Top 12 English Speaking Courses in India


India is considered the 2nd largest English Speaking Country in the World behind the United States of America. In addition, India ranks 5th out of 25 Asian countries in the English Proficiency Index (EPI) with 125 Million people, who speak English on daily basis.

There is no doubt in the fact that India has a craze for the English Language. The people who can speak English fluently flaunt their English speaking skills. After all, English is the International language with more than 1.5 Billion speakers from all over the world.

Conversely, only 400 Million people use it as a first language, the other 1 Billion+ people use it as a second language.

What is the importance of the English Language in India?

The Importance of the English Language in India is mainly for communication purposes. Not only for communication purposes but also for the opportunities the language provides for career and education makes the language more favourable to study. In addition, the English Language has helped our country to grow economically.  Moreover, English has become a favourite language for all the sectors, fields and industries.

According to a survey, more than 10% of the total population of India speaks English. Thus, if two people from different parts of India meet, the possibility is that they will communicate in English only. The language is the most favourable language among parents after their mother tongue.  As result, parents want their child to study in an English medium as well as English speaking school.

Therefore, we have the top 12 English-speaking courses in India listed down for you.

Top 12 English Speaking Courses online

1.      Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin is a very prominent platform to learn anything from any field.
  • It offers numerous courses in different specialities.
  • The English speaking course here is highly recommended as it will help you become a proficient and much more confident speaker.
  • This course provides a different level of training starting from Level 1 to Level 6.
  • Levels 1 to 4 being of 40 hours individually, and levels 5 and 6 of 50 hours individually.
  • Henry Harvin has the most honorable trainers with more than 12 years of training experience.
  •  They provide industry projects during the training.
  • The learning benefits are fluency, learning advanced grammar, job opportunities, etc.

The fees of the Henry Harvin English Speaking Course is

  • 9500 INR for a single level,
  • 15500 INR for double levels,
  • 22500 INR for triple levels,
  • 29500 INR for quad levels,
  • 36500 INR for five levels,
  • 44500 INR for six levels.

Henry Harvin also provides personalized tuitions for English Speaking for 1400 INR per hour.

2.      The Fluent Life


  • The Fluent Life states that fluency is about activating your 100% potential.
  • Firstly, they conduct a profile assessment.
  • Furthermore, they organize a demo class.
  • Accordingly, you make a match for your personal trainer.
  • And lastly, the classes begin with daily practice and interactions.
  • The platform has its own app to make it easy for their users to use its services.
  • Moreover, fluent life conducts 2,000 classes per day with 5,000+ active student groups.

The fees of the English Speaking course are:

  • INR 14970 + taxes for 3 Months
  • INR 29940 + taxes for 6 Months
  • INR 95000 + taxes for lifetime access

Above all, the special thing about fluent life is that they have all female trainers for this English Speaking Course.

3.      FutureLearn

  • FutureLearn is a British Online Education platform, where you can learn any course.
  • The platform provides 4 courses in English speaking.
  • First, Basic English 1: Elementary, which is a short course
  • Second, Understanding IELTS: Reading, also a short course.
  • Third, English for STEM, which is a 12 week online course from MACQUARIE University
  • Lastly, Understand IELTS, which also is of 12 week duration online class from the British Council

Both the 12 week online courses have a fee of INR 900 per month, with 2-3 hours per week making it a 12 week long course.

However, if you have any doubts regarding the course, then you can join a 7 day free trial class.

Moreover, after the completion of the course, you will earn a digital certificate for the same.

4.      Coursera

  • Coursera is a very well known online learning platform, which in fact also provides free courses on any topic.
  • Furthermore, there are plenty of courses available on Coursera to choose from.
  • Moreover, you can find a course which suits you the best from the beginner, moderate or advanced level.
  • English for Career Development offered by University of Pennsylvania is a good option for people who are looking forward for a well career through English language.
  • In addition to that, it will take you approximately 40 hours to complete this course
  • After completing the course, you will receive a shareable certificate from both University of Pennsylvania and Coursera.

5.      Udemy

  • Udemy specially designs its course for the students and professionals.
  • Having said that, the Speak English with Confidence: English Speaking Course is a reliable course for those who are looking for a boost in their language speaking skill.
  • As the name suggests, it will definitely help you to gain confidence in you speaking skills.
  • Moreover, this course includes 7 hours on-demand, Full lifetime access and assignments.
  • In addition to this, the course fee is 3499 INR only.

6.      British Council

  • British Council is an organization which specializes in international and educational occasions.
  • The organization was found by the Government of the United Kingdom and is patronized by the Queen Elizabeth II herself.
  • The organization offers course for kids and teens that are passionate to learn and master the language.
  • The classroom course is limited to Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai only in India, meanwhile the online course is available for everyone from anywhere.
  • The fees for the age group 4-5 year old kids is INR 382 per class.
  • On the other hand, the fee for 6-10 year old kids is INR 400 per class.
  • Lastly, the fee for 11-17 year old teens is INR 400 as well.

You can contact them for further queries or live chat on Mon-Sat, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

7.      Awal English

  • Awal Madaan is a very well known English teaching professional and a famous YouTuber.
  • His course is specially designed for those who are new to this language and similarly, want to start from the beginning.
  • Most importantly, his courses are in Hindi and English to make you understand a concept easily.
  • In fact, his teaching style is very fun and creative to make the student learn comfortably.
  • Above all, there are various courses available for one to choose from.
  • Spoken English Course, Professional English Course, Combo Pack of the previous two, Gold Batch which is live classes, and Complete English Pack. These are the various courses that Awal Madaan offers.
  • The fee ranges from INR 999 to INR 5999, depending on the course you select.

8.      FluentU

  • FluentU is a platform specially and only for language learning.
  • Here, you can find any language course to learn.
  • Also, they provide you a 14 day trial for free.
  • Additionally, the platform has its own app, on which you can have access on all the languages under one account.
  • The course, videos, audios, and other material will be available under one account.
  • This app will cost you $29.99 per month and $239.99 per year.

9.      Alison

  • Alison is a great platform for learning and improving your English.
  • This platform basically has every possible way of making you learn the language.
  • In other words, Alison has divided a various number of English learning courses based on various topics.
  • Moreover, they have free as well as paid English speaking courses with different levels and for different purposes.
  • They also have Diploma and Certificate courses.

10. National Institute of Language

  • National Institute of Language is a best place to start your English speaking journey.
  • They have got Cambridge Certified Trainers.
  • Adding to it, they have live classes along with the activities.
  • Moreover, this course has integrated personality development modules to make the student build their personality while speaking in English.

11. Cambly

  • Cambly is widely known for its best English tutors all across the world.
  • Here you can learn English with a live online tutor from anywhere and anytime.
  • The English speaking course that Cambly provides is very specifically designed for various purposes and motives that the English language is used.
  • Furthermore, they have various courses depending on the need of the learner.
  • Basically, they have courses for the beginners, moderate learners, and advanced learners.
  • Moreover, they have extra courses for the people who want to study English for IELTS and TOEFL.

12. Duolingo

  • We all probably have heard about Duolingo and about its effective way of learning a language.
  • Although, there is no course available for English speaking but you can still learn English on Duolingo
  • In particular, there is a daily 5 minute Bite-sized English lessons provided by them which are absolutely free.
  • Here, you can practice and test your English proficiency for free.

To sum up, these are the 12 English speaking courses in India, from which you can learn English and become a confident English speaker.

Why is everyone so desperate to learn English?

English is known as the International Language and is spoken by every country in the world. If you go anywhere to travel in this world, it is not possible for you to speak or understand their native language. Therefore, you use English which is majorly spoken by everyone. The tourists always communicate in English for this reason. Many people in the world use the language for building their careers and better job opportunity. Parents want their children to enhance their education in the English language.

Surprisingly, English helps in learning many other languages.

Nowadays, most of the content available on the internet and social media platforms is in English Language only. The English language opens the door of entertainment for you as you can watch and listen to English movies and songs, respectively. Not to mention, English is the Business Language, which means that the Business industry hires candidates who can speak decent English.  The impression one makes on the clients or buyers is very important and English can help you get a good impression on them.


To conclude, for surviving in this 21st century, you have to learn a language which is going to help you make a place of your own in this world. A language that can help you start your career and give you a boost in it, while also giving you the confidence you need in these times where competition is cutthroat. Indeed, learning English will help you in many ways but you have to practice it daily to make yourself fluent and comfortable in it. Every part of the world is making their citizens learn English as it has benefits and can give them various opportunities in various sectors.

For some people, English is their mother tongue meanwhile, for some people it is how they make a living. Moreover, English is a necessity for some people as their job demands it.  We hope that you will start your English-speaking journey soon and will definitely achieve the results in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1      Why is English Important?

English is very important from a personal and career development point of view.
In addition, English can help you in your academics and can also give you a boost in your confidence level.    

Is English hard to learn?

Yes, indeed it is hard to learn all the rules and principles of the language along with the grammar but practising daily will make your English descent.

Can I learn English online?

Yes, absolutely. English speaking courses are also available online for those people who find it difficult to take out some time and drag them to a classroom course.
We have listed 12 English-speaking courses above which are 100% online and effective.

What career opportunity will I get after learning English?

To start with, you can get a job as an English teacher or Professor in an institute.
Next, you can get your dream job which demands the English language as an important factor in the job.
Translators, Writers, speakers or anything that your name does require English speaking skills in the job or business.

Is learning English worth it?

Indeed it is worth learning. Not just for Educational or professional purposes but also for personal growth and development purposes. It is worth learning.


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