Junior MBA Reviews: Henry Harvin vs Clever Harvey

Henry Harvin Education and Clever Harvey presented these Teen MBA programs, which fundamentally centre around youngsters beginning their vocations at a young age. Henry Harvin is viewed as one of Clever Harvey’s most grounded rivals. However, when looking at the two courses, Henry Harvin is the winner because of its better course structure, tutor’s mastery, and serious expense structure. 

As a youngster, your kid will be in an ideal situation on the off chance that the person has business the executive’s abilities. Understudies acquire a good view of the business world by finding out about business visionaries from a beginning phase. There are many benefits to the MBA course for young people as far as their future development.

This course is intended to support certainty and cause them to feel like they are nearer to their fantasies. Subsequently, in their initial years, they can comprehend the difficulties and further develop their range of abilities appropriately. 

The course is intended to assist teenagers with acquiring information about business and lift their abilities. Henry Harvin Education offers market-requesting ability preparing projects and capability improvement courses on the web. Universally, it gives earth-shattering and excellent preparation.

The American Association of EFL, the UKAF, the MSME, and the UK Cert and Project Management Institute have been authorized it. Also, the organization has banded together with very much regarded universities like IIT Guwahati, IIT Bombay, FMS Delhi, IMI Delhi, IIM Visakhapatnam, IIT Delhi, and so forth 

The Teen Academy will fill in as a venturing stone between academic learning and professional aspirations for youngsters. Creating long-lasting abilities will help the psyche regardless of vocation decision is ultimately picked. 

Smart Harvey’s lesser MBA program for teens was made by Ivy League, and IIM graduated class and is affirmed by Ivy League staff. IIM graduates have planned the online Junior MBA program explicitly for school-going understudies. After finishing the course, the understudies come out as comfortable with development, business visionaries, primary reasoning cycles, and engineers and can introduce their field-tested strategies to industrialists and corporate pioneers. 

Furthermore, the program opens understudies to co-corporate jobs and obligations that are not educated in schools and universities. Program members are ready to be an innovator in reality by honing their show abilities. MBAs for youngsters are special projects that give a brief look into business the executives and give enterprising knowledge to understudies. Without burning through any time, this program helps understudies in their vocation choices. A basic and viable educational program is assigned. 

What are the advantages of a Junior MBA? 

Nowadays’ children are way relatively radical, brilliant enough to carry out their insight and need a little direction in their professions. Lets discuss the advantages of Junior MBA

  • Youngsters can profit from the courses since they will get a reasonable comprehension of business abilities that will look at last effect their vocation decisions. 
  • It will work on their pioneering abilities and assist them with understanding business techniques better.
  • Furthermore, it shows you how to foster an affordable promoting A procedure that will prompt achievement. In later years, it will be advantageous for the youngster’s expert turn of events. 

Clever Harvey Junior MBA and  Henry Harvin Junior MBA course review:

Coming up next is a correlation between the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program and Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA program. We are here to discuss the clever Harvey junior MBA review and  Henry Harvin teen MBA course review

Henry Harvin Junior MBA Course

Henry Harvin’s junior MBA course comprises eight modules. The motivation behind every module is to improve your business abilities slowly. It includes two stages. 

Teen CEOs

The principal stage is tied in with building business abilities for Teen CEOs. In this stage, we will investigate distinctive business approaches and strategies for making them a reality. The abilities instructed in this stage incorporate business arranging, group the executives, and dynamic. Make business insight like Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. 

During the subsequent stage, one can pick a specific arrangement, for example, 

Foster abilities like the top of your organization’s showcasing division. This arrangement shows computerized advertising, market division, and ardent market methodology. Kelly Bennet, CMO of Netflix, is an illustration of inventive showcasing abilities. 

High schooler CFO

Learn how to plan, execute, and deal with every single monetary movement. This arrangement educates planning, financial arranging, and exchange abilities. For instance, Ruth Porat, CFO of Google, has created fundamental economic knowledge. 

Teenager CTO

Learn to foster business thoughts to tackle world issues. Among the critical abilities educated in this arrangement are tech critical thinking, tech knowledge, and tech ideation. It knows the business innovation thoughts of Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO, for instance. 

Cleaver Harvey’s Junior MBA Course

The courses are arranged depending on the interests of understudies. Different projects are accessible in three classes, so you can pick the one you need to take a crack at. 

Every classification is intended to assist you with creating ability in a specific region and assist you with propelling your profession.  The accompanying classes are recorded

JuniorMBA in Strategy 

In this program, Samsonite gives broad information on business and business investigation. 

Examinations, Data Science and Machine Learning – Summer Internship Program ’21 

We give a two-month industry-arranged preparing and temporary job program to help students, graduates, and leaders acquire insight into the field of Analytics and Data Science. 

It presents an exhaustive comprehension of incentive, market estimating, group plan, business models, unit financial matters, and information understanding for advertising and deals system 

You will figure out how to settle on better choices, foster long haul vital reasoning, and perceive openings with the course. As well as having these abilities, it will likewise assist you with bettering get information and planning. It is Google Data Studio which is utilized in the business. 

JuniorMBA in Technology 

This program investigates late innovation, including calculations, computer-generated reality and its applications, using AI and ML, innovation as a critical thinking device. 

Created as a team with Infinity vehicles, the program shows understudies how tech items are prototyped to accomplish explicit client objectives. Fast prototyping is an industry instrument utilized by Marvel. Understudies foster scientific reasoning abilities, computational reasoning, advancement, adaptability, and critical thinking capacities through this course. 


Understudies joined up with this program will acquire consolidated information on systems and innovation. In addition, understudies get a mix of data about Strategy JrMBA, Technology JrMBA, and Marketing JrMBA. 

Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA Content portrayal 

Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA course, which is among the top Clever Harvey competitors, helps understudies get information about business executives abilities, business arranging, and individuals’ jobs in different company personnel. 

  • Learn to make own business plan, customers, and incentives, and construct CEO-certainty that is superior to lead the business. 
  • Learn about primary assets in business modules—information about cost structures and procuring streams. 
  • The CEO module offers understanding regarding jobs and obligations of the CEO, logo making for your own business, and it also provides headquarters and googles schedule for administrators. Furthermore, the comprehension of the group and using time productively, alongside control the board and change the executives. 
  • Learn about advances in business, Figma, UI Design, and industry 4.0. 
  • Learn brand the board abilities, market procedure, statistical surveying, market computerization, and correspondence. 
  • Get information about the monetary examination, google catchphrases and patterns, and various methodologies for getting advances for Startups. 
  • The course content of Clever Harvey depends on project-based learning rules that further develop understudies’ innovative reasoning capacity. 
  • The program gives information about building plans of action, market information investigation, and deals methodology. 
  • Learn the premise of offer, market estimating, finance, group plan. 

The reason for the review is to take care of genuine issues through tasks. Clever Harvey utilizes contextual investigations to rejuvenate the vital ideas of an MBA, which understudies then, at that point, apply to a test. 

Using this methodology, adolescents are able to demonstrate their comprehension of complex ideas by applying them directly.

Programme Methodology

Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA program is structured as follows:

Enrol in the Henry Harvin program for teenage MBAs (t-MBA).

  • To complete the projects and assignments assigned in class, you will need to learn the skills taught in the session.
  • Deliver mini-projects after completing the project
  • Earn credits by completing mentor-led training. You must earn 20 credits to qualify for the certificate. In the case that you missed a live class, you can view session recordings.
  • After completing the course, get the certificate and share it on social media to build your academic profile.

This is Clever Harvey’s process for its junior MBA program:

  • Enrol in Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA program.
  • Interact with mentors to learn the skills.
  • Apply your own understanding and knowledge to the skills.
  • By solving the real challenges faced by your company, you can apply your new ideas.
  • After delivering projects, you will receive a certificate.

Fees and Schedule 

Henry Harvin :

  • Online delivery is the course’s mode of delivery
  • During weekdays and weekends, 1.5 – 2 hours will be spent in each class session.
  • 7999/- for the entire course

Clever Harvey

(JuniorMBA in Strategy, JuniorMBA in Technology)

  • The course is delivered through online mode
  • Duration: 25 Hours, 5 hours/ week
  • Each course costs Rs. 15000/- 
  • Junior CEO
  • Learning hours: 75
  • Rs. 35000/- 

Who can enrol in this course

The course is open to students in Grades 8-12. Students entering 8th grade to those who have completed 12th can apply for the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program

The mentor’s information

A few of Henry Harvin’s mentors of the Teen MBA course have experience working with CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and CTOs. Also, faculty members have extensive experience in their respective fields.

We have mentors who are educated at the postgraduate level and have several years of teaching experience in the related age group for Clever Harvey’s junior MBA course. Additionally, many of them have taught in international schools as part of their parent organization (Callido Learning).

Trainers understand teens and are friendly, which is essential for teens.

Certification and Benefits

Upon completion of the Teen MBA program, Henry Harvin awards two certificates. The primary certificate is for the basic program, and the second certificate is for specialization. 

Get a one-year gold membership to Henry Harvin Teen Academy. It includes online sessions, an e-learning portal, recorded videos, brushup sessions, games, profile building, and case studies. Additionally, you will have access to free interactive Bootcamp sessions during the next 12 months.

  • Learn business concepts and learn how to operate a business.
  • Learn entrepreneurial skills and creative thinking to survive in a challenging business environment.
  • Classes are available 24 hours a day as well as on weekends and weekdays
  • Get lifetime access, support, and upgrades
  • Get career guidance and develop the skills required for acing interviews and building a superior profile
  • Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA Program provides teenagers with an industry-recognized certificate to help them navigate their career paths
  • Gain experience and exposure to the industry by working on a real company challenge. 
  • Create an interactive tech prototype for MarvelApp to promote Infinity car sales.
  • You will be guided in launching your own business plan based on your own technology idea as well as the strategy and technology program.
  • Using your skills to solve problems that are new to the market in real-world settings.
  • Develop your communication skills and knowledge of financial planning.

In the Henry Harvin Teen MBA Review, the course is divided into two phases;

Develop business skills in Phase 1

During this phase, school-going students will learn how to make decisions and turn their ideas into reality. A person can develop significant skills including:

Business planning that is comprehensive

Management of a team

Making Critical Decisions

Phase 2 – Specialize

The participants can learn the skills for the particular job here. There are three main areas;

Teen CMO: Here, students will learn the skills necessary to become the head of the marketing department. The following skills will be developed by students:

  • Marketing using digital technology
  • Groupings of markets
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Become a Chief Financial Officer by learning the skills that are required of a Chief Financial Officer. The following skills will be developed by students;
  • Finances
  • Planning your finances
  • Discussions

Become a Teen CTO – Here, students learn the skills necessary to become a Chief Technical Officer. Among the skills students will develop are;

  • Technology Problem Solving
  • Technology Insights
  • Ideation of a tech product
  • The Teen MBA Course covers a wide range of entrepreneurial and managerial skills.
  • MBA programs for teenagers teach them basic economics and management skills, as well as a variety of soft skills needed to succeed in life.

Module 1: This module focuses on Business Management & Planning, Roles of People in an Enterprise, Departments of Business, and CEO Confidence.

Module 2:  we will cover Writing a Business Plan Excellent, Creating a Business Concept, Target Customers and Value Propositions, and Marketing Channels and Customer Relations.

Module 3: It focuses on the business model and identity assets, discussing topics such as Key resources and partners, the 5E’s of the customer journey, Cost Structure, Revenue Streams, Assumption Testing, Linking the boxes, and Storytelling.

Module 4: This course instructs students on Visionary Bearer, the Science of Logo Making, CEO Roles & Responsibilities, Basecamps for Managers, and Google Calendar & Excel.

Module 5: The students will learn the basics of management, including Time Management, Change Management, Team Management, and Control Management.

Module 6: This module covers topics such as Roles & Responsibilities, Industry 4.0, Technologies building up within the enterprise, UI Design, Business Enabler, Wireframes, and CIO vs CTO.

Module 7: we’ll cover the duties of a Chief Marketing Officer – Brand Management, Market Automation, Market Research, Marketing Communication, Google Keywords, CMO Roles, and Market Strategy.

Module 8: It teaches you about the Chief Financial Officer, such as CFO Roles and Responsibilities, Deep Financial Analysis, Startup Loans, CFO domains of work, and Understanding CFO Compensation.

In a review of the Henry Harvin Teen MBA Course, they tout a self-paced course offering lifetime support and access, along with free upgrades, for just ₹ 7199/-. As part of their online offerings, they offer another course popular with teenagers, the Teen MBA Program, which is much more affordable than Clever Harvey’s Junior MBA Program. The Live Online Teen MBA Course includes:


  • Training sessions lasting 24 hours
  • Classes offered on weekends and weekdays
  • Faculty session with expert speakers
  • Exuberant lifetime support and access
  • Upgrades are free for life
  • With a one-year Gold membership, you’ll have access to everything from online sessions, to an E-learning portal, to recorded videos, to brush-up sessions, to advanced profile building.
  • Flexible timing & benefit of interactive Bootcamp sessions for children’s mental development
  • Benefits of recording sessions
  • Q & A live
  • Providing career guidance

After completing the Teen MBA Course, you will receive two certificates. The first certificate is for the basic program where the second certificate is for the specialized program. Additionally, the institute has received certification from the American Association of EFL, MSME, UKAF, and UK Cert & Project Management Institute (PMI). Globally, they have already trained over 5 lakh students. Additionally, they were partnered with colleges such as BITS Goa, FMS Delhi, IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Visakhapatnam, Mangalmay, IIT Bombay, and many others.

Henry Harvin Teen MBAs have the following advantages over Clever Harvey Junior MBAs:

  • One significant advantage is one-year gold membership to Henry Harvin Teen Academy.
  • Recordings and videos are available for additional support.
  • 12 months of free interactive Bootcamp sessions.
  • The availability of classes during the week as well as weekends
  • Advice on how to clear interviews and manage a career
  • Expert faculty with extensive experience in their fields 
  • The curriculum is broadly divided into modules and is tailored to the requirements of teens
  • The program fee is also affordable and includes all curriculum materials.

Unlike the Clever Harvey Junior MBA program, which charges high fees for each category.

The students can select their training institute based on the review. In reviewing all the aspects of the course, it can be concluded that Henry Harvin’s Teen MBA program is the best program to learn business skills amongst Clever Harvey’s closest competitors. Business World awarded them the Top Education Brands Award. 

The faculty has intense knowledge in their respective field and offers affordable courses. In addition, the curriculum includes all the essential skills necessary to succeed in business.


The idea of a teen MBA for today’s kids seems impractical to many parents who still believe it is for adults. Nevertheless, many people now realize the importance of entrepreneurship education and its requirement at an early age. As well as enhancing their innovative thinking, it will enable them to develop the skills of a CEO.

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