10 Pro Tips for Improving your spoken English

While growing up, my grandfather used to ask me to listen to speeches of leaders like Winston Churchill and watch the news on BBC in order to improve my English speaking skills. In a way, yes, that did help a lot. There are dozens of advice that people give you to improve your spoken English. To come up with some sure shot tips Henry Harvin, after conducting thorough research has curated 10 Pro tips for improving your spoken English in this blog.

The English language originates in Old High German, Old Norse, and Anglo-Norman. Modern English came into use in the 14th century. It is the national language of the United Kingdom and the mother tongue of 82% of the population in the United States. The delight-worthy fact is that approximately out of 7.8 Billion people 1.8 billion people speak in English. Therefore the importance of improving your spoken English and becoming better cannot be underplayed. This blog discusses 10 Pro tips for improving your spoken English.

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The 10 Pro tips for improving your spoken English are as follows:

1. Read, Read, and Read!

The more you read, the better your spoken English will become. People who are avid readers often think in the language they read and consume information. And when you think in one particular language, it will automatically reflect in your speaking skills. In fact, reading out loud is one of the best Pro tips for improving your spoken English. Therefore, reading is a determinative factor in improving your English. Some authors who have created immaculate works are Virginia Woolf, Jane Austen, Ayn Rand, and Agatha Christie. If one is interested in History then in contemporary times, you can refer to authors like Simon Sebag Montefiore and William Dalrymple. Some of the best Indian authors are Amish Tripathi, Amitav Ghosh, Arundhati Roy, etc. The works of these authors will not only develop your interest in the English language but will also improve spoken English.

2. Switch to English Entertainment

Watching English movies, and sitcoms can turn out to be very beneficial for people who are at the nascent stage of speaking the English language. It can be one of the most helpful Pro tips for improving your spoken English. The movies and the sitcoms can be watched with their subtitles on. This way a fun way of improving your spoken English. Some of the sitcoms like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, etc are some sitcoms that may do wonders with respect to improving the spoken English language.

3. Carefully observe people conversing in English

Carefully listen to people who are talking in English. This is one of the finest Pro tips for improving your spoken English. This will help your conversational skills immensely. Listening to English Podcasts can also be very beneficial to improve your spoken English while improving pronunciation and diction.

4. Practice Speaking in English

The reason we are so proficient in speaking our native languages is because of our daily habit of conversing in that language. Similarly, the more you converse in English, the more fluent you will become. Practice making conversations in English with your relatives and friends. Conversing in English will also make you more confident about your fluency in spoken English.

5. Reflect upon your language-learning abilities

The exercise of Reflection is a great stepping stone in improving your spoken English skills. Reflection is asking questions to think about what you learned, how you learned, what progress you see, and what could be done differently. This Pro tip for improving your spoken English can be implemented by reflecting on the conversation on the following parameters:

  • How was the conversation?
  • How confident were you while speaking in English?
  • Whether the other person could quickly grasp what you were trying to say?
  • In case you fumbled, where did you fumble?

Such reflective exercises will ensure that you will not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

6. Record yourself while talking in English

This Pro tip to improve your spoken English is again a part of your abovementioned reflective exercise. These days when we have the best technologies in our hands, it is easier for you to record yourself and judge how you sound while making a conversation. You can use your favorite apps and follow this as a daily practice to improve your English.

7. Learn New words and Improve your Vocabulary everyday

Maintain a diary where you jot down new words with their meanings. Try and use these words in your day-to-day conversation. This will not only positively improve your spoken English, but it will also vastly impact your vocabulary. On a lighter note, this is one of those  Pro tips for improving your spoken English that comes from a personal experience and is extremely beneficial!

8. Watch English News

Consuming daily news and information in English will make you more familiar with English as a language. The scholars of English suggest this is one of the best Pro tips for improving your spoken English. In the decades of the 80s and 90s, English teachers used to urge children to watch the news on BBC. It cannot be emphasized enough that listening to the pronunciations of the news reporters in order to emulate a similar style of diction in speaking in English is an extremely helpful method for improving your spoken English.

9. Learn idioms and commonly used English phrases

When you often converse with people when their first language is English, there are chances of you getting confused because certain phrases, idioms, and expressions don’t make sense. Therefore in order to be in sync with conversations try to pick up phrases and idioms in English that are commonly used. Learning idioms is one of the most important Pro tips for improving your spoken English.

Pro tips for Improving your Spoken English

10. Have fun while learning to speak in English

And lastly, do not forget to have fun while improving your spoken English. You may use fun word puzzles, or download apps in order to make the process fun. For instance, watching standup comedians performing in English can also be one way of improving your spoken English and it will also act as a wonderful source of entertainment.This is one of the most important Pro tips for improving your spoken English.


It is a well-known fact that English is the most widely spoken International language. Irrespective of the fact that it is the national language of England, in order to excel professionally anywhere in this world these days, it is almost mandatory to have mastered a professional level of speaking in English. We are sure that the abovementioned Pro tips for improving your spoken English will play a significant role in improving your spoken English.

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Q.1 How can I quickly improve my spoken English?

 A.1 The best way to improve your spoken English is by practicing conversing more and more in English

 Q.2  Why is my spoken English not improving?

A.2  First, your English is not improving because you are not practicing talking in English enough. Secondly, you cannot get the best results overnight. Language learning is a process that requires patience.

Q.3 Why should I improve my spoken English?

A.3 To be at par with your colleagues in present times it is important to have mastered the skills of professional-level English speaking. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, it will be beneficial for you to put across your ideas in English in order to be well understood.

Q.4 Which language is the most widely spoken language?

A.4. English is the most widely spoken language in the entire world. The total number of English language speakers is approximately 1,452,000,000.

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