TOP 10 GST Practitioner Courses in India (Leaked)

GST is described as Goods and Services Tax.

We should thank the father or inventor of GST Course Asim Dasgupta (Finance Minister of West Bengal) and his committee. It was during the Constitution (one hundred and first amendment) Act 2016 which introduced the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India from 1st July 2016. It was legislated by Raj Sabha. The bill was later inaugurated in the Lok Sabha during the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

It is an implied charge applied to the stock of goods and services in India. In other words, you can simply state that GST is a value-added tax applied on almost all goods and services which are sold and rendered for our daily consumption.

 The purpose for GST:

The main reason for implementing GST Courses was to lower down the flow of tax on the cost of goods and services. The aim was to create a universal, friendly and unbiased Indian market to make the economy more powerful and transparent. The GST Courses will include Central extract duty, extract duty, administration charge, State VAT deviation charge, and so on. It got divided into five tax:0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

The four types of GST:

IGST-Integrated goods and services tax.

SGST- State Goods and services tax.

CGST- Central Goods and Services tax.

UTGST-Union Territory Goods and Services tax

If any candidate does a certification in GST Courses in India it will increase the job opportunities. Any professional can start a consultancy. Its benefits account & finance candidates, accountants and anyone who run law firms, etc. Below I am going to discuss the top 10 institutes that provide GST courses.  

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy : Best GST Course in india

Henry Harvin Education is noticed as an outstanding educational organization. They provide both online and offline classes. Candidates can do diplomas, professional degrees, certification courses in various domains. It is also visible in consulting platforms.

It is ISO verified from UK &UKAF certification. It has trained more than 30,000 students so far with the best-trained professionals.

GST Courses is available online in different locations in India. It’s is a realistic course, Certification is done after the completion of the GST course. Henry Harvin Education is spotlighted in Aaj Tak and Hindustan times. More than 14,265 students got trained in the GST course so far. Henry Harvin ranked 1 for the GST course by India Today and India Tribunes. 

The centre trained students with most key aspects of the GST Course such as registration, filing, TDS Compliances, Income Tax, return filing, refunds, filling the form, etc.

The additional advantage the students received are multiple benefits from one course. They have 32 hours of live training and intercommunication with others. E-learning’s give access to online learning materials and LMS. Assessments are conducted on online portals.

Boot camps at the regular interval it is arranged for an entire year.

Hackathons provide students with free access to be part of a competition or ask Henry about any doubts. Projects are given like GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A and many more like this to enhance the knowledge and skills.

 Placement is granted to students after the course gets completed.

The internship is provided so that they get practical experience that can help them later on. After completion of the GST courses in India at Henry Harvin students can apply for the certificate. The authentication is perceived by the government authority of India.

Gold membership can give you access to the portal for a regular revision. You can go through the modules and watch video accounts of the online classes.

Apart from this, the student also gets assistance with soft skills. They will prepare you for clearing interviews. Students will get study material worth Rs 500 for free. You can resolve all your queries during and after the training. This institute conducts classes on Sundays as well.

They have flexible training hours. Give you a 100 % guaranteed for placement. Classes for GST Course are conducts by 20+ years of experienced professionals. The course fee is 8999 with zero interest rate. Henry Harvin has many fascinating courses you can also get trained in Content Writing, SAP FICO, Digital Marketing and more.

You can click on the link for your reference.

2. ISEL GLOBAL: Top GST Course in india

GST certification course is an extensive guide to goods and services tax regulations. GST Courses in India helps the candidate in the professional’s field by training them for GST profiles.

Benefits provided to trainee:

It is a three months course.

The institute will provide candidates with high-quality study materials and E-learning access for more than 35 hours.

Students will get regular email updates in regards to GST.

The certificate is provided officially to that candidate who clears the exam.

It depends on students’ learning capability if they want to complete the course early and sit for an exam.

The trainers who conduct these classes have a minimum of 25years of experience in the industry. A manual guide along with GST notes and offline excel tools is provided.

Online classes are conducted on Sundays regularly for GST courses. Lectures are given by GST honourable faculty members.

The course is divided among different levels. ISEL Global has inaugurated the course certification in association with the MSME government of India to give it a look at practical facets of GST which includes registration, returns and details accounting and recording of GST transactions.

Good things about doing a GST course:

GST opens doors for ample job opportunities for finance and account students

Job market witnesses a great employment opportunity for new GST trained students.

Branded firms like Ernst & Young India firm have witnessed more than a 60 per cent increase in hiring.

These GST courses generate more than 10 lakh job openings.

Who are eligible for the GST courses?

This course can be attended by candidates who have CA in practice and are willing to enter the GST profile and diversify one’s knowledge.

Any candidate who wants better career opportunities or gets growth in a CA job. Students who are freshers in the CA field are willing to learn just the basic and advanced concepts of GST.

Candidates can also learn Six Sigma, Enterprise Resource Planning, Lean Certification, etc.

3. Edu Pristine : Best GST Centre in india

Edu Pristine GST courses training provides students with the basics and advances learning of GST, important terms and theories, relevance and consequence.

Through the GST course in India, the learner will be able to understand GST correctly. From simple theory knowledge to reasonable  

significance of the restriction.

The courses consist 

Basics of Tax

Introduction to GST Structure

Taxation System of India

Application of GST

Rates Comparison

Time of Supply

Place of Supply

Tax Valuation

Tax invoicing

GST Returns 

Payment of taxes and many more chapters in details

The benefits of enrolling 

Edu Pristine provides classroom training. The training commenced on weekdays and weekends. The total length of the course is 32 hours. The course syllabus and curriculum are done based on industrialist requirements.

At Edu Pristine, great industrialist professionals and personnel are invited to be teaching educators. The training is conducted by trained and professional Chartered Accountants

The Centre also provides students with proper learning material. They also provide access to online GST e-learning.

Recordings, work files, and access to online study material are provided 24*7.

The students from the field of taxation, accounting, M.COM, MBA’s, CA and CS can join this course and promote their career in the right direction.

Students can also go for other courses like CPA and CMA too which are accessible here as they provide placement and customer support.

4. ICMAI : Top Online GST course in india

Students who want to be a consultant in Indian Taxation or want to be updated with all the latest details in regards to GST Courses in India need to be certified GST practitioners by ICMAI. 

ICMAI (Institute of Cost Accountants of India). Earlier it was known as¹ the Institute of Cost and Works Accountant of India. It was started in the year 1944. The Institute was given a raise under the cost and work accountant act in 1959. This Institute is the only licensing organization in India working in this field. It ranked second in the Cost Management Accounting body in the world. One of the largest in Asia.

ICMAI gives students access to many different certification courses to enhance their skills.

Certificate Course on GST

Advanced Certificate Course on GST

Certificate Course on TDS (i.e., Direct Tax)

Certificate Course on Return Filing (Income Tax)

Crash Course on GST for college and University.

The Purpose of GST Certification Course

It was launched by ICMAI in 2019 had the aim of training around 1lakh GST accountants.

To enhance the structure and the principle of the GST courses. ICMAI Experts conduct the classes. The course is initiated more in a practical form.

The students are taught about the various compliance and principles attached with Io Indian Taxation and how it impacts the market.

Who is eligible for this course?

Anyone who is practising GST

Executives from Law field

Qualified ICMAI members


Students who are either qualified CMA or CMA pursuing.

The course fee is 10,000+18% GST with does not include the exam fee of 8,000 +18%GST for those who are CMA certified or pursuing. This does not include the examination fee. Special discounts are provided to Corporates sectors candidates it could be 5%, 10%or 20% depending.

Live sessions are conducted during the weekend by experienced and trained professionals. Total hours are 72 commenced quarterly. Students are provided with Mock practices, test papers and study material. The exam is conducted in regular intervals every month. The assessment is held online. Question type objectives given time for completion is 2 hours. The student debt needs to achieve 50% to get passed. After the course, the students are provided with a certificate.

Apart from these GST Courses in India, students can also do CMA, CA CS and many certificate courses here and enhance their careers.

5. ACTE Training Institute : GST Certification course in india

ACTE gives one of the best GST courses in India. Provides online training in Bangalore. The classes are conducted by great and learned faculty

The GST topics taught them are:

Taxation and GST Basics for beginners.

GST concepts

GST Registration

GST invoicing 

GST Returns

Input Tax Credit

GST valuation

GST Legal Provisions


ACTE have a good relationship with over 700 and more small and mid-sized and MNCs. Many of these companies have regular openings for GST profiles for which students can apply. This institute has a placement team that provide 100 % support. They help a student with mock interview practices and discussion.

Benefits are given to students:

Have classes for the two learners and advanced-level 

Lifetime access to student online portal and study material.

Affordable fee structure.

Study material and course decided by trained and experienced industrial GST expert

Delivered for more than 9 years of GST trained experts.12402+studentsvand 350 +recruiting clients.

Gives live instructors with LED training.

You will get a certificate after the course fulfilment.

Candidates can likewise learn other IT courses like Java, Python, and so on which can help them to get better career offers.

6. Tally Academy -Institute of Learning : GST course in india With Placement

This academy came into existence in 2005. Tally Academy is a Certified GST Professional. It is approved by the government of India MHRD. Its students can learn Certified GST Professional with Tally.ERP9. This training helps candidates to learn the basics of GST, important terms and principles included in taxation. Along with the GST training, the professionally educated students on how to utilize tally. ERP9 efficiently with GST. The training involves a real-time scenario and practical assignment to enhance student confidence and knowledge.

The GST Course in India includes Administration, Registration, Payment, Record-Keeping, GST and Law.

The highlight of the course is 

To use GST efficiently along with Tally.ERP9.

Real-life scenario.

Also give students books as study material.

The course is for three months.

Eligibility higher secondary passed.

The course fee is 5,000.

The other course available here is Certified GST Professional with E-filing.

You can say GST Courses in India is the revised and advanced version of India Taxation. The intervention of this led to the removal of many multiple types of taxes which created differences in the markets. GST came into the picture in 2017 which changed the outlook of Indian Government Taxation. It is very significant to learn and comprehend the new GST clause in India. To understand and implement the change in taxation this course came into the picture. To help the aspiring CA, CS and other financial professionals this course was designed. You can learn GST filing in two languages. i.e. Hindi and English. You will be taught how to handle errors and misquotation while preparing return filing.

The trainers are experts in CA’s and GST experts.

The course consists of the infection of GST E-filling

GST rules and regulations

GST Registration

GST Returns i.e., GSTR -1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4.

Learn about the latest rates in GST

GST tax form. Download, fill up and upload.

The duration of this particular 2 months and will cost you 3,000.

People who are CA, CS, Lawyers, Tax Expert, Accountant, Lega consultant, financial field are eligible for this course 

Students can also learn Diploma in Financial Accounting Program, CTT, DDAE etc.

7. ICAI  ; GST Certification course in India

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is well-recognized globally. For years it has been productive to all its students and members. Recently it has launched its Digital Learning Hub which makes it more feasible for students to enrol for courses here. This online learning has recently had presents and explains the GST Course in India in a very simple and transparent article. 

The aim was to cover all the important aspect of GST Courses and important terms and explain in a simpler language. The studies are presented in the form of flow charts, FAQ’s, Multiple Choice Questions, etc. with diagrams for making the course a bit interesting and easy for students. 

The course consists of Definitions of GST, Exemption of GST, Composition Scheme, Time of Supply, Value of supply, Input Tax Credit, Payment of Income Tax, Returns, E-Way Bill, Assessment and Recovery, etc. 

The principle objective of learning these GST courses is to have a clear and advanced knowledge on GST, GST Levy, Advance Ruling, Overviews of GST -Exemption list of goods and services and many more.

The Certificate course on GST comprises 72 hours. Examination fee is RS 10,000 + 18% GST. 

Advanced Certificate Course on GST comprises of 40 hours only online no classroom training. The examination fee is RS 10,000+18% GST. Candidates can also go for Certificate Courses on Return Filing, Crash Course on GST, Certificate course on TDS (Direct Tax), etc. You can log in to their website and check all the GST courses and course fee structures. You can also learn Certificate Course on ADR (Arbitration, Mediation & Conciliation), Certificate Course on Anti Money laundering Laws (Anti- Money Laundering Specialist), Certificate Course on Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) and many more for a better career.

8. Udemy ; Top GST Certification course in India

Udemy defines the GST courses in India as a designated process to understand taxation in detail, i.e. indirect taxation levy on manufactured items, sales products and consumption of goods both in the forms of products or services at the national forum.

The main objective of the GST Course in India is to strengthen all indirect tax levies into a single tax. Replacing it with different taxes to avoid complexity. It creates a proper and effective utilization of tax supervision. Anyone who aspires to become CA, CS and IAS, ICWA, Tax practitioner, accountant, and LLB can go ahead with

Earlier many different kinds of indirect taxes were applied to goods and services. But the introduction of the Goods and services tax reduces the burden as well as turmoil by adding a single tax. It reduces the flow of multiple taxations in many forums which make the way for a universal national market.

The invention of goods and service taxation also reduces the tax burden on the consumer by a minor percentage. Innovation of this GST taxation led to the boom in the field of product marketing both in domestic and international markets. Later creating more value for Indian goods. As this tax is simple and easy to understand it creates a transparency look between buyer and seller. Anyone who aspires to become CA, CS or IAS can go for it. People in the field of Law, accountancy and finance are eligible.

Udemy offers a Comprehensive GST Course& Certification -Grow your CA Practice course online. The course charges RS 4,800. It is rated 4.0. The course is created by Clear Tax Learning. You can become an expert in just 12 hours if you don’t have time to attend class.

The course includes:

 42-hour video learning.

Consist of twenty articles 

You can gain a lifetime access

You can have access by using your laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

Toward the finish of the course, students are awarded a certificate.

Before taking this course, you need to have basic knowledge of taxes and how it works in our economy. The candidate must have the eagerness to learn. By the end of the GST Courses, you will be able to understand the GST Courses of India completely. The candidate will have a complete understanding of the GST tax administration. Students can also learn Fundamentals of Business Taxes which are considered as bestsellers, Intro to Business Taxation /Breezy CPA and many more.

9. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts ; GST Practitioner course in India

George Telegraph Institute of Accounts is India’s Commencing Financial & Accounting Institute with 100% job support. Students will be able to have complete and comprehensive knowledge of GST and the administration of GST tax. The institute provides complete information to the candidates on GST Courses in India.

The candidate will get training on:

Scope of supply

An input tax credit


Income Tax filing 


Payment of tax

Value of the supply


Job Work


Liabilities in certain cases

Transitional provisions in certain cases

Tax Invoice



Offence & Penalty, etc.

This academy purpose is to give the students all the appropriate knowledge and mechanisms. They are needed to equip themselves to face the new tax administration. The course is for 8 weeks, 5 days every week. The total number of lectures provided is 40. After the course successfully, students are awarded the Certificate. Candidates can also apply for a demo class. 

The other courses which are offered here are Certificate course in Tally ERP, Executive Business Accountants Course, Certificate course on Microsoft Office and many more.

10. NIFM : Best Training Centre For GST course in India

National Institute of Finance Markets gives you a complete insight into GST Courses in India. It trained you to become a GST expert after the completion of the Certified Professional GST course. The Institute is distinguished by the government of India. NIFM covers all the important segments of the GST courses including registration, tax filing, returns, GST E-filing, accounting and recording of GST sales.

The GST Courses in India will not enhance your knowledge of GST law. But also help you to understand and implement this learning later in your life. The training in GST Course in India covers the implementation, agreement and execution. The syllabus comprises 80% of practical training and 20% of theory.

The candidate will get 100% job placement guaranteed. The classrooms are well-equipped along with home studies materials. Classes are conduct by 10+ years of experienced professionals in this field. Students will get used to GST software online with no limit of practical hours. Those who are working can go for weekend classes.  You will be given life support after the completion of your course. The GST courses cost RS 25,000+ GST for 2 months. The institute has many branches- Janakpuri, Pitampura, Karol Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, Faridabad and many more. You can also do a Certificate course on Taxation, stock market, CAP, etc.


GST Courses in India have paved the way to better job opportunities and salary increases. It has enlarged the edge of India Government tax collection by eliminating numerous individual expenses like extract duty, and so forth. GST Courses in India has helped many Indian. By allowing to get a better insight on Income tax and various tax administration in India Economy. The market of goods and services have helped India to create a universal demand for international products. Today generation has better knowledge of the GST regime because of its comprehensive and transparent nature. The people in as accountancy, finance, executive in law firms, CA or CA practitioners can accomplish more monetary development and freedom in the wake of being GST Courses in India certified. They are scope for the candidate after completion of any GST Courses can open their consultancy service. In the coming days, India Government will require more candidates who are certified or has advanced knowledge and experienced in GST Courses. Especially for the banking and finance students, it will give them measure for independent work as for landing great positions in the capital market. It is consistently an intelligent move to set yourself up ahead of time for future market requirements.

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Q.1 How is the GST determined?

GST can be determined by multiplying the taxable amount
by the GST rate (current rate). GST is estimated on the transaction amount and
not on the MRP (Maximum retail price).

Q.2 How is the GST charge?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied to the supply of goods and services. The tax is
forced at every time of sale. In the case of sales within states, Central GST
and State GST are applied and the countrywide sales are chargeable to the
Integrated GST.

Q.3 Which country has no GST (Goods & Services Tax)?

The USA is the only country is an only major economy that does not have GST. The state holds high independence in taxation

Q.4 What is TDS full form?

TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source.

Q.5 Who is the Union Finance Minister of the GST Council?

The Union Finance Minister of the GST Council is Smt.Nirmala Sithraman.

Q.6 What is turnover in GST?

The value of a business over a while is known as the GST turnover.

Q.7 Is GST compulsory for small businesses?

Any business whose turnover exceeds 40 lakhs in the financial year is required to register under GST.

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  • A good list of top GST practitioner courses in India. Very well described all the required details in this single post. This will surely help us to find a good institute.

  • GST course in India is one of the best courses that one can do to improve their career options. This course has huge demand at present time. So doing this course will give you a shiny career.

  • After doing this GST course in banking and finance students will get the opportunity to work independently. This course will not only enhance your knowledge of GST but also help you to understand its implementation.

  • These GST courses in India offer comprehensive training on the intricacies of the Goods and Services Tax system. From understanding tax compliance to navigating legal obligations, these courses equip individuals with the knowledge needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of taxation.

  • The GST course in India is extremely beneficial for those who want to understand the various aspects of GST. The course material is well-structured and the instructor was very helpful in clearing any doubts I had.

  • The GST course in India is an excellent program that provides comprehensive knowledge on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system. It is a great learning experience that covers all the aspects of GST, from the basics to the complexities of the taxation system. The course is designed to help students understand the GST system and how to use it effectively to their advantage.

  • GST course in India has been very beneficial in helping me understand the complexities of the GST system. It has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations related to GST, which has enabled me to make better decisions with regards to my business activities.

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