Henry Harvin Educational institute is known to be one of the best growing international institutes around the world. It is an organization that enhances the candidate’s growth and develops their skills, by providing them with vivid courses that they can be a part of. Such an institute helps shape the minds of young students or for that matter even professional applicants. Henry Harvin has trained more than 300,000 candidates in over 97 countries and many more who are still willing to be a part of this educational institute.

 Because of Henry Harvin’s goal in building successful minds and developing the growth of its students, candidates all over the world want to be a part of Henry Harvin Education and involve themselves in various certified courses of their choice and learn according to their convenience.

Henry Harvin Education manages to conduct a total of 700 plus online classes in a month and always has a capacity of a full working classroom with experts as trainers. It has partnered with more than 110 colleges making it one of the most preferred educational institutes. Along with this, Henry Harvin Education has partnered with 180 corporate companies which is a praiseworthy level of achievement in the education sector. Not only is it a peculiar educational institute but it also has a branch in San Francisco, California, the United States of America, and a reach all around the world in almost 7 and counting countries. 

Henry Harvin Education has a colossal association with well-known media houses and various firms across the county. It has been featured in famous media houses such as Aaj Tak, India Today, Tribune India, The StatesMan, The Daily Pioneer, The News Caravan, The Hans India, and many others with gratifying outcomes.

Talking about Henry Harvin’s reach, it is a globally renowned institute for students and candidates all over the world. It is an educational institute that believes in educating individuals in all sectors and helping them grow in their choice of curriculum. Founded in 2013 by Kounal Gupta, Henry Harvin is a global Edtech company focusing on training candidates all around the world and their only ‘Mantra’ is to help the candidate develop skills that can pertain to them in their future.

Henry Harvin is an institute which is located in Noida, Delhi, and its headquarters is there itself. It not only has a branch in Delhi but also in San Francisco, California, the United States of America. India comprises of so many institutes that provide online classrooms and in times of a global pandemic, learning and gaining knowledge online is an efficient need for students all over. That is when Henry Harvin comes to save the day with a load of different courses for the candidates to opt for.

Medical writing is a field of technicality and critical analysis which Henry Harvin Education strives to work on. Developing such skill sets in an individual is an important task for the educator as well as a big challenge for the candidates pursuing the Medical writing training program. Henry Harvin Education institute is an exceptional international online school that offers such courses of which content writing course is one of the best courses provided by Henry Harvin education.


Medical writing is a scientific approach and a technical analysis that Henry Harvin Education offers to all its candidates. The medical writing course at Henry Harvin is one such course that helps candidates in further analysis of their scientific writing and helps them understand and get a thorough idea of the pharmaceutical regulatory writing. It also helps them with medico-marketing writing and strengthens the candidates writing and idea-generating skills.

The Medical writing course is ranked number 1 by Higher Education Digest and has more than 16,500 candidates who have learned from this particular course. The Medical writing training program focuses on teaching the aspects of writing in general and helps them grow and develop in the Medical writing field, giving them a chance at excelling with a certificate to prove their achievement.


The Medical writing training program at Henry Harvin offers many key features including the 9 in 1 training benefits. Training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership are the key features and benefits of the 9 in 1 training course.

·   Training – The training consists of 16 hours of online interactive learning sessions. The candidate gets an opportunity to learn and from professional trainers who have years of experience in the Medical writing background. Hence, the candidates get guidance from experts and a better understanding of their course. The training helps candidates to ask their side of questions and get assistance in problem-solving. The trainers help guide the candidates all through the course and assist them in completing their given tasks and projects.

·   Projects – The trainers help the candidates with projects for skill development and growth. This helps them to understand the Medical writing training program better and also guides them to understand how things work in the industry related to this sector. The projects include scientific writing drug development process and many more tasks that candidates can explore.

·   Internship – The Medical writing training program offers internship assistance so that the candidates gain practical experience of all that they have learned in the course. This internship can help the candidate grow in this field and understand how the candidate’s work-life will be suitable for them.

·   Certification – The course provides the candidates with a worldwide acknowledged certificate with a hallmark of the CMW (Certified Medical Writer). This helps the candidates to gain confidence about their learnings and is a helpful asset for them to mention the certification in their CVs and resumes.

·   Placement – Henry Harvin Medical writing course guarantees a 100 percent placement opportunity for the candidates for 1-year post the successful completion of the training program. The placement would help them understand their field better and could help the candidates to gain a perspective in getting their future jobs.

·   E-learning – The course gives access to the candidates for all the various tools and techniques including the recording of the sessions conducted by the expert trainers so that candidates can learn at any time and anywhere regardless of the training program.

·   Boot camps – Henry Harvin conducts boot camps for which candidates can be a part of, over the next 12 months after the completion of their selected course.

·   Hackathons – Henry Harvin Education not only offers the boot camps but also conducts Hackathons for all the candidates with free access. By this, the candidates get a feeling of being a part of the Henry Harvin family, and participation in the Hackathons gives them the confidence to be part of any future competitions.

·   Gold membership – The Medical writing training program at Henry Harvin offers a 1-year gold membership for all the candidates where they can access the recording of their online sessions and hence, gain more information and practice their learnings which they acquired from the sessions.


The Medical writing training program consists of 8 modules and 1 complementary module for growth and skill development. The curriculum is completed in 16 hours of the short-term course including projects for the candidates to complete given by trainers.

·   Module 1 – Introduction to Medical Writing.

·   Module 2 – Scientific writing.

·   Module 3 – Drug Development Process- an overview.

·   Module 4 – Pre-Clinical writing and Non-Clinical writing.

·   Module 5 – Medical writing for Clinical Trial.

·   Module 6 – Medical writing in the post-marketing phase.

·   Module 7 – Guidelines to publish Clinical Data.

·   Module 8 – Regulatory Strategies (self-paced).

·   Complementary Module – Resume writing.



Henry Harvin is one of the most elite educational institutes in India and an exceptional academy for pursuing a variety of particular courses. Applicants and students all around the world have been a part of Henry Harvin Education and not only that but also have been a part of the Medical writing training program.

The Medical writing training program at Henry Harvin has a number 1 ranking and more than 16,500 candidates have applied and been successful in learning and gaining knowledge from professionals. It is known to be one of the best educational institutes internationally and even much an exceptional training organization for all writing courses including the Medical Writing training program. Candidates have always been satisfied with Henry Harvin’s writing courses and as it is a prestigious academy, the applicants by themselves want to be a part of this unprecedented institution.

All the courses at Henry Harvin Education have a certified training program including the Medical writing course and therefore, the candidates can develop the weightage of their CVs or Resumes by attaching their certificates which can then help them in successfully getting their desired jobs in the forthcoming years.

So grab this incredible opportunity given by the prestigious Henry Harvin Education and choose your desired courses and nonetheless gain the most knowledge by being a part of the Henry Harvin family.

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