Henry Harvin Vs Aptech-Franchise Model Comparison

People today are shifting towards more self-sufficient job paths where they control their own development. As a result, the graph of entrepreneurship and start-ups has significantly increased in recent years. While there are many options for beginning a business, one decision that entrepreneurs are making is to buy a franchise.

Post-pandemic in 2022, education transformed and has become reliant on digital learning tools. The epidemic proved the power of global digitalization and transitioned the educational system from desk to desktop. India completely abandoned the traditional classroom model in favour of the online technical classroom. The incredible effort of edtech companies such as Henry Harvin®, Aptech and so on, are now bringing expansion in edtech franchise model comparison due to the factors:

  • Forbes predicts that by 2025, India’s ed-tech sector would have over 37 million paying customers and reach a value of $10.4 billion.
  • Purchasing smartphones and computers is incredibly simple in a nation where 5G internet speed is common, and thus, the e-learning sector is naturally seeing a sharp increase.
  • Some of the greatest e-learning franchise companies have seen an increase in the popularity of supplementary courses.
  • Ed-tech companies meet the needs of students through extra methods, and they also care for their franchisees.

What is a Franchise Model

As entrepreneurs manage their own businesses while employing an existing brand and operational structure, franchising has grown in popularity. The franchisee pays a fee to the franchisor under the business model known as franchising in return for the right to use the franchisor’s business model, brand, and support system. A franchise model comparison investment has several benefits, including the opportunity to start a company, access to training and support from the franchisor, and the use of a brand.

What will be the ideal opportunity for you as an investor? Continue reading to learn the franchise versatility of Henry Harvin and Aptech, running the greatest ed-tech franchise. The franchise model comparison details below are categorised into franchise fees, investment, royalties, course delivery, customer support and so on. 

franchise model comparison

Henry Harvin® 

  • “FOCUS ON VALUE CREATION”, Henry Harvin, one of the first companies to enter the Ed-Tech market, in 2013. 
  • In more than 97 countries, with 800+ online and classroom courses, these programmes are dispersed throughout different academies, including TEFL, Analytics, Blockchain, Finance, Law, Management, Digital Marketing, Sales, and others. 
  • It caters for services, such as consulting, professional training, project support, internship support, certification, placement support, online learning, boot camps, hackathons, and membership programmes.
  • Praised for excellence and originality by eminent media outlets including Hindustan Times, Times of India, Aaj Tak, News World India, The Hindu, Statesman, Hans India, Business World, and many more. 
  • Henry Harvin® is a member of MSME, PMI, IASSC, Duns & Bradstreet (876883812), IQF, CSSC, ACCA, NSDC, AAPC, AAEFL, and other organisations. 
  • Henry Harvin® is an ISO 29990:2010 certified and audited company by UKAF & UK Cert.
franchise model comparison


  • Since 1986, a leader in non-formal vocational training
  • More than 800 facilities are currently present worldwide.
  • Excellent industry training
  • Assistance in finding a job* Up-to-date instruction based on industry demands
  • For the growth of pupils, regular workshops are available.
  • Offering job-related skills in the high-demand fields of IT, Banking & Finance, and Hardware & networking job placement assistance*, offered by Aptech’s Placement CellPersonalised instruction in soft skills, communication, and personality development for students.

Franchise Model Comparison of Henry Harvin® and Aptech

1. Franchise Fee

A franchisee normally pays the franchisor a one-time fee in order to get the right to run a franchise. It gives permission to use the franchisor’s name, logos, operating system, and other intellectual property.

Henry Harvin offers approximately Rs. 2.5 lakhs – 6 lakhs as the franchise fee, which is very low and flexible when compared with other edtech brands. Aptech Learning has a higher fee, approximately Rs. 8 lakhs to 17 lakhs.

2. Recurring Franchise Fee

The support and services offered by the franchisor, such as access to the brand’s marketing and advertising materials, training courses, operational advice, and other resources, are covered by this fee.

Henry Harvin offers a low recurring franchise fee when compared to other institutes like Aptech Learning and others. 

3. Investment

The investment is the overall money needed to launch and run a franchised firm. It includes expenses related to starting and maintaining the franchise.

A Henry Harvin franchise actually requires quite a little investment, below Rs. 2,00,000. Relatively,  Aptech Learning needs a higher investment amount. 

4. Royalties

As a kind of continuous support and services offered by the franchisor, royalty or ongoing fees are a portion of the sales income.

The lowest negligible royalty model approach is offered by Henry Harvin, which is almost the lowest among other reputed brands such as Aptech Learning and so on. 

5. Course Curriculum

  • Almost 800+ courses provided by Henry Harvin are offered at separate dedicated academies which include:
  • Analytics Academy
  • Writing Academy
  • Finance Academy
  • Law Academy
  • Management Academy
  • Digital Marketing Academy
  • TEFL Academy
  • Coding Academy
  • TEEN Academy
  • Blockchain Academy
  • Cyber Security Academy
  • HR Academy
  • Entrepreneurship Academy
  • IT Service Management Academy
  • Paramedical Academy
  • Cloud Computing Academy
  • Summer School Academy and so on.
  • Whereas, reputed institutes like Aptech Learning offers courses in limited domains such as:
  • Digital & Information Technology
  • Banking & Finance
  • Hardware & Networking
  • English Language & Communication

6. Returns on investments

A higher rate of return is offered at Henry Harvin. It’s crucial for prospective franchisees to research and evaluate the potential returns on investment.

However, other existing institutes like Aptech offer a medium return on investments.

7. Students/Customer support

In order to preserve client happiness, foster brand loyalty, and guarantee the franchise’s success, Henry Harvin offers customer support around-the-clock(24*7).

8. Course Delivery

Henry Harvin has a presence in online, offline and hybrid modes of delivering the course curriculum. If we talk about the other institutes like Aptech Learning, the course is catered only in offline and online modes.

9. Faculty Support

Henry Harvin has a dedicated one on one faculty with 100 per cent training support. Aptech Learning provides an app where students may download study materials created by knowledgeable institute experts.

10. Course Fee Structure

The course fee structure at Henry Harvin is not fixed as it can vary based on students’ eligibility and requirements. However, Aptech Learning has a fixed type of course fee which cannot be changed occasionally.         

11. Overseas Presence

Henry Harvin has an overseas presence with offices in countries like the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and America including India. Aptech Learning shows a wonderful investment for beginning your own business by offering its extensive network of facilities across the world.


It’s time to quit your 9 to 5 job and pursue your passion for entrepreneurship. The catch is that you don’t have to begin from the beginning. All you need to do is invest your money, and presto! The company is yours. Such is the franchise’s influence. If you have business acumen, a strong passion, and an outstanding work ethic then visit the Henry Harvin website to discover more about the franchise details in education.


Q1. Why is a franchise superior to a regular company?

A1. Franchise enterprises are a smart and secure investment choice with a proven business model with a better probability of success.

Q2. How is a franchise system structured?

A2. A franchisee operates a firm for a fixed time by utilizing the franchisor’s established brand name and strategy. There is a legal and business relationship between the franchisee and the franchisor.

Q3. What contributes to the franchise model’s success?

A3. A successful franchise depends on brand familiarity and reliability. They interact with the franchise, and customers develop trust and loyalty, which increases the likelihood that they would buy from it again.

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