Top 10 Content Writing Courses Online in 2023

Do you think that writing is your forte? Then content writing is the way forward!

Of late, the demand for content writers has seen a huge surge with the fast-paced digitization of the world, where more and more businesses are moving online. Content writing is all about planning, organizing, writing, and editing content. All businesses, irrespective of being small, medium, or large, hire skilled content writers who can add value to their firms by writing good quality content.

Below listed are the top 10 content writing courses online. Choose the one that suits you perfectly and kick start your content writing journey.

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

One of the pioneers in the content writing field, Henry Harvin Writing Academy has carved a place of its own when it comes to offering content writing courses of great value. Henry Harvin’s ‘Certified Digital Content Writing Course’(CDCW) ranked among the Top 5 Content Writing Courses in the 2021 survey conducted by India Today.

Why choose Henry Harvin to learn Content writing courses online?

  • Henry Harvin provides 36 hours of live online interactive content writing courses and facilitates projects that develop one’s learning skills, technical skills, research skills, and so on through their CDCW course.
  • Guaranteed Internship is another perk that Henry Harvin offers, making it one of the most sought platforms to not only learn content writing courses but also to apply your skills.
  • Placement facility: What distinguishes Henry Harvin from many of its peers that offer content writing courses online is its dedicated placement cells that guarantee 100% placement support to its students even after 1 year post their course completion.
  • Henry Harvin also offers regular boot camps spread over 12 months once you have completed the content writing courses online. They also provide free access to hackathons and competitions.
  • They provide a globally recognized certification for Certified Digital Content Writing Course.
  • They teach you to write 30+ types of content and the ways to start earning once you are done with your content writing courses online.
  • Henry Harvin also imparts the technical know-how of launching one’s blogs and websites during the class.
  • You will get to learn graphic skills from scratch so that you can design newsletters, power-point presentations, logos, cover pages, and so on.
  • Research skills form the part of the skills needed to succeed as a content writer and by pursuing the online content writing courses offered by Henry Harvin, you are equipped to gain advanced research skills that will help you in writing any given topic.
  • You will get information on personalized job opportunities every week even after you are done with their content writing courses online. 
  • You will also get a 1 year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin once you’ve decided to pursue their content writing courses online.
  •  Henry Harvin offers two types of content writing courses, namely

Certified Digital Content Writing Course (CDCW) and Post Graduate Programme in Content Writing. Henry Harvin also provides offline classes of content writing courses in many major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Banglore, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkata.

  • The writing course fee of Henry Harvin is INR 15000/-
  • Rating: 4.7/5

Henry Harvin Writing Academy also provides the following courses along with its content writing courses;

2. Paul Jenkins- Udemy: Content Writing Course

 Paul Jenkins’s content writing course is one of the top-rated content writing courses online offered by the online learning platform Udemy. This 11 hour on-demand video class provides lifetime access and you can access it over television and mobile devices at your convenience. The perks include assignments to complete at your own pace along with a certificate of completion at a nominal fee.

Why choose the content writing course by Paul Jenkins?

  • This course is your one-stop destination to learn about SEO Article writing and master the method.
  • This course by Jenkins will help you understand the different types of Content Writing and also learn and assimilate to optimize one’s efficiency and capacity as a content writer, with the use of simple tools and workflows.
  • This is one of those content writing courses online that help you to develop a strategic approach to content writing when it comes to setting the website of others as well as your own website
  • Jenkins offers his mastery about which niches to pick and which ones to neglect so as to grow your site
  • He also teaches the art of topic selection to writing upon so that all your effort doesn’t go in vain
  • Jenkins teaches how to outline articles thoroughly and simultaneously, which is a required skill for successful content writers
  • You will be able to acquire an in-depth understanding of Artificial Intelligence
  • Jenkins let you have a peek into his research process which will save you huge amounts of time, and in acquiring a clear cut idea about editing and proofreading processes
  • Fee: INR 5120/-
  • Rating: 4.8/5

3. Malcolm Gladwell – Masterclass

Learn it from the best of the lot by enrolling in this masterclass on writing by none other than the best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell. In 24 lessons of high-quality lecture series, Gladwell lets you into his world of writing expertise. 

This is one of those content writing courses online that is certainly going to benefit you as you learn the nuances of writing from the best-selling author of several books such as Outliers, David and Goliath, etc.

Why choose this course by Malcolm Gladwell?

  • Gladwell teaches the nitty-gritty of writing good content, by explaining to structure the narrative, tools for engaging the readers, how to research, holding the attention of readers, selecting and developing a story, word building, structuring one’s language, and setting the tone among several such insightful lessons. 
  • The classes are combined with value-adding assignments that you can work on parallely as your class progresses.
  • Fee: INR 1295/Month
  • Rating: NA

4. Editing and Proofreading Masterclass by Nitay L in Skillshare

If you are looking forward to brushing up your grammar skills and proofreading knowledge before taking the content writing plunge, the 3-hour course on editing and proofreading masterclass by Nitay L is the way to go. It is a self-paced course that offers certification as well.

Why choose this class on Editing and Proofreading?

  • This class is the best one for beginners to follow as the basic concepts of grammar and editing are taught, including how to recognize common text errors and methods to enhance the text quality.
  • Know-how on publishing, creative writing, and copyediting are taught to improve the skill set of content writers.
  • In the proofreading session, essential knowledge about spotting grammatical errors are discussed.
  • You will learn about editing fiction novels, web articles, and academic writing in this course.
  • Fee: NA
  • Rating: NA

5. Good with Words- Writing and Editing Specialization by Patrick Barry- Coursera

One of the top-rated content writing courses offered by the University of Michigan in Coursera, this course by Patrick Barry is designed to teach aspiring content writers about the strategy and mechanics of effective communication. It takes approximately four months to complete this course, you can also follow the self-paced format.

Why Choose this course on Writing and Editing Specialization?

  • This specialization course teaches you about the ways in which syntaxes are to be used, and the tricks and techniques for adding nuanced content in the form of unique slogans and sentences.
  • Barry offers tips that will help you to write brilliant paragraphs and punctuations like a professional content writer and editor.
  • This is one of those content writing courses that will help you to inculcate such habits that are essential to complete both long-term and short-term projects.
  • This course teaches you about assorting and arranging complex information in a reader-friendly manner, and about consistently hitting deadlines.
  • Fee: NA (Financial aid available)
  • Rating: 4.7/5

6. Copywriting Quick Start: Top Free Writing Tools and Hacks- Udemy

Copywriting is an inevitable part of content writing, and the job market is always in want of great copywriters who can add substantial value to their products and services. This is one of those valuable content writing courses online where you will get to learn the basics of copywriting strategies for free. This course by Tyler Speegle is definitely going to teach you a thing or two about copywriting and free writing tools and hacks.

Why choose this course on top of free writing tools and hacks?

  • You will get to know the internet’s free writing tools in this one of a kind course.
  • Self-paced classes are an added advantage as you can learn these lessons at your own pace.
  • You will learn about how to write persuasive marketing copies from this course.
  • The free tools discussed in this course will help you generate novel ideas, discover effective keywords to use in your copies, and create eye-grabbing headlines that will certainly make your content unique.
  • Fee- Free Course
  • Rating: 4.4/5

7. Search Engine Optimization Specialization by Rebekah May- Coursera

One among the several credible contents writing courses online, this course is offered by the University of California on the renowned learning platform Coursera. This course is your chance to master Search Engine Optimization tools and strategies and become an SEO expert. Mastery of Search Engine Optimization is an essential skill to succeed as a professional writer. When it comes to content writing, keywords are what determine the reach of your content, and the number of views that it can garner. This course offers a flexible schedule and takes approximately 5 months to complete the course.

Why choose this course on Search Engine Optimization Specialization?

  • This course will help you to develop a solid approach in analyzing data and see what type of content gets the most number of views.
  • You will be taught how to finish a competitive analysis of a webpage in this course.
  • This course will teach you the basics about creating influencer collaborations and relationships.
  • You will gather insights about optimizing your website content for a high search engine ranking in this course.
  • This course will teach you about search engine algorithms, including Google search, and you will be able to build real-world skills that you can apply in your content writing career.
  • Fee: NA( Financial aid available)
  • Rating: 4.7/5

8. Roxane Gay teaches writing for Social Change- Masterclass

In a world that is fast-moving, more often than not, content is key. In her masterclass about writing for social change, Roxane Gay teaches you about writing for impact and how you can make your voice heard from an ocean of content. Gay is an internationally acclaimed author and a New York Times bestselling author.

Why choose this course on Social Change by Roxane Gay?

  • Gay offers her insights on how to get started as a writer and describes her writing process.
  • You will get to learn about the vital research that needs to be undertaken before you start working on a project.
  • One of the best content writing courses online, Gay teaches you to deep dive into the processes of editing and proofreading.
  • You are taught about the importance of revising your content more than once and the learning that happens from it.
  • The course also takes you inside a writers’ workshop where you will get to witness Gay giving her opinions on the works of budding writers.
  • This is a great course for content as well as creative writers.
  • Fee: INR 1295/month
  • Rating: NA

9. Ninja Writing- The Four Levels of Writing Mastery by Udemy

One of the top-rated content writing courses online offered by Udemy, Ninja Writing seeks to deliver its content writing aspirants with the gift of writing mastery across different genres. This course offers 4.5 hours of on-demand video lessons and 10 downloadable resources.

Why choose this course about attaining writing mastery?

  • The course is taught by a former editor of the Wall Street Journal, from whom you will get to learn the tricks of the content writing trade.
  • This course promises you to transform into a masterful content writer in a span of a few days or weeks.
  • You will be taught to tap into the enormous potential of words, sentences, paragraphs, and narratives in this course.
  • You will get a certificate on the completion of this course.
  • Fee: INR 5120/-
  • Rating: 4.6/5

10. Advanced Content Writing Course by ECT

There are many content writing courses online, but ECT or Education and Career Times is the only government-recognized content writing institute in India. ECT’s Advanced Content Writing Course stands out from its peers because of this same reason.

Why choose this course by Education and Career Times?

  • The USP of this course is that it is offered by an institute that is recognised by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.
  • A three-month-long course, they offer 32-hour long training sessions to the students.
  • ECT offers 100% placement assistance along with work from home job opportunities.
  • The course offers 5 live projects along with 7 assignments and 10 quizzes for you to complete and be awarded the certification.
  • Fee: INR 15000/-
  • Rating: NA

Content writing is a viable option for anyone and everyone who has got a penchant for writing and researching. There are no bars on age or educational constraints for one to become a content writer and advance their career. If you have a passion for writing and reading, then content writing must be the perfect job that you have been searching for all this while. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I choose content writing as my career?

Content writing is gaining importance day by day, especially in the context of fast-paced digitization and changing economic situations. Content writing is a lucrative career option for anyone who is good with language and has ample research skills. From students and housewives to IT professionals and retired personnel, content writing is a sought-after profession for many.

Q2.  Do I need a degree in Literature or have an MBA to become a Content  Writer?

Absolutely not! That is definitely a false notion, to begin with. There is no age limit to begin your career as a content writer. Even high school students are drawn to the content writing field these days. There is no bar on age or education, it is your work that counts. You can excel as a content writer if you have a flair for language along with good research skills.

Q3. Can I earn well if I pursue Content Writing as a profession?

Definitely! There are several lucrative avenues where you can earn well and succeed in your profession as a content writer. Doing content writing courses will increase your employability, and you can work in firms or start your journey as a freelancer/ independent content creator on platforms like Up Work, Fiverr, etc.

Q4. Do I need to complete my course before I apply for a job as a Content Writer?

Not necessarily, but it is always preferred to complete your training before you take a plunge into the Content Writing world. It is always better to have more knowledge with regard to the essentials of writing good content before starting out your career. It is best to acquire knowledge on SEO, keywords, content strategies, etc., before starting your journey in the field of content writing.

Q5. What are the types of jobs that I will get after the completion of Content Writing Courses online?

There is a plethora of opportunities awaiting you to begin your career as a Content Writer. From Content Writer positions in reputed firms to working as a freelancer for international projects, the avenues are plenty. One can gradually move on to their niches like copywriting or content strategy once they have gained enough industry experience.

Q6. Are offline classes better than Content Writing Courses online?

In recent times, online classes are the go-to option for many students. With interactive online classes, and live projects and assignments, content writing courses online has become appealing to many students who find it difficult to attend offline classes.

Q7. My English is not so good, can I still become a Content Writer by pursuing Content Writing Courses Online?

The answer is a resounding yes! It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Victorian English or write fluidly. As long as you have the passion to become a content writer, you can very much realize your dreams of being successful in this field. Many of the content writing courses online teach the students basic lessons in grammar and punctuation. There are several tools that will make writing online easier. And as always, practice!

Q8. Is research an important part of being a Content Writer?

Often, it is said by many industry experts that content Writing is 20% writing and 80% research. In order to generate good content consistently, research is an unavoidable step to follow. The research will expand your knowledge base and offer new insights, and ultimately add value to your content. So never commit the mistake of neglecting this important step that is essential to make your work one of a kind.

Q9. Why should I become a Content writer when many people can write better than me?

Sure, there are many people who write well already working already in the Content Writing field and earning their bread from there. But, they may not have the same thought process as you, nor your insights on a varied range of topics. You and your thoughts are unique, and that will be the factor that distinguishes your content from the work of other content writers.

Q10. Can I study at my own pace while pursuing these Content Writing Courses online?

Yes, you certainly can. Platforms such as Henry Harvin, Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, and Masterclass offer self-paced courses that you can learn at your own comfortable pace. Though Henry Harvin’s content writing courses are live interactive sessions, it also gives you the option to watch the recorded classes at your pace.


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  • I am pretty certain that if I had not been a part of this course, it would have been very difficult for me to understand the concepts clearly. Trainer Gaurav Pathak sir is excellent he is not only teaching classes but also motivating us to involve in the sessions these live interacting sessions are very useful thanks to Henry Harvin for giving me this opportunity and thanks to Gaurav Pathak sir.

  • I am taking a Content Writing Course course from Henry Harvin. The instructor is Vandhana. she is the best instructor I ever come across. His teaching style is very practical and in-depth. I am happy to choose this course and have Ankit sir as my mentor for this course.

  • Overall, the training was beneficial, and all concepts were clarified The Best Medical Writing Course online training . Trainer is also friendly and knowledgeable about what he teaches. Thank you for all of your help provide for online classes .

  • The training was beneficial, and all concepts were clarified The Best Medical Writing Course online training . Trainer is also friendly and knowledgeable about what he teaches. Thank you for all of your help provide for online classes .

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  • The Content Writing course online was a great way to learn the fundamentals of writing. I found the material to be comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructor was also very knowledgeable and provided helpful tips and advice throughout the course. I especially liked the practice exercises included, which really helped me hone my writing skills.

  • The course was extremely helpful in teaching me the basics of content writing. I learned so much about writing for different audiences and optimizing my content for SEO.

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