everything.  Everything you need to know to write compelling content for your takers.

What made Ann pen-down such a masterpiece? Well, her struggle to find a bit of advice worth taking while growing up made her create a book for others. Her 25 years of experience are captured in this book. She spoke about what content is. How to create impactful content? And many more relatable theories for us.

If you are having trouble making a career in content writing, you can relate to every word of this book. The author has discussed her fight to establish herself as a content creator. She has shared the collection of her struggles, failures, and the ways to get over them victorious.

With a lot of how-to questions, Ann Handley, the expert in this field, has elaborated the strategies and routes of putting together, producing effortlessly, and publishing great content.

Content writing books will give you tips to be a writer. What does this book do? It shows you the path to creating stellar content to win the digital world.

7. Writing for The Web

Author – Lynda Felder

Publisher – Pearson Education India

Price – INR 1861 (Paperback)

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There are many books to follow and information to remember if you wish to succeed as a content creator. To stand out, one must be able to create content with words, pictures, and sound. This book does the same. It teaches you to create content that is effective and leaves an impression on the mind of the readers.

Lynda Felder, a passionate instructor; and a successful author, gives you easy-to-follow strategies for creating a masterpiece. In her writing, she uses illustrations like tables, flowcharts, and pictographs to aid visual learners. She has extensively used her experience to build concepts that can help you to write compelling content.

Are you planning to write a random piece? An interactive story or a copywriting assignment is pending submission? This book can help you for sure. A content developer must know the proper usage of motion pictures, interesting images, and sort sound that fits the content.

With exercises as a bonus content writing books like this can be the fundamental idea for any writer. If you wish to leave a footprint in the digital world with your content, you must be a good storyteller. This book does the same thing. It teaches you to be a storyteller with skills that readers would love.

An author has many tools, not just a pen in this toolbox. You must have a style as unique as your ideas and a sense of grammar. These tools will be your basis for writing. To create amazing content, you must keep your eyes and ears open to select the best canvas and chime.

8. 365 To Vision

Author – Ron Lieback

Publisher – R.R.Bowker

Price – INR 1300 (Paperback)

alt = "365 To Vision"

Content writing books are many. What makes the best content writing books? A book that everyone can follow. A copywriter or a novelist, a ghostwriter or a blogger; this book is for everyone who is willing to write.

Ron Lieback has more than 15000 articles to his name. A successful writer and an influencer, Ron has written for Forbes and Search Engine Journals. 365 to vision is mainly designed for writers to produce great content in very little time. This is the modern-day guide for aspiring writers.

Ron’s vision was to help writers create quality content that aids them in earning money in less time. This book talks about the same thing. 365 to vision is loaded with hundreds of tricks to develop beautiful pieces of writing. This is one of the must-read content writing books. Ron has focused on practices and policies writers must follow regularly.

The book will give you a different point of view to explain how to write quickly and still deliver quality write-up. If you fall short of time or are not able to earn well, this book can help you reach your desired goal. Exceptional writing is not a day’s job. It needs thorough practice, proper routine, and strict rules to give the best. In this book, Ron Lieback spoke about these habits. Their usage to be a great content writer. He has shared his experiences of more than two decades and how he used them to be an influencer.

9. The Art And Business Of Online Writing

Author – Nicolas Cole

Publisher – Nicolas Cole

Price – INR 4989.99 (Paperback)

alt ="The Art And Business Of Online Writing"

A writing entrepreneur, Nicolas Cole has written the art and business of online writing. He is a conversational style writer. He has more than 100 million views for his work so far. Acknowledged by Forbes, Fortune, and Times group Nicolas Cole’s content writing books are all about capturing the market and retaining attention.

Are you a blogger with no or fewer views? Are you struggling to make your blogs and books loved and noticed, then do read this book. His own experiences with online writing, the author shared many more aspects of his life. He has also covered the course of action one must master to be the master.

Composing strategies, headline planning, and composing style are the components he has shrouded in this book. This is the thing that makes it one of the most incredible and best content writing books. More than ten years of involvement with content making and distributing, the creator has a ton of known work. Content writing books are many, yet what settles on this the ideal decision is the methodologies and tricks shared by the essayist.

Do you dream of going viral on social platforms? Write a head-turning headline that no one can resist? Then this book is a must-buy. The creator of this magnum opus talks about how to come up with amazing ideas to write and understand the game of publishing over the internet.

Nicolas Cole is an influencer who has touched many lives with his writing. A top-rated writer on Quora, he has written in more than 15 different categories.

 10. The Story Engine

Author – Kyle Gray

Publisher – Createspace Independent Pub

Price – INR 1498 (Paperback)

alt = "The Story Engine"

Every business visionary has a story to tell. Their experience can teach you a lot. The story is the most astounding asset that can partner you with your readers. Content writing books usually tell stories, some successes, and some failures.

Kyle Gray described content advertising as one of the most moderate and confounding instruments for storytelling at scale. The book is based on ideas to conceivably contemplated content advancement to portray the story, but instead of situation, you see setbacks.

Making a convincing writing piece takes a lot of time and energy. How is it possible that it would be that a couple of financial specialists can convey tremendous heaps of content, keeping a business, and still have the chance to loosen up with their youngsters toward the day’s end? The Story Engine gives you a sensible, compact, and crucial framework to get inbound advertising rewards. This aspect makes it one of the highly recommended content writing books.

Through this book, you will find out about how to accomplish the objectives of content advertising. You may also learn to avoid ordinary snares, techniques for both B2B and B2C associations, and how to use the content as a powerhouse advancing and relationship-building instrument.

Being one of the best content writing books, this additionally contains subtleties for the utilization of SEO, email crusades, and paid traffic to help your content convert perusers to customers. Moreover, this book joins easy-to-use content advertising configurations. This can help you with taking action promptly and getting the results you need.

How can the content writing books be of help?

  • A resurgence:

These books can help you start afresh. A different perspective can guide you towards your goal. There are a lot of books in the market.  I have handpicked these books for you. Each of these books can give you an insight on how and where to start?

  • Considerable Content Creator:

The digital world is dependent on content. If you can create content, you can win the hearts of your readers. Creating content is not the ultimate goal. The penultimate job is to create amazing content which a reader enjoys and reads time and again.

  • Grow And Gain:

He, who knows how to sell, knows everything. These books can help you get your business going. If you are awaiting your first client or trying to expand your reach, these books can get it all done with ease.

  • For Inspiration, Be An Inspiration:

These books will help you to manage your energies and channelize in the right path. This motivation to create worthy contents will gift you, eager readers. Voila! There is no looking back.

  • Be Friends With Social Media:

Social media is no more about the web. It is far beyond that. It is all about sharing experiences. One, who knows to handle social platforms well, knows digital content writing just like the back of their hands.

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I have read each of the books to ensure I list down the best of best for my readers. While going through these books, I have learned a lot about the concepts associated with content creation.  Each book has its pros and cons. Some are heavy on the pockets, while others might have a language not easy on readers.

These books listed here will give you in-depth knowledge of content writing. Some books; will also provide reference websites to browse and similar books to read on. If you are an aspiring content creator, these books are going to change your life.

Content writing is not just about creating quality write-ups and delivering on time. It involves a lot of other valuable elements which are covered in these books, like, advertising and promoting. If you are a content writer or a marketer, you have just found your bible.

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Q1. How much do these books cost?

These books have a wide range. Depending on the editions of the book (e-book, paperback, and hardcover), the price is set for the readers.

Q2. Is reading a book or two enough to be a content writer?

Content writing is a creative job. You must have a passion for writing and knowledge to deliver great content. You can acquire the skills through reading. Reading a lot of books can be an advantage.

Q3. What are the skills a content writer must possess?

Research is the key skill of content writing. Along with this, a content writer must possess uniqueness, technicality, time management skills, and adaptability.

Q4. Is content writing a hard job?

Content writing can be fun if you know what your readers like and how to present it. Good quality content that is informative and entertaining at the same time is a treat to the readers. If you can produce a good piece of write-up, you will have readers from across the globe.

Q5. To be a successful content writer do I need to have a certification?

No, certification cannot decide how good a content writer you are. One must love to write and have a passion for good pieces of writing. To be a successful content writer, you must do thorough research, read a lot, and deliver your work within the stipulated timeframe.


  • This is one of the greatest books on content writing I’ve ever read. It assisted me in learning several new abilities and strategies that I may apply in my working life. The information was both informative and simple to grasp.

  • This Content Writing Handbook really helped me improve my writing skills and motivate me to write great articles for my clients. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning how to write better content.

  • This blog was fantastic. I love the writing, the content, and anything else you’ve added to your website. Thank you very much for your informative blog.

    • Thank you, Sandeep. We the team members at HENRY HARVIN appreciate your gesture and wish you all the very best for your career and life.

  • I found the content writing books recommended on incredibly valuable! The comprehensive guide helped me enhance my writing skills, while the insightful tips and techniques provided a fresh perspective. A must-have resource for aspiring content creators.

  • Content writing books have helped me to expand my knowledge of the industry. I have learned about the various types of content and how to best utilize them to create powerful and effective content.

  • This book was very useful in helping me understand the fundamentals of content writing. It provided a wealth of information about the different types of content, how to approach topics, and the importance of research.

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