12 Best Product Management Courses In India

Product management courses stir a strong set of general and specialized skills to comprehend business goals and consumer needs. In addition, product managers may utilize their sales and marketing expertise to interpret an organization’s long-term commodity vision and strategy. A product management course interprets an organization’s vision and gives a clear roadmap to achieve that vision. It usually implicates logical and strategic thinking skills to appreciate the overview of the product development process. Having a good mix of strategic thinking and profitable execution of proposals leads to the achievement of the product, team, and organization.

Product management is the method of managing products over their whole life cycle. It contains market analysis, development stimulation, market launch, indicator monitoring, and consecutive product improvement. Product managers usually work closely with several departments to accomplish business objectives, communicate with stakeholders, and expand strategic plans for the product. They give high-quality end products to clients, prioritize user requirements and assist in company expansion. Product management may also implicate restructuring existing strategies and enforcing them to evaluate poor decisions. 

How to Become a Product Manager in India

The Product Management career path in almost any industry. However, in India, few sectors give more opportunities. Realize more about the top industries in India for Product Management careers. Product Management jobs are difficult for new college graduates and MBA graduates. However, it’s not like you want to be an engineer or MBA graduate to evolve into a product engineer. There is no normal path to developing a product manager. Many prosperous product managers come from either the company’s technical or marketing side. Some of the profitable ones are also old operations managers.

What is the qualification to serve as a product manager?

A product manager organizes and manages the product improvement process for a company. They are accountable for ensuring the product development is profitable and meets all requirements. Product managers always have a background in engineering and software development. They are responsible for determining the product’s features and directing the team during development. They work almost with customers during product development, enabling them to determine what features to comprise and what should prioritize. While no specific educational qualification is required to become a product manager, it is highly helpful to have some experience. The job expects a broad set of transferable analytical, organizational, and communication skills. Undergraduate degrees in economics, engineering, or marketing can educate a person for the job. Also, a product manager can select to complete a product management certification program. After obtaining the training, they can pertain to product management jobs.

One of the capabilities of a product manager is the capacity to assist a team of engineers, designers, and different professionals.

A person with this level of obligation must be adept at working with multiple teams and committee deadlines. It is also important to have the ability to guess like a customer when developing a product.

This ability to observe customers and understand their problems will help build solutions. Sympathy will also help you develop effective partnerships with other teams.

The most popular product manager eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in business management or an almost related field. Many employers seek candidates with a background in economics, mathematics, public relations, or transmissions. It would help if you researched new product managers to know what skills they require to succeed. If you are intense about the job, you can help your way up to it. When you’re ready to bring the next step, seek a career in product management.

Top 12 Product Management courses in India

Here is a list of the top 12 product management certification training courses in India that you can consider.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Contact No: +1 2537858210

Henry Harvin’s Management Academy has arisen with a Product Management Course In India. This course trains a person with the entire product management course . Product Management Certification is the most well-liked training for this institution, which imparts an awareness of the fundamentals of product management course. It provides students with the knowledge and standpoint needed to have an actionable priority for effectively managing their product. They investigate new product management tools, strategies, and abilities to develop fresh ideas and enhance everyday items. Also, this course gives students access to excellent video lessons. It facilitates them to participate in real enterprises that explore the realities and challenges of beneficial product management.

2. Udemy

Udemy provides a variety of product management certifications suitable for students and advanced learners. The courses are designed to teach learners leadership and communication skills, building effective products, product design management personas, and product strategy. In addition, learners can select either free or paid commodity management courses through Udemy.

3. General Assembly 

General Assembly offers an online product management course that caters to effective professionals who want to be part-time students. The system is geared towards learners with varying experience levels and directs on the practices, stakeholder management, and helping with data. Over the course, learners have been introduced to important concepts and devices behind end-to-end product management training and its process. Students complete the course by completing a capstone undertaking and delivering a stakeholder demonstration.

4. UpGrad

UpGrad is at an intriguing crossroads in India’s marketable and economic history, with the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving. Today, they are formulating products to address most of life’s problems. As more goods are published daily, there is an enormous demand for competent, well-rounded product managers. Duke Corporate Education and UpGrad’s Product Management Certification Program conducts to close the supply-demand gap in the product ecosystem by providing professional training and mentorship to aspiring and experienced product managers. Our curriculum is expanded exclusively for professionals to help them effectively transition and thrive in their product management careers.

5. Coursera

Coursera also gives a flexible education program. In this also, you can see several course modules taught by numerous people, and you can stride it according to your requirement and awareness. Coursera courses are for those already in the product management course in India as they don’t give any business or internship assessment.

6. Product School

Product School has organized a reputable name through its certifications, frequent webinars, and the Product Podcast. The Product Manager Certificate assists aspiring product managers in assembling foundational skills to break into the field. For additional tenured product managers, they give a Product Leader Certificate and a Product Executive Certificate. Top firms like Google, Netflix, and Spotify have live-streamed lessons, allowing interactive conversations with classmates and instructors. In expansion to teaching end-to-end product improvement and leadership, the course contains resume and meeting workshopping to instruct you for the job search.

6. Edx Product Management

The Edx Product Management course begins with the fundamentals and lets you understand why coming startups and CEOs desire this role. It assists you in examining the roles and responsibilities of the job and observing its relationship with other parts of an organization and outside it. This product management course gives you skill-building from basic to boosted over various courses. It is a nice program for both beginners and experts.

7. Digital Product Management

The profession is for someone already helping as a project manager who needs an upgrade in skills beginning a career in this field. They offer five courses to wrap product design applications and everything in new product management. It is a suitable course if you are already helping full-time. It permits you to obtain the course in your own time. Attempt its product management free courses for a year and again pick your course plan.

8. Udacity


Udacity gives a variety of paid and free courses to help learners work toward their job goals. The platform also offer gives Nanodegrees, which are paid strategies in technology and business. This course instructs what a product manager performs and their role in an organization. Students learn the important skills a product manager uses to direct the development of software products. Around four classes, learners explore product strategy, design, development, and launch.

9. One Week Technical PM

This course instructs you on the necessities of product management course in India . With the benefit of this course, you can develop your project and ace the interviews. You will also understand technical skills and product leadership. This course will benefit you in building your network and framing an eye-catching overview and online presence if it gets you restricted interviews with product managers and industry leaders to educate you to ace the discussions. Proposals certificate after course completion.

10. Career. pm

Career. Pm is a business acceleration platform for product managers that gives online courses, coaching, and a wealth of different resources aimed at helping PMs, aspiring PMs, and PM groups reach their potential. They provide a portfolio of product management courses intended for squarely at the product management community on topics such as the organizations of PM, product business models, and more.

11. Skillshare

Skillshare is the best outlet for online courses. It gives classes and specializations from universities and other institutions. Skillshare offers over 22,000 courses on many topics. Unlike the different platforms, it doesn’t provide long classes but short video courses, which always take an hour or less. You can shortly learn about the specific skills required for your daily work.


It has been a long road for Product Management in India and has matured significantly in the last decade. The increased demand for Product Managers in big MNCs will only further the growth of this career. We see bright horizons ahead for Product Managers as every company wants to compete with others by establishing its niche and must rapidly assimilate external changes from across the globe.

Product managers will go down in history as the glue that stuck together many teams involved with creating innovative systems. They have the power to change how companies work, bringing a modern touch to centuries-old business models. The digital era has offered us many job opportunities, even a career as a product manager. So if you think this could be the right choice for you, discover the best product management courses in India and get product management certification.

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What is the average package a Product manager has in India?

It ranges from 11,00,000 to 30,00,000, starting from experienced to fresher.

How does a product manager help the organization?

The main job of a product manager is to plan and execute the entire product lifecycle on which they are working or will be working. They work on various factors: sales, marketing, and connecting with engineers and their team members for smooth functioning.

What are the different tools which product management uses?

The main important tools are Designing, analytics, management tools, and statistics tools which product management needs to keep handy. In contrast, there are various other tools they use depending on the organization.


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