Top 10 Income Tax Practice Books in 2024

The government has imposed certain taxation on individuals, businesses, and other entities based on their income. This is one of the primary sources of revenue for the government. The main motto of income tax is to pay a percentage of their earnings to the government to back up education, defense, public infrastructure, and many other government firms. The government uses income tax revenue to fund government functions and public services. 

Below are a few Income tax practice books to help you know more about Income tax with the recent changes in government funds.

Top 10 Income Tax Practice Books in 2024

Income tax systems are not the same in all countries, as they vary from one country to another and also within regions of the same country. Tax rates are progressive, which means higher-income people pay higher income tax from their income amount while it may be flat for those who don’t fall and have less income.


This income tax practice book is a study guide to help students prepare for income tax. It is an instructional package that guides students in each walk of the step-by-step preparation on the suggestions, key concepts, and methods. Relying on the study materials is not adequate so main focus of this book is to comprehend the applications, principles, techniques, and case laws.  As part of the course, recommended readings are provided along with each of the study courses. Additionally, the original Bare Acts, Rules, Orders, Case Laws, and Student Company Secretary electronic newsletter is sent each month to students.

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2. Taxmann’s Students’ Guide to Income Tax | University Edition – The bridge between theory & application, in simple language, with explanation in a step-by-step manner | Finance Act 2023 | A.Y. 2023-24 

This income tax practice book is written in simple language to bridge the gap between application and theory. The book explains the provision of law in a stepwise manner with suitable visuals without resorting to paraphrasing any legal jargon and any sections.

The book is up-to-date, amended, and authentic for B.Com, M.Com, MBA, and other professional students.

3.Taxmann’s Income Tax Act – Covering amended, updated & annotated text of the Income-tax Act, 1961 as amended by the Finance Act 2023 in the most authentic format | 68th Edition | 2023

This income tax practice book covers the updated amendments and annotated text of the Income-tax Act 1961 and the Finance Act 2023. New Sections like 50AA,80CCH, 115BAE,115BBJ and 194BA. The book also includes any deduction in the sum payable and changes in the taxation provisions. 

4. Income Tax Guidelines and Mini Ready Reckoner 2023-24 and 2024-25 Along with Tax Planning

This income tax practice book covers years 2023-24 and 2024-25 and is compiled to enable the assessment of income tax liability. Market rates of Silver and Gold with the depreciation rate for tax purposes. The book also covers the list of important Obligations under the Income Tax Act and Calender of Income Tax Obligation.

5. Students’ Guide to Income Tax Act including GST | AY 2023-24 | COMBO | Study Material & Problems & Solutions | Set of 2 Books

This income tax practice book consists of Taxmann’s flagship publication on Income Tax and GST Law(s) for students. The book is updated as per the solved practical income-tax and GST problems as per the law amended up to 31st May 2023.

6. Taxmann’s Students’ Guide to Income Tax including GST | Problems & Solutions | A.Y. 2023-24 — Specific Focus on ‘New’ Problems and ‘Different’ Solutions with Illustrations, Solved Problems

Focusing on New problems and Different solutions, this income tax practice book consists of illustrations and solved problems with unsolved exercises. Students of Income Tax and GST laws studying CA, CS, CMA, B.Com, M.Com, MBA, and others can follow this income tax practice book. This book is up-to-date, authentic, and amended on Income Tax problems and solutions.

7. Income Tax For B.Com Classes A.Y. 2023-24

The last-minute changes in the law are incorporated in this income tax practice book, this maintains the reputation of the book. Even the amendments made by the Finance Act,2022 and 2023 applicable for the assessment year of 2023-24 are also incorporated here. A simplified, systemic approach of the present edition has multiple unparalleled features to understand the practical application of Income Tax Law.

8. Taxmann’s Principles of Taxation Laws – Amended & updated student-oriented book to interpret, explain & illustrate the provisions of the Income Tax Act along with Case Laws [Finance Act 2023]

‘Taxation Laws’ amended by Finance Act 2023 is incorporated in this income tax practice book which is authentic and comprehensive. This book aims to represent a judicious and impressive blend of income tax and judicial decisions to the readers. The writing is illustrated with complete explanations and interpretations.

9. Taxmann’s Direct Taxes Law & Practice | Professional Edition | AYs 2023-24 & 2024-25 – The most trusted commentary on Income-tax for experienced practitioners for 20+ years [Finance Act 2023 Edition]

This income tax practice book is the most trusted and bestselling over two decades. The book aims to help readers understand the law and ability to help them to apply it. To read the book, the reader needs to have familiarity with the direct tax provisions. And also need to have direct tax provisions with up-to-date knowledge.

10. Taxmann’s Cross-Border Transactions under Tax Laws & FEMA – Practical Commentary covering Income Tax (including International Tax & Transfer Pricing), GST, Customs & FEMA, etc., with Case Laws

Easy to understand with practical guidance, this income tax practice book provides the judicial interpretation of the rules and laws. The book clarifies the departmental cross-border transactions to the laws – Goods and Services Tax(GST), Income Tax (including transfer pricing and international tax), Customs, and Foreign Exchange Management Act(FEMA). This book helps the members of the bar and bench, practitioners, and assessing officers.


It is always recommended to know the recent income tax laws and rates in the jurisdiction as they may vary quite often. Knowing the income tax amendments can help you know where is your money being utilized and how. Some of the books listed above can help you understand income tax amendments and circulars. In addition to ensuring compliance, these books can help you optimize your tax situation and gain a better understanding of income tax regulations. Henceforth, select the income tax practice book based on your understanding and get information about penalties and interest charges. 


Q.1 How can I select the correct income tax practice book?

Ans. Based on your understanding of specific circumstances, tax knowledge, and jurisdiction, you can select the income tax practice book.

Q.2 Can I find online resources for income tax practices?

Ans. There are many online government websites, software, and tax-related forums available online. Which are reliable and almost updated as per the recent alterations in the taxation.

Q.3 Can I get knowledge about income tax returns by reading these books?

Ans. Reading the income tax practice book can help you gain better knowledge about income tax details.

Q.4 I do not know about taxation. Can these books be helpful for me?

Ans. Usually, these books are written based on the recent changes and modifications in the tax amendments and circulars. It is always better to have at least basic knowledge about taxation so that you understand these sections in a better way.

Q.5 Do these books involve common tax planning strategies?

Ans. Retire planning, charitable giving, investment strategies, and timing income and deductions are involved in the income tax practice book.

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