Top 7 Cybersecurity Books in 2024

Cybersecurity is to protect computer systems, networks, and digital information from any kind of attacks, threats, and unauthorized access.  In the digital domain, it refers to a range of technologies, processes, and practices for protecting data, devices, and networks. Due to increase in the data breaches, malware, ransomware, and phishing, there is an utmost importance in cybersecurity in this digital era of increasing volume and sophistication of data. To get through this, many organizations opt for Cybersecurity to protect their highly confidential data. Certainly, there are plenty of Cybersecurity Books for Mango Man in the market that have in-depth information and concepts of cybersecurity. Based on your level of experience and knowledge, you can opt for any Cybersecurity book for Mango Man.

1. CYBERSECURITY Book for Mango Man

Author – Henry Harvin

This Cybersecurity book for Mango Man includes the historical turning points involved in the computer industry development. The main focus of this book is on the birth of viruses, worms, trojan horses, and threat environments which drove the need for cybersecurity. For the national security concern, vigilant cybersecurity is needed to prevent any cyberwarfare or cyber disputes. Protective design objectives are described to protect the engineering design issues and critical infrastructure. Guiding the readers about the designing and processing of tools to detect and block threats, this book reviews in-depth principles of cybersecurity. These guidelines in the book recommend methods to protect the networks and devices to be safe online.

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2. Cybersecurity For Beginners 2023: A Guide Book To Cyber Security Essentials, Fundamentals and Best Practices 

Author – Robert L. Wallen

This Cybersecurity book for Mango Man helps you shield your business against the invisible adversaries lurking in the digital shadow. Wallen, who is a seasoned computer expert has battled these threats and these are mentioned in this book. 

The story is drawn from real-life experiences and industry insights builds a sense of confidence in navigating the digital realm. You will learn how the trusted source fought on the frontlines of cybersecurity.

3. Fancy Bear Goes Phishing: The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks

Author – Scott J. Shapiro 

In this Cybersecurity book for Mango Man, Shapiro has shown that cybercrime has less to do with faulty writing or defective programming. With lucidity and wit, he exposes the secrets of the digital age with the help of the story. The story follows with the tales of penetrators where the graduate student Robert Morris crashed the internet in the 1980s and the Bulgarian “Dark Avenger” who first invented the mutating computer virus engine.

In all these stories Shapiro exposes the hacker’s toolkits and provides answers to important questions like— Why the internet is so vulnerable? What can be done in response to it?

4. Digital Forensics and Incident Response: Incident response tools & techniques for effective cyber threat response

Author – Gerard Johansen 

With this book, you will learn how the overall response to digital forensics integrates with the organization’s infrastructure from attacks. This Cybersecurity book for Mango Man helps you to perform ingenious digital forensic activities and incident responses by focusing on responding to ransomware attacks. 

Covering the fundamentals of incident response to information security, you will explore the incident response frameworks. Along with the digital forensic techniques, examining volatile memory and from acquiring evidence through to exam the hard drive and network-based evidence. Finally, the book adds information to address the reader about malware analysis by demonstrating how users can proactively use digital forensic skills in threat hunting.

5. Making Sense of Cyber Security

Author – Thomas Kranz

This Cybersecurity book for Mango Man is a jargon-busting guide to the key terminologies, concepts, and technologies of Cybersecurity. Learn how to develop and incrementally improve your cybersecurity strategies by detecting rogue WiFi networks. Also, learn to protect access cards and USB devices from physical attacks. Make use of the OODA loop with the mindset of a hacker to plan out your attacks by connecting and browsing the Dark Web. 

Using these threat models you can measure, build, and improve your defenses against the detected cyber attack through a security breach. 

6. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Ed Reviews & Ratings

Author – Jon Erickson 

Hacking is the art of solving any problem and getting the solution whether it is conventional or unconventional. Exploiting holes in sloppy programs is difficult and many call them hackers. However, it needs strong technical and foundation knowledge about the program.

Author Job Erickson explains how the arcane hacking techniques work in this Cybersecurity book for Mango Man. He shares the art and science of hacking in this book introducing the fundamentals of C programming from a hacker’s perspective.

This Cybersecurity book for Mango Man includes LiveCD which gives complete knowledge about Linux programming and debugging environment. Following this CD can help users fill their knowledge gaps and explore hacking techniques without disturbing their current operating system.

7. Mastering Malware Analysis: The complete malware analyst’s guide to combating malicious software, APT, cybercrime, and IoT attacks

Author – Alexey Kleymenov 

This Cybersecurity book for Mango Man helps individuals explore the wide use of assembly language to strengthen reverse-engineering skills. You can master different programming languages, executable file formats, and relevant APIs used by attackers. Get a grip on how to handle sophisticated malware cases by performing static and dynamic analysis in multiple platforms and file types. 

Throughout this book, real-time examples are explained to unpack and decrypt static and dynamic malware analysis along with rootkit detection.


Hence, there are so many cybersecurity books available that are well organized with a deep technical background. Above are a few books listed that mention fundamentals and technical complexities starting from beginners to experienced professionals. These books provide proper navigation in this dynamic and digitally evolving world of cybersecurity. But, if you are interested in reading and understanding more, keep reading books relating to cybersecurity and enhance your knowledge. Before picking any cybersecurity book for Mango Man, always know your technological skills, knowledge about the digital world, and learning speed.


Q.1 Do I need technical knowledge to read the Cybersecurity book for Mango Man?

Ans. Cybersecurity books are written by keeping non-technical readers in mind. All the complex concepts are explained in a simple language to help all levels of readers. 
But yes, having little technical knowledge will be always an added advantage to understanding any complex terms and scenarios.

Q.2 Is cybersecurity important?

Ans. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer symptoms, data, and networks from unauthorized attacks, access, and threats. Hence, cybersecurity safeguards any sensitive information by maintaining privacy and protecting against any cyber threats.

Q.3 What are the common cybersecurity threats?

Ans. Data breaches, phishing, malware, denial of service(DoS) attacks, and ransomware are some common cybersecurity threats.

Q.4 How can I stay updated with the latest trends and cybersecurity book for Mango Man?

Ans. Subscribe to the forums and newsletters that involve cybersecurity discussions and recommendations. 
Keep reading/ following news sites, industry blogs, and professional organizations.

Q.5 What is the primary goal of the Cybersecurity book for Mango Man?

Ans. The primary goal of the Cybersecurity book for Mango Man is to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and CIA triad (avail data and systems). Most of them are real-life experiences to help future readers be aware of any vulnerabilities happening in the future in their business.

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