Top 10 PMP Certification Courses in Dubai, UAE

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If you work in project management or people management, you may have heard of PMP certification courses in Dubai, UAE. They are one of the most respected and sought-after IT certifications for project managers and people who want to become project managers.

PMP stands for “Project Management Professional.” The Project Management Institute offers this certification (PMI). As I said, it is one of the best-known certifications for people who work in project management.

Recently, Project managers have been in high demand all over the world. Several tops and best companies hire certified project managers to run their projects. A PMI report predicts that more than 2 million project management jobs will be in demand annually.

Suppose you want to become a project manager. In that case, this certification can boost your credentials and help you get promoted and find a better, higher-paying job as a project manager.

The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is known worldwide as one of the most valuable certifications for professionals in IT and many other fields.

Top PMP Certification Courses In Dubai, UAE

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s PMP certification course is ranked no 1 in Dubai, UAE, by Higher Prime Insight, Yugasa, The Tribune, and India Today. This institute launched the PMP certification courses in Dubai with the vision to provide every aspirant with the highest calibre of education. Course fees are budget-friendly so that many interested students and professionals can take PMP training courses. It not only covers the PMBOK curriculum, but it also matches the most recent Examination Content Outline.

Critical Aspects of PMP Training in Dubai, in a Nutshell,

  • The PMP Dubai certification course follows the PMBOK guidelines and they design to meet the standards set by the industry.
  • Students need over 35 PDUs and 32 Credits for the Business Analytics Course to advance in their careers.
  • Thirty-six hours of intensive training equips students to understand the fundamentals and hurdles they will face as future project managers.
  • The concepts of boot camps and hackathons stimulate the most recent field-specific knowledge. Additionally, they gain understanding and self-assurance from these events.
  • Annual Gold membership provides access to the Learning Management System (LMS) and resume-writing and interviewing training.
  • Each PMP training Dubai certification course includes a Business Analytics Course to understand the content better.
  • Moreover, their industry projects aid in gaining an in-depth understanding of the topics for their aspirants; as a result, candidates gain confidence in their ability to learn and face genuine industry challenges.
  • The Goal-Centric and Action-Oriented pedagogy affirms the adaptability and simplicity of learning.
  • Learners engage through brainstorming sessions, group activities, hands-on experience with advanced tools, and statistical, non-statistical, and reverse presentations.
  • Sixteen examples from the real world illustrate the current project management challenges and best practices in the industry.
  • Mentors of this institution have global PMP certification.

Contact No: 9891953953

2. AZTech- PMP Training in Dubai, UAE

AZTech Training is a leading provider of international training for PMP training. Besides, this PMP Dubai Certification option includes training courses, seminars, and workshops. They provide a vast selection of training courses in various categories.

Similarly, they offer several courses in the category of PMP training. Their PMP Exam Preparation training is a 5-day programme. Therefore, it meets the PMP Exam prerequisite of 35 contact hours. 

If you wish to enrol in the PMP Exam Prep course, you must select a PMP certification course time slot from their online calendar. Nevertheless, you may need to schedule weeks in advance to plan and register for the course. In addition, the course fee for PMP training in Dubai is $4,950, which is quite expensive. It may not be the best option for you if you seek a cost-effective and flexible training option in terms of pace, location, and time.

Contact No: 6565942288

3. Blue Ocean Academy- PMP Training Dubai

Blue Ocean Academy is next on our Top 10 PMP Certification list in Dubai, UAE. Regarding corporate training in the UAE, the academy is already one of the names people trust.

Blue Ocean Academy in Dubai has been an ISO-certified Edu company in the UAE for more than 20 years. Today, the academy is proud of its 80,000 alum members, partners, and clients worldwide.

As the best place for PMP training in Dubai, the academy has won many awards and praise. Along with the training for the PMP certification, they also offer “exam training” to help candidates prepare for the 200-question PMP test.

Blue Ocean Academy offers a PMP Dubai Certification Preparation Course that is constantly updated and adapted to reflect the most current professional scenarios and requirements. All of their instructors have taught PMP classes for more than 14 years.

Contact No: 97143148500

4. Vinsys- PMP Training Dubai

This institution gives training on PMP Dubai certification all over the world. They offer a lot of other different training. They have put their courses into different groups. The main types of courses that they offer are:

  • Project management
  • IT service management
  • IT hardware and networking 
  • Cybersecurity
  • How IT Works.

Some of their most popular courses in these categories are ITIL, VMWare, ISO 27001, Six Sigma, Scrum Fundamentals, Spring Boot, SAFe, CAPM, and PMP training.

Their PMP Certification Training Course meets the PMP Exam’s 35-contact-hour requirement. Moreover, this training course explains the processes’ purpose, inputs, and outputs in line with PMBok. So, you can inquire about your suitable dates on their website. You have to make a schedule.

Contact No: 97143524949

5. Quadra Plus – PMP Training Dubai

Quadra Plus is known as the leading PMP Certification institution in Dubai due to its two decades of experience and success rate in PMP Dubai Certification training.

They have the most sought-after experienced trainers in UAE as instructors on board. It also offers unlimited practice tests that help students prepare for the actual PMP exam.

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has authorised Quadra Plus to provide management training courses in Dubai. Quadra Plus offers free replacement classes in addition to the standard training classes.

Quadra Plus also helps its students through the PMP Exam Application Process and keeps their credentials up to date. So, the best PMP training academy in Dubai arranges seminars and workshops where you can learn from experts in the field of project management.

Contact No: 7143802220

6. SprintZeal- PMP Training Dubai

SprintZeal is yet another institution to provide PMP Certification courses in Dubai, UAE, whose mission is to empower professionals. They provide training in PMP certification, Quality Management, IT Service Management, Agile Management, Business Management, and IT Security, among others.

The PMP Exam Training provides a face-to-face classroom setting. This course fulfils the prerequisite of 35 contact hours for the PMP Exam. After registering for this course, you will instantly access the e-learning portal. 

Moreover, they also offer online interactive PMP Dubai certification training. These virtual classes are available on weekends and weekdays. They also offer in-house corporate PMP training, so you can contact them for more information if you are interested.

7. PWC- PMP Training Dubai 

PwC Middle East’s educational business is the PWC Academy. This academy is a registered education provider of PMP certification in the Middle East. Also, because PwC is the biggest professional services company in the world, its employees are trained in project management across industries, locations, and countries. Their main goal is to help people in business and finance learn more and improve their knowledge. In their institution, you can find a wide range of courses.

PWC has the best PMP certification courses in Dubai, UAE. You can get 35 contact hours from this programme. On their website, you can find the course schedule. Once you sign up for this course, you’ll have access to PMI-approved PMP training study materials like books and an online learning tool, quizzes and practice tests. Besides, PWC has custom PMP Dubai certification as per the need of different companies.

8. KOENIG- PMP  Certification Courses in Dubai

KOENIG is a company that offers different IT training. Their primary focus is on IT training. In this way, they offer a variety of IT training based on vendor-based technologies. Some of the training they offer is in the following areas: Microsoft, Cisco\sSecurity, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, RedHat Project Management, Salesforce, and AWS.

In their portfolio bag, they also have training for the PMP Dubai certification. This training for the PMP training is available in more than one way. There offer classroom training and online training.

Besides, they organise five-day training programmes on PMP training in Dubai in different places. In addition to these training formats, they also offer a PMP training called “fly-me-a-trainer,” in which they train at the client’s location.

9. Grey Campus- PMP Training Dubai

Grey Campus, which has revolutionised online instruction classes for major certifications worldwide, is another leading option for PMP Certification courses in Dubai, UAE.

So far, the organisation has successfully trained about 1.5 million professionals worldwide and has a good market share in Dubai. Based on its proud partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM, PMI, and many more, it ensures that all of its learning PMP training modules give real-time interaction and learning from industry experts.

Further, it facilitates boot camps, simulated exam preparation, mentoring, and certification in its PMP Dubai Certification course.

As part of its PMP Certification Preparatory Course Strategy, they provide highly engaging learning modules to help candidates understand concepts well and easily before appearing for the test.

10. The Master of Project Academy, Inc- PMP Training Dubai

They are the first institution to offer PMP certification courses in Dubai, UAE. So Master of Project Academy is the best place to get budget-friendly and flexible PMP Dubai certification, with a first-time pass rate of 99.6%. Master of Project differs from other PMP training institutions, and they deliver quality PMP certification course training and a well-versed curriculum to acknowledge their students with all the modules. Here also, you will get a prestigious certification for completing the PMP training. 

Finale Takeaway

These are everything you need to know about some of the best institutions for PMP training in Dubai in 2022 to pass the PMP Project Management certification exam. All of these courses are very extensive and also meet the 35 contact hour requirements set by PMI.

Moreover, Project management is a skill that is in high demand, and many of the world’s best and most successful companies prefer to hire certified project managers to run their projects. Therefore, a PMP certification gives you an edge over others in your field.


Ques1. How can I become a certified PMP in the UAE?

Ans: For the PMP certification in Dubai, applicants need 7,500 hours of project management experience, 35 hours of project management course training, a high school diploma, and an associate’s degree (or the global equivalent).

Ques2. Which PMP certification is most widely known?

Ans: The most popular and well-known certification is the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from Henry Harvin. But PMI has several other certifications that can help professionals at different stages of their careers.

Ques3. Will PMP increase my pay?

Ans: Salary data for professionals with a PMP certification show that this certification is well worth the time and effort for many professionals. Further, PMI says that the average salary for non-certified project managers in the U.S. is $93,000 annually. PMPs make an average of $123,000 annually, which is 32% more than their non-certified peers.

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