Top 10 Trending Job Guarantee Courses after Graduation 

Whether you will be able to find job guarantee courses after graduation or not is the most prominent question in your mind. Let’s first understand why Graduation is an important phase in a student’s life. Explicitly, it is the culmination of one journey and the beginning of another. From education life, it shifts to the attainment of a job and thus becomes a turning point in one’s life. Skilled-based training is a must in today’s modern competitive world. Everyone wants to excel in their job and choose a career for a fulfilling life. Job-related skills give an opportunity to tell employers how beneficial your course is. There are a lot of trending courses to choose from. The courses to choose are short termed or long-term. And it is really a tough choice to make. So let’s delve into each career option to understand the path you can choose. 

Assured Job Guarantee Courses after Graduation

1. Data Science

A trending job guarantee course after graduation is Data science offered by top universities and certification institutes. Data Science interprets complex data with the help of computer science, statistics, and domain knowledge. The requirement for data science experts is growing in every job space and is not limited to only technology. Moreover, Data Science is a highly in-demand job-oriented course after graduation. An advanced education along with excellent skills is essential in this field so joining a course is mandatory. 

Career areas with no growing potential gradually become stagnant. Data Science is a path that will ever remain in demand as it is constantly evolving and embracing changes to be future-ready. Therefore, it promises abundant opportunities in the future.

Why Data Science as one of  the job guarantee courses after graduation

Why  a course in demand

The course is in demand due to the increasing amount of data generated.

Moreover, the growing importance of data-driven decision-making has raised its demand. The other factor involved is the need for data privacy and security. More usage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence created the need for Data Science.

Different Job Titles in Data Science

  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Database Administrator
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Data Architect

Skills you learn 

Various skills are learned in Data Science Course. Some of them are mentioned here. Get to know about some of the skills here. You learn to apply various Data Science skills and techniques. Python usage is there as it is useful in Data Science. Additionally, master the key steps involved in solving a Data Science problem and learn to use various tools like experienced Data Scientists. You will get acquainted with writing SQL to query databases and explore relational database concepts. 

Suitable For

Students who have a knack for mathematics and programming courses can join it.

Eligibility Criteria 

Graduates in the science stream or specializations in Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science will be an added advantage. Various institutes also offer the course to students with any stream. So if you have interest you can join the Data Science job guarantee courses after graduation.

Course Duration 

The course duration generally spans between 6-12 months.

2. Digital Marketing

Nowadays, Digital marketing professionals are in huge demand as businesses have recognized the importance of the digital sphere. And as reaching out to potential customers is a must for successful businesses. Therefore, getting a digital marketing job guarantee courses after graduation not only equips you with specific skills but also help you to thrive in the industry.

Digital Marketing

Why a course in demand

Digital Economy is growing 10 times faster than the offline economy. As a result, Digital Marketing skills are growing in demand. Growth opportunities for Businesses have increased manifold due to online accessibility. Besides, the importance of local SEO and locally targeted ads is understood as it brings more customers. Cost-effectiveness solutions of Digital marketing are also a cause of its growing demand. Nonetheless, it measures the result of digital marketing campaigns in real time.

Different Job Titles in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Web marketing Specialist
  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Strategist
  • SEM manager
  • Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Manager

Skills you learn 

Digital Marketing Courses aim to teach you digital marketing strategy with insight into customer behavior and analytics. You will learn about webpage Designing, on-page SEO, and Search Engine Marketing. Also, get to know about URL Architecture and App store optimization. Furthermore, you learn about Indexing Basics.

Suitable For

Ideal for fresh graduates, job aspirants, media enthusiasts, and marketing professionals. Anybody who wants to earn money with digital marketing skills. 

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have completed graduation from a recognized educational institution in any discipline. No previous knowledge is required for this course. 

Course Duration 

The Digital Marketing course can vary anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Various Institutes also offer a one-year diploma which also includes an internship.

3. Machine Learning

A good career path and job guarantee course after graduation is Machine Learning. Machine learning is a fast-growing career and among the hottest technologies in trend right now. A subdivision of artificial intelligence and computer science, Machine Learning allows software applications to improve their prediction accuracy without being specifically programmed to do so. Machine Learning has become integral to diverse industries and sectors in today’s technological era. It is a future skill and a secure career in technology. Indeed, ML engineers are in high demand with high-paying salaries. 

Machine Learning Course as one of the  job guarantee courses after graduation.

Why a course in demand

Eventually, Artificial Intelligence will replace human workers in many fields. So knowledge of  Machine Learning job-oriented courses after graduation is beneficial. As AI is completely changing the face of society, it is exciting to be part of this revolutionary transition. So to be a part of the breakthrough transformation, join the Machine Learning job guarantee courses after graduation. Moreover, the uses of ML are endless. One such is managing a massive amount of data in AADHAR. Machine Learning allows for analyzing bigger and more complex data in a faster and more accurate way. Even on a large scale, it makes things easily accessible. Organization nowadays has a better chance of identifying profitable opportunities or avoiding unknown risks by building precise AI models.

Different Job Titles in Machine Learning

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Research Scientist
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Data Engineer

Skills you learn 

Coding is learned to become a prodigious machine learner. You get to know about Data Manipulation and graphical representation of Data. Learn about Statistics, Web Development, and Cluster Analysis. Additionally, you learn about Regression. Your knowledge of Software development is enhanced with different tools. Furthermore, you become proficient in Python from basic to advanced through its real-world application.

Suitable For

Beneficial for anyone with a knack for data, programming skills, and basic math skills.

Eligibility Criteria 

The minimum eligibility criteria are students have to complete the 10+2 level from a government-recognized board. 

Course Duration 

Machine Learning courses can vary from 6 months to 18 months. The course period varies with the type of degree or certification you opt for. You can get recruited to entry-level positions at top firms with a six-month course also. 

4. Graphic Designer

         A unique path to choose from is Graphic Designer as it is one of the job guarantee courses after graduation. Graphic Design helps to build a brand’s identity as it creates unique content to communicate messages. Explicitly, it helps optimize your marketing efforts across all channels. Graphic Designer helps you to find the best advertising medium for your business. Besides, Graphic Designer works in almost all industry so there’s always something new to learn and experience.

Graphic Designing Course

Why a course in demand

A career in the field of graphic design opens many possibilities to pursue and develop your creativity. In today’s competitive world, it helps you to make a powerful first impression. Impressive graphic designing demonstrates powerfully a company’s values and vision to its targeted audience. Along with this User experience enhances as most of the information the human brain retains is through visuals. Furthermore, it facilitates maintaining a professional appearance in your Business Marketing.

Different Job Titles in Graphic Designer

  • UX Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Creative Director
  • Art Production Manager 
  • Brand Identity Developer

Skills you learn 

Learn the knowledge of Branding, Design, composition, and layouts through the subjects like typography, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Design Management, etc. You get to know about different Graphic Designing Software and Tools. Learners become masters in Corel Draw and Adobe Dreamweaver. Additionally, you get to understand the color theory for the Computer. Nonetheless, you become proficient in 2D and 3D animation, Digital Publishing, Multimedia Authoring, Vector Graphics, and so many other skills.

Suitable For

Ideal for learners who can apply imagination to their work and have an urge for creativity.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum eligibility to join the course is to clear 10+2 from any stream (Science/Arts /Commerce).

Course Duration 

A Graphic Designing Course’s average duration ranges from 3 months to 1 year. 

5. Medical Coding

You can choose Medical Coding as the job guarantee course after graduation if you want to work in the healthcare industry. It is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare industry. Medical Coders transcribe patient records into universal medical codes that are easily understood by insurance companies and other medical professionals.

Medical Coding and ICD-10

Why a course in demand

Modern technologies related to medical billing and coding software have given rise to the demand for Medical coding Professionals. And, Medical Coders can work in many places like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and even medical laboratories. As a matter of fact, you can start your career in coding within a few months. Medical Coding is highly crucial as it is related to insurance reimbursements. It is used to generate bills and track payments. Explicitly, it helps in designing and planning the schemes related to the Healthcare Industry.

Different Job Titles in Medical Coding

  • Medical Coder
  • Medical records Coordinator
  • Health Information Specialist
  • Medical Billing Specialist
  • Medical Record Analyst
  • Medical Records Technician

Skills you learn 

Gain Expertise in Medical Terminologies and their usage. Master the difficult Medical Words and special terms such as eponyms, acronyms, homophones, and antonyms. Besides, you gain extensive knowledge of V-codes, E-codes, and ICD-10-CM Coding Practicum. You get to explore the importance of Documentation in Medical Records and various types of dictation formats. In addition, you learn about various infections, parasitic diseases, and neoplasms, and how to code them.

Suitable For

Suitable for learners who want to make a career in Healthcare Industry.

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 from a recognized board is the minimum eligibility for medical Coding Courses. No age limit is there. 

Course Duration 

Medical Coding Courses can range from 1 to 3 years depending on the course you choose. 

6. CyberSecurity

Cyber Security is a division of information technology that is related to safeguarding computer systems and information. It helps in protecting computers, servers, networks, mobile devices, and data from any type of cyber-attack. After Covid-19 cyber-attacks have increased manifold and so there is the need for cybersecurity professionals. 

Why a course in demand

The cybersecurity industry is growing and it offers a promising career. The ever-changing technology is giving rise to the industry’s quick growth. There is a lack of skilled professionals so taking up the course is beneficial. The increased exposure to information on the internet has made the protection of data integrity crucial. Notably, Cyber security has a global demand. Moreover, it has top-paying jobs as well as job security. Besides, it is applicable across various industries from robots to websites.

Different Job Titles in Medical Coding

  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Information Security Manager

Skills you learn 

Master various skills and techniques in Cyber Security for protection in the digital world. The course will train you practically in cybersecurity concepts such as cryptography, ethical hacking, network security, etc. Become familiar with the concepts of security and Risk Management. And know about Footprinting and Reconnaissance. Become familiar with network security and communications, identity, and access management. Besides, you learn security testing in Cyber Security.

Suitable For

Learners who have an interest in security systems and have a knack for computers can join the course.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree ( any stream ) from a UGC-recognized university and get at least 50% or equivalent marks. Mathematics as one of the main subjects is preferred.

Course Duration 

The course duration depends on the type and mode of course you choose and can range from 1 to 3 years. The time to learn cybersecurity and become professional depends on you.

7. Product Management

In today’s businesses, Product Management plays a crucial role. It guides the company to use its limited resources and deliver competitive products in alignment with the market’s needs. Actually, it supervises the lifespan of a product from the beginning to the end. In addition, it focuses on the customer experience to deliver the best product. Furthermore, it provides all the solutions so that the business does not fall behind. 

Why a course in demand

Product Management and its Life Cycle

Product Management jobs promise good growth and a successful career. It has global opportunities as there are numerous employers spread across different locations and countries. Moreover, the remuneration for a Product Management job is high. And above all, there is a lot of demand for product Managers in MNCs. 

Different Job Titles in Product Manager

  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Growth Product Manager
  • Data/Analytics Product Manager
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Head of Product Design
  • Head of Product Development

Skills you learn 

You can learn many diverse things related to Product Management. Some of them are Product Roadmapping, Prioritization, Strategy, Market fit, Ideation, and Lifecycle Management. Also master the concepts of Rapid Prototyping, Critical Thinking, Market Research, and Design Thinking. Moreover, you develop leadership and a growth mindset.

Suitable For

Ideal for learners who are creative, curious, and have problem-solving abilities. A perfect career choice who loves creating new tools for all kinds of audiences or you can say, customers.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must be graduates from a recognized board to apply for admission to different institutes for this course. 

Course Duration 

The course duration can range from 2 months to 1 year. You can choose real-life assignments along with the course.

8. Software Development

At the present time, Software Developers is the mastermind who build computer programs. They design and conceive computer programs of all sorts. Explicitly, they help create and test software from start to finish. Basically, they develop software for clients, test it, and deploy it based on the specifications received.

Why a course in demand

A great career choice and it is on the list of future trending jobs. A lucrative career that promises steady growth and a high salary. Our daily life is increasingly shaped by software so the need for talented software developers is rising. Startups and business giants alike are hiring people who are efficient Software Developers. Technological advancements are opening new ways to solve the high-level problem of all software development lifecycles. And thus, there is a lot of scope in the field. As a matter of fact, you can work in a wide variety of industries, and even as a freelancer.

Different Job Titles in Software Development

  • Web Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Computer Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • PHP Developer
  • Software test Engineer

Skills you learn 

Various Software Development concepts and tools are learned as a part of the course. You get to know about Database Concepts and SQL. Moreover, you learn about Programming Language and Website development. Also, master Applications development.

Suitable For

 Ideal for individuals who like computers, and love to solve complex problems with their creativity. Notably, the work needs to think out of the box.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have passed the 12th class from a recognized board in the science stream with a minimum of 60%.

Course Duration 

Software Development courses can range from 6 months to four years. There are various boot camps along with the course to acquire a good set of skills.

9. Financial and Accounting Courses

The Finance and accounting job guarantee courses after graduation help in understanding accounting practices, principles, finance, and industry-related skills. It helps businesses to understand their finances as it measures the performance of the company over a period of time. Moreover, it helps to create Budgets and future projections.

Finance and Accounting Courses

Why a course in demand

Public and private sectors alike including non-profit organizations can not operate without operational finances. It opens up opportunities in all industries and one can decide the best one. Finance and Accounts Professional are always in demand as their need is in all organization.

Different Job Titles in Finance and Accounting

  • Financial Advisor
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Relationship Manager

Skills you learn 

Financial and Accounting job guarantee Courses after graduation will teach you the fundamentals of Finance and Accounting from the basics. You can prepare a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement. And master the skills to make Financial forecasts and take strategic decisions. Besides, you can judge an Investment opportunity of a venture or project. You get to understand IFRS standards.

Suitable For

Learners who are interested in financial strategy and control can join the course after graduation.

Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants who have cleared 10+2 exams from a recognized board and obtained a minimum of 50 % are eligible.

Course Duration 

The duration of the Financial and Accounting Course to join after graduation can range from 6 months to one year. 

10. Content Writing

One of the creative job guarantee Courses after graduation is Content Writing. Content Writing allows Businesses to create coherent and consistent pieces of information. And this helps in forming Brand messaging and to create an impact on the customers. Furthermore, it boosts your social media, website, and print marketing efforts. Explicitly it creates a relationship with the brand and the impact is from engaging and high-quality content. Certainly, it helps to capture your audience in a new and exciting way.

Content Writing Course as one of the job guarantee courses after graduation
digital composite of business graphics with office background

Why a course in demand

Content is Everywhere and with the increase in digitization in every sector the need for Content Writers has increased manifold. As a matter of fact, it has built its importance in every aspect of life. Content Writing is no longer restricted to businesses and is used in diverse ways nowadays. It is a well-paid and dignified post and also you can start your own business. You can also aim to become a successful writer after completion of the job guarantee courses after graduation.

Different Job Titles in Content Writing

  • Technical Writer
  • Social media Writer
  • Scriptwriter 
  • Copywriter
  • Brand Journalist
  • Ad and Promo Writer

Skills you learn 

Content Writing Course helps you to improve your writing skills and you learn about various tools and software required in the field. Master the different forms of writing like Technical Writing, Legal Writing, Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Copywriting, etc. Additionally, you get to know about Content strategy and SEO-based writing. Above all, you develop graphic skills and advanced research skills as learning benefits.

Suitable For

Anyone who has a passion for writing and developing valuable content.

Eligibility Criteria

The minimum qualification required to join Content Writing Courses is a bachelor’s degree.

Course Duration 

The Duration of the Content Writing course is 3 months which includes live projects and assignments.

Content Writing Course by Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education for job guarantee courses after graduation

Henry Harvin is a pioneer institute that has trained 300000+ trainees and helped them to reach their desired fields. It has been awarded the best corporate training platform. Notably, Henry Harvin has been recognized by leading publishers such as Statesman, Hindustan Times, Business World, and leading channels like Aaj Tak and News World India. And Nonetheless, it topped in ranking by The Tribune. Henry Harvin started in July 2013 and since then it gradually spread over India, US, and UAE. 

Why Henry Harvin Job guarantee Courses after Graduation

  • The Course is a two-way Live Training Course
  • Get a globally recognized Certificate
  • Opportunity to take part in Real live projects and guaranteed Internship
  • 100% Job support guarantee for 1 year after completion of the course
  • Get unlimited access to e-learning and take part in Hackathons
  • You are trained by industry experts in the field
  • Get special benefits from Gold Membership
  • Weekly job opportunities are offered to open your career path

Some of the Job Guarantee Courses after graduation are available in Henry Harvin

  1. Post Graduate Program in Data Science
  2. Post Graduate Program in Content Writing
  3. Certified Public Accountant Training
  4. Medical Coding Course Training
  5. Certified Digital Marketing Course, etc.

Summing Up

This blog retrospected on the top 10  trending job-guaranteed courses to join after graduation. You can only pick the right course only if you introspect on the best path to choose. You have to judge your talents, interests, and skills very well, and then only you can figure out the best course to join after graduation. 

Job guarantee courses help your career to take the desired path and excel in that field. There are many leverages in joining job-guaranteed courses. Most importantly, you have global exposure and can enhance your experiences.

Make use of the opportunities by joining the job guarantee courses after graduation and reach your desired goals. All the best and take the right career decision for yourself.

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1. Are job guarantee courses after graduation ensure a high pay salary?

Ans. Job-guaranteed courses after graduation set you on a path. Actually, you need to maintain your evolving skills and knowledge to get a high pay salary.

2. Can one change to a different field after graduation and take another course?

Ans. You can change to another field only if you have the required eligibility criteria.

3. How can I get into a job guarantee course after graduation?

Ans. First of all, find a suitable institute that provides a job guarantee course after graduation. Enroll in the institute and kickstart your career.

4. What is the average pay for job guarantee courses after graduation?

Ans. The average pay for job guarantee courses after graduation can range from 2 to 7 lakhs per annum. It also depends on the location and company.

5. Do I choose a course with or without an Internship?

Ans. Internship plays an important role as it helps you to network with industry people and sharpen your skills. Thus, choose a course with an Internship to boost your career.

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  • In today’s fast-paced world, choosing the right career path is crucial. These top 10 trending job guarantee courses after graduation offer excellent job prospects and a secure future.

  • Job Guarantee Courses can be useful for individuals looking to increase their job prospects and acquire new skills. They provide practical education and hands-on experience that can be beneficial for job seekers. Additionally, these courses can help to address skill gaps in the labor market and provide a pathway for workers to transition to higher-paying jobs. However, it is important to consider the quality and effectiveness of these courses, as well as their availability to a diverse range of individuals. Overall, Job Guarantee Courses can be a valuable resource for job seekers and should be accessible to all those in need.

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