Henry Harvin Vs Simplilearn Six Sigma Reviews (Don’t Ignore)


A year ago, I was in the same place where you are today. Confused about which six sigma course will benefit me the most? The top two institutes, according to google search, were Henry Harvin and Simplilearn. I had made my choice and completed mine – Henry Harvin Six Sigma course

I am here to help you to choose the best one for you. In my opinion, Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review on the internet is highly appreciable, and you should go ahead with it. It wins hands down in comparison to Simplilearn Six Sigma review. Why should you listen to me? So, I will give you reasons to choose the right course for you. Before I guide you on which institute to enlist yourself in, let us find out what Six Sigma certification is and its benefits?

What is Six Sigma?

In layman’s language, Six Sigma (6σ) is a collection of approaches and apparatus for the improvisation of operations. It was developed in the year 1986 by Bill Smith, an American engineer. 

Six Sigma helps to improve the quality of products or services. This will happen by recognizing and removing the sources of defects. Hence it minimizes manufacturing unevenness and the overall business processes. 

By implementing statistical as well as pragmatic methods of quality management, it helps the business. From corporate giants to small businesses, the need for people who serve as Six Sigma experts is increasing. 

The term Six Sigma originates from statistical modeling. The labeling of a quality of a process or service happens through a sigma rating. This indicates its yield or the percentage of defect-free products it creates.

What are the different Six Sigma courses?

There are multiple levels of the Six Sigma course. The industry has coined each of these levels as “Belts”. The different belts are:

  • White belt
  • Yellow belt
  • Green belt
  • Black belt and 
  • Master Black belt.

Here are a few reasons why you should get a six sigma certification:

  • Reduce Risk And Eliminate Errors

You can help the company in minimizing the risk of yielding the finest quality products. Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review; claims eliminating errors increase performance. You can take the necessary measures to deliver flawless operations that were staying off-road.

  • Advance Professional Procedures and Endure Quality Enhancement

Once you complete the certification, you can analyze the operations of the company. Simultaneously you can take the necessary steps for their advancement. Simplilearn Six Sigma review states that you will even be capable of conducting a comprehensive review of the existing practices. You can suggest how they impact quality performance. 

  • Escalated Demand Across Businesses

This is by large one of the most noticeable rewards of having a Six Sigma certification. The application of Six Sigma techniques is for every aspect of businesses. You can apply it from small to large organizations and from aerospace to telecom.

People with Six Sigma certification are experts in tons of diverse approaches. This knowledge can support them to rationalize the business. It will also help to increase employee reception, ease expenses, and generate revenue.

  • Compliance Warranty

Complying with different set standards is mandatory in the 21st century. Six Sigma demands excellent standards. Hence, Six Sigma certified professionals can support their business in complying with international principles.

  • Promotion

Simplilearn Six Sigma review often asserts that this certification will aid you to acquire management skills that; are immensely treasured for high-ranking managerial positions.

  • Lucrative Salary

Being a Six Sigma expert is a matter of pride. This certification needs a lot of studies and a challenging exam to crack. Even completing different belts require practical experience. In the end, all is well in the form of remuneration. It is one of the highest-paid jobs across the globe.

  • Practical Knowledge Of Quality Management

Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review tells that this course is about industry-related projects, their implementation to real-life scenarios. Hence, this course is hands-on for the learners.

I hope you have an understanding of Six Sigma now. What are the different types of belts available and the opportunities after certification? Let us find out which institute is best for you and why? I will list down the reasons why you must pursue the course from Henry Harvin. What are the benefits you get that you truly deserve? We will compare both institutes based on nine different parameters.

1. Brand Name

The primary reason to spend your time and money on an institute is the brand of the institute. This is where you earn your certificate from. This, in turn, decides the placement and the recognition of your certificate in the real world. Here is the foremost reason to go ahead with Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin is a well-accepted name in the industry. The recognition from the Government of India shows the quality of education they deliver.

Henry Harvin 

  • Henry Harvin launched its Six Sigma course in 2017, followed by Analytics. Later they came up with few other revolutionary courses like Content Writing. 
  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review suggests that Higher Education Digest recognized them as the best out of 5 rapidly rising “Edtech startups” in India. 
  • Henry Harvin is widely renowned for its excellent and exclusive education. Prominent publishers like Statesman, Hindustan Times and The Pioneer too appreciated their efforts.
  • Top-notch channels like Aaj Tak and even News World India acknowledged their effort to deliver industry-standard content. 
  • Henry Harvin is an ISO 29990:2010 certified institution.
  • Henry Harvin Ranks in the “Topmost Six Sigma Certification Course” by Business Standard and Tribune India. 

Simplilearn – 

  • As a part of the Entrepreneur Education Innovation Awards, Simplilearn won the Best EdTech Startup of the year. 
  • Simplilearn Six Sigma review claims to have received the award for World’s Number 1 Online Bootcamp.
  • Your Story, Business Standard, and India Today featured them for helping professionals acquire skills to upgrade them.

2. Course 

The coursework or the framework of the syllabus is the second most important feature while choosing a course. In this busy world the total time spent in learning, the projects that are being offered, and the value of the certificate that you get are of utmost importance. Henry Harvin is guaranteed the best choice for your Six Sigma course and the reasons are here.

Henry Harvin – 

  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review attests that the certification offered is recognized in India and abroad. 
  • This certificate is well accepted even if you plan to travel across the globe for employment opportunities. 
  • Henry Harvin guarantees that you have an international standards certificate and skills to win the global job market. 
  • Recognized by all the international labels improve the employability manifold.
  • The course offered by Henry Harvin for Six Sigma is aligned to IASSC and even CSSC.
  • Henry Harvin offers you 35 PDUs, 15+ Simulation exams, and 18+ case studies to build a strong foundation for your learning.

Simplilearn – 

  • The candidates who wish to enlist for the Simplilearn six sigma courses must take the exam led by the IASSC. 
  • The course offered by Simplilearn for Six Sigma is aligned to IASSC and ASQ.
  • Their course is affiliated with the DMAIC method that teaches you to improve processes.
  • Simplilearn offers you 35 PDUs, 4 Simulations as well as four projects to enhance your learning.
  • Simplilearn Six Sigma review holds it to be a globally recognized online training institute with valid certification courses.

Once you enroll in a course, there are other minute details that you must pay attention to. These are an integral part of the course but are also individual entities to consider before spending time and money. Some of which I felt important to make the right choice are:

3. Registration

Henry Harvin The best part about Henry Harvin’s registration is their flexible batch options. Batches are available on weekdays, weekends, and even Sundays for the convenience of the learners. You can join the program from the comfort of your hometown. There is a batch in the morning and in the evening to ease your learning process. With the pandemic going on, physical classes are available in only three cities – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore. If you want to know more in detail, it is advised that you look into their website. Henry Harvin aims to provide an easy registration process. Everything is well explained on their website and at the click of your mouse.

Simplilearn Simplilearn conducts only online classes. The batches are flexible to accommodate all the learners. They are currently offering only weekend classes. Kindly visit their website to see the upcoming batch timings and other details.

4. Prerequisites

Henry Harvin There is no qualification specified for this course. The candidate must have an immense interest in certification. At Henry Harvin, there are no pre-requirements for this course.

Simplilearn – There are no prerequisites to enroll for Six Sigma certification at Simplilearn. If you wish to appear for the IASSC Certified Exam, Six Sigma training is essential from a certified trainer or an institute. It is even mentioned that those willing for the certification have practical Six Sigma experience. 

5. Faculty

Henry Harvin – 

  • Trainers at Henry Harvin have more than 18+ years of industry experience.
  • The educators are handpicked to deliver quality content and are well established in their field of work.
  • The facilitators with 160+ keynote classes for the benefit of the learners.
  • Instructors with experience in more than 350+ classes are delivering excellence at Henry Harvin. 

Simplilearn – 

  • Simplilearn six sigma review reveals that all their trainers are company professionals. 
  • Most of their mentors have the Six Sigma degree and are competent for online and classroom teaching. 
  • Highly skilled guides of Simplilearn are delivering quality classes. 

6. Certification

Henry Harvin – 

  • You receive the “CSSE (Certified Six Sigma Executive) certification” for the Six Sigma course at the end of the training.
  • The certificates of Six Sigma are of enormous importance. They have the hallmark of the best Six Sigma certification. 
  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review reveals that Henry Harvin will arrange the final assessment.  There is absolutely no need to visit any other agency or institution.
  • Government of India has recognized the Henry Harvin certification for Six Sigma.

Simplilearn – 

  • After completing the course with Simplilearn, you have to attend the exam conducted by IASSC.
  • One drawback of the Simplilearn course is that the exam fee is not included in the course fee.

7. Fees

For the majority of students and working professionals, this is a matter of concern. With the social-economical shift these days, people look for quality education even; if it comes with a higher price. Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review asserts that despite it being expensive, it is preferred over Simplilearn. 

Henry Harvin – 

  • For Green Belt Certification, the Self-paced course costs – INR 15750
  • For Green Belt Certification, the Online Class costs – INR 17500 
  • For Black Belt Certification, the Self-paced course costs – INR 26550
  • For Black Belt Certification, the Online Class costs – INR 29500 
  • This is a practical; investment bearing in mind the manifold benefits that you win. 
  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review asserts that they do; have a no-cost EMI option for the interested learners.

Simplilearn – 

  • For Green Belt Certification, the Self-paced course would cost – INR 8000
  • For Green Belt Certification, the Online class course would cost – INR 11000
  • For Black Belt Certification, the Self-paced course would cost – INR 10,500
  • For Black Belt Certification, the Online class course would cost 15000
  • If Henry Harvin is giving you EMI, they have a lucrative money-back guarantee.
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8. Method of Instruction

One of the most appreciated parameters of selecting a course or an institution is the way they give instruction. They say, “Not everyone can learn on the same day or in the same way”! One advantageous feature of Henry Harvin that makes it the best choice is obviously its method of instruction.

Henry Harvin – 

  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review claims that the best part of the course is the flexible schedule. 
  • They have both Self-paced courses and live online classes. 
  • Green belt of Six Sigma course is for 32 hours, and the Black belt is for a total of 48 hours. 
  • Classroom learning has its own benefits as it encourages discussion and debates during teaching-learning. They help clear concepts much better.
  • Corporate training and one on one are also available.
  • A conventional classroom model of teaching at Henry Harvin is easily the best for any age group. 

Simplilearn – 

  • According to the Simplilearn Six Sigma review, their course is self-paced as well as instructor-led.
  • The instructor-led classes are referred to as “Online Bootcamp”.
  • Simplilearn Six Sigma review reveals that the blended model is not appropriate for everyone. 
  • Simplilearn Six Sigma review discloses that the Green Belt course, involves 56 hours of learning.
  • Black Belt course of Simplilearn intends for 36 hours with flexible schedules. 
  • They have the option of corporate trainings as well. For further information on corporate training, you can visit the website.

9. Post completion benefits

A course after completion is not the end but is the new beginning. This is the beginning of placement assistance, retention of the knowledge as well as access to the course material. Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review; reveals that it is way better than Simplilearn; in terms of post-completion benefits.

Henry Harvin – At Henry Harvin, the course doesn’t end after completion. The support and the access are for a lifetime. You get 24 X 7 Support & Access to your learning portal even after completion of the course. Some of the other advantages include –

  • Henry Harvin Six Sigma course review suggests a guaranteed Internship program. One can avail of this after the successful completion of the training.
  • Weekly job support is an essential feature of Henry Harvin. This will help all the job seekers to search for opportunities from the comfort of their homes.
  • Access to LMS with video recordings and tools for reference whenever you want.
  • They organize monthly Bootcamp sessions to clear your doubts. This will help you to be more confident about your learning. This will help you with monthly brush-up sessions. Any confusion at any point in time, these sessions are your answer.
  • 1 Year “GOLD Membership of Management Academy”! This comes with a lot of aids without any extra payment.
  • They prepare you for your interview. Henry Harvin helps you to develop skills and also provides career counseling. These services are by a dedicated placement assistance team.
  • Boost yourself up with Hackathons, where you can participate in different competitions by Henry Harvin to ornament your resume further.
  • With Henry Harvin Six Sigma course, you gain Experience of 12 Projects. Get the experience of diversified projects for 1-year post-training.

Simplilearn – Simplilearn gives you a couple of benefits too, which includes

  • 24×7 learning support from a community of peers after completion of the course.
  • They are the pioneer of the World’s number 1 Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is to clear any conceptual issues after the training is over.
  • 90 days of flexible access to online classes if you enroll for the Bootcamp classes is one of the essential features of the Simplilearn Six Sigma course.
  • Simplilearn Six Sigma review also highlights that you get a chance for 2-course end projects.

(This comparison is based on the details available about Six Sigma Green Belt Certification)


If you are waiting for the right push in your career, then Six Sigma can give you the kind of push you are waiting for. After the detailed comparison between the courses offered by Henry Harvin and Simplilearn, you must have selected your answer. 

You have decided which institute you would go ahead with and why? The best choice is Henry Harvin, without any doubt. I am sure you would agree with this statement. Their method of instructions, post-completion benefits, and even their choice of faculty makes them an ideal option. Are you wondering about the high fee structure? Be rest assured the paybacks you will reap are much more than the amount you will pay. 

Before investing your moolah and time, you must be sure about the certification. The diverse aids offered by Henry Harvin are worth investing in. The value of the certificate in the market is way better in Henry Harvin than Simplilearn. Henry Harvin will never disappoint you; you can take my words.

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Why You Need To Learn Six Sigma Skills

Q1. Is the Six Sigma course a branch of Statistics?

Six Sigma course is not a branch of Statistics. It is all about improving the business to meet the needs of the customer. It involves tools and techniques of Statistics. This helps to satisfy the customer by improvising the business process or the service. Statistics play a significant role in Six Sigma.

Q2. Do I need to follow a particular order for the Six Sigma course?

There are different belts available in Six Sigma. The order of the belt is an individual choice. Six Sigma Green Belt certification; is the most commonly pursued course around the globe.

Q3. What are some of the opportunities after completion of the Six Sigma course?

There is a high demand for Six Sigma experts across the industries. A certified Six Sigma professional can join any organization. Diversified opportunities are available for an expert that includes –
Quality control Associates
Compliance executives
Excellence Managers
Process Engineers
Data Associates

Q4. Do I get projects if I go ahead with Six Sigma Black Belt certification?

Projects are an integral part of the syllabus irrespective of the institute. The number of projects depends on the institutes. Henry Harvin provides 12 + projects for a timeframe of 1 year. On the other hand, Simplilearn has two projects to offer.

Q5. Will Six Sigma become obsolete in the future?

Wherever there is a requirement for quality, there will be scope for Six Sigma. It will remain everlasting. The tactics may see the advancement, but the principal would persist. The purpose would continue to plummeting defects, improving excellence, and intensify customer satisfaction.

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