Is Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course Legit?

Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course is Legit

The appropriate response is “Indeed, Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL certificate course is genuine”.

Henry Harvin Education is recognized by all around the world and makes you qualified to teach English in any country. After finishing the TEFL Certification course it was so natural to find a new line of work as Henry Harvin’s management is so steady and will give n number of job opportunities

#Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutions and is focused on offering courses that will add value to resume and CVs for both working professionals and students. The courses offered in Henry Harvin are mostly job-oriented. Which turns experienced and fresher to be competent and helps individuals to survive in this competitive industry.

The trainers in Henry Harvin are very experienced and they mostly appear on famous news channels to show direction to young students. Henry Harvin is recognized by several news channels and received positive reviews from them.

#Benefits of Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course

There are multiple benefits in taking up the course TEFL/TESOL Certification in Henry Harvin’s education. Which includes reasonable fee structure, course content, duration, and many more.

It is a one-stop to learn all the concepts of teaching and helps you to achieve your abroad dreams.

If you are passionate about teaching and would like to roam different countries, would like to know different cultures and people then you can opt for the course. This certification will benefit you for life long.

#Duration of Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course

The duration of the course is 120 hours. In which you will get 40 hours of one-to-one interactive classes and 24 hours of community sessions for 12 months.

56 hours of E-learning with advanced teaching methods and tools

Free classes for the next one year from the date of enrolment if you want a revision.

Course Fee

The course fee is very reasonable as per the Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL course content and the benefits offered to you.

You can opt for a self-paced course or live online sessions.

Self-paced course:

In this, you will be getting lifetime support and access and any updates related to the course

Course Fee: Rs. 23850/-

Live Online Classroom sessions

Prefer this option in case if you want to enjoy all the benefits listed in this blog

This includes all the benefits in the self-paced course and one-one sessions with experienced faculty in the industry, God membership for one year, recording of all the batches, boot-camp sessions, etc.

Course Fee: Rs. 26500/-

# Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course Training

The mentors are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. In this course, the training process will most be in a practical approach.

The practical approach includes activities like role-playing, games, topic discussions, and sharing of views and opinions which encourages individuals to participate actively.

It offers a comprehensive course curriculum that covers all the major concepts of teaching which include different activities that will help you in the future.

You will receive study materials and case studies to follow all the concepts thoroughly.

Both live online and classroom sessions are available and you can opt for any mode as per the availability in your area. Please note that the course curriculum and the benefits are the same for online and classroom sessions.

Batches will be allocated to you according to your prerequisite. You need to discuss with the coordinator about the timings and they are flexible in case if you are a working professional you can attend classes on weekends.

You will get recorded sessions in case you miss any sessions. The trainers are very dedicated and have a keen knowledge of the concepts and all the queries will be answered within the session before approaching the next topic.

Regular assessment and the task will be given to the candidates to test their competency.

The course curriculum covers all the concepts of TEFL/TESOL and it also includes complimentary modules like Soft skills, resumes writing, teaching young learners, business English and digital-technology in classroom 2021.

#Post completion of Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification benefits

First of all, you need to clear all the assessments during the sessions and after completion of the course, you will receive a recognized certificate from Henry Harvin Education. The certificate is valuable for a lifetime and will help you to add this achievement to your portfolio.

Once you complete your certification you will be given multiple job opportunities. You will get Email and notifications regularly on job openings.

You will receive a weekly boot camp session on Email Writing, public speaking, and other major topics which help you throughout your career.

Henry Harvin provides you Gold membership worth Rs. 4000/- for free and this membership will provide access to recorded videos, case studies, projects, and games.

You can get access to LMS Portal, Community session so that you can stay updated on various concepts related to TEFL/TESOL.

If you want practical experience, you can opt for the Henry Harvin Internship program, in which you can work for them or partner firms.

All large no of candidates are working abroad who completed their certification with Henry Harvin.

Eligibility required for taking up the Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course

There is no specific necessity of any extraordinary qualification to take up this program. TEFL course is essentially open to all. Any candidate who has graduated and has a good command of English is eligible for this course.

If you would like to opt for a course then you must have inspiration and assurance to open opt for any culture and readily understand the behaviour of different people across the world. One thing is for sure, teaching in foreign countries is a challenging one and what makes it easy is your passion for teaching and a great command of the concepts.

The people who can take up this course are Hopeful teachers who are looking for better opportunities and exposure in their career and teachers who are looking for opportunities abroad.

Working professional from a different domain. In case they are looking for a change in their career. Homemakers who are looking for job opportunities in the teaching field. A retired person who wants to restart their career and candidates who have dreams to settle abroad.

Benefits of TEFL/TESOL

TEFL/TESOL or Teaching English as Foreign Language/Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages requires a distinctive arrangement of abilities altogether. It is not the same as customary educating and turns out contrastingly for both the instructors and students.

An expert preparation can be successful to shape a vocation with the required abilities and capacities. The interest in the quality of instructors is somewhat high all over the world.

Every one of the nations and individuals in it is truly quick to partake in the global tasks and get a decent lift in their expert profession too. This is the period of globalization and the significance of worldwide correspondence can’t be ignored under any conditions.

The motivation behind worldwide correspondence has been capable of practically every one of the expert areas and has become significant in close to home level. Subsequently, TEFL is the new entryway of chance among every one of the worldwide professions accessible.

The instructors need to assume tremendous liability in their expert field as they need to work with compelling English guidance and teach individuals with that. It is significant for the instructors to comprehend that the proficient greatness of others is relying upon their nature of execution. So there is no space for experimentation and self-learning.

An expert course will direct the yearning and working instructors with strategies and methods to improve and overhaul abilities.

The course can be profoundly essential to remain solid. As quality matters the most henceforth the interest for local English speakers is high in TEFL. Seeking after an expert TEFL/TESOL course can generally make you handily identical to the local speakers. It unequivocally widens the entryway of chance for showing English abroad.

One of the most advantageous finishes of the expert TEFL/TESOL course is, it doesn’t just work with the abilities of the English language as in talking and composing however it works past that. The course chips away at the ability to educate. Instructing is a delicate interaction that you need to learn to deliver viable outcomes.

Education is not anymore confined to granting information however it has developed towards showing individuals the way where they can investigate themselves.

The course directs the hopeful educators with the most recent strategies of instructing and to realize why it is successful. The course can likewise assist the yearning and experienced instructors with seeing how current techniques are not quite the same as conventional strategies and the justification advancing.


I would like to inform you that opting for a TEFL Certification course in henry Harvin is indeed a smart choice as per the above-mentioned benefits and Many alumni are working in different countries post completion of their course.

Learning the TEFL course in this institute would be a hands-on experience. It plays the most important part in your personality development. It makes you understand different teaching methodologies and techniques which will help you further and gradually you will become more confident. The students will be more interested to attend the sessions.

Complimentary modules are add-on advantages which are related to your domain such as soft skill sessions, business English, teaching young learners and digital technology makes the course unique and I recommend you to opt for a Henry Harvin TEFL/TESOL Certification Course in case if you are looking for the best institutions offering TEFL or TESOL certification.

Henry Harvin’s education also offers a postgraduate program in TEFL/TESOL and TEFL/TESOL courses in the USA.


1)      What is the annual pack of TEFL/ TESOL instructors in India?

Ans.  $150 – $1,000 per month

2. Is it ok to teach English without going through the certification?

Ans. If you are a certified teacher you don’t need a TEFL Certification. However, if you are looking for teaching abroad you must know the local language or a bachelor’s degree in education or a TEFL certification which is the minimum requirement.

3.  Does Henry Harvin management process visa applications?

Ans.  No, Henry Harvin doesn’t process a Visa application; you have to do it from your end.

4.  Does Henry Harvin Guarantee a job for me post completion of the course?

Ans. Henry Harvin will not give a Job Guarantee post completion of the course. However, you will receive multiple job opportunities. You will get Email and notifications regularly on vacancies in your field. You will receive 100% placement assistance from the team.

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  • Henry Harvin Education is renowned institute for professional courses. After enrolling in this institute you will not only learn in a better way but also you will get opportunity to get hired by top companies.

  • Henry Harvin is among the best institute of india that provide professional courses. After doing your course from Henry Harvin you must add some value to your professional career. These courses will help people to become competent and help them to survive this competitive industry environment.

  • Thanks for sharing Henry Harvin TEFL course review. Your blog will surely help aspirants to know the value of this institution. As per the above mentioned detail i think doing tefl certification course from Henry Harvin will surely add value to our profile.

  • Covered this Henry Harvin TEFL course review very well. TEFL is a demanding career option. You can take this certification from Henry Harvin. Its a good institution. Along with this Henry Harvin’s education also offers a postgraduate program in TEFL/TESOL and TEFL/TESOL courses in the USA.

  • Choosing the right institute for your course is very important. And doing research is the best way to pick the right course. i know that Henry Harvin TEFL certification course is among the best course. One can join this course without any doubt.

  • Henry Harvin TEFL course not only covers the most recent strategies of teaching but they also have expert preparation strategy to shape the student required ability and capabilities.

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