Top 10 Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

Power BI courses in Hyderabad

Why Power BI Courses? 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad is a very interactive educational experience. Microsoft’s newest BI offering is a powerful tool for data analysis and also reporting. The training aims to equip participants and the capacity to do research also make sound judgments about the information gathered. Power BI Courses are suitable for this goal. It is possible to construct interactive dashboards with Power BI. This course also examines the fundamentals of data kinds. The creation and exploration of data, the addition of slicers. The optimization of data and map visualization. Creating funnel, waterfall, and scatter charts, among other also Power BI technical components. 

This Power BI Courses assists students in achieving. A mastery of analytics and also data visualization using Microsoft’s Power BI. The technical ability to construct interactive visualizations depends on organizational needs. 

Importance of Hyderabad

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

● Hyderabad is Telangana’s capital . 

● As Pearl City, Hyderabad is famous. 

● Charminar and Golconda Fort are two of the city’s many stunning buildings .

● Language spoken in Hyderabad is a combination of Telugu, Hindi, and also Urdu with its sounds and tones. 

● Nizams are famous for their food, history, and also shopping. There are also several tourist attractions in Hyderabad. 

● After Kolkata and Pune, Hyderabad is India’s third safest metro city (NCRB).Popular Power BI Courses in Hyderabad. It focuses on practical training and also work placement. The country’s top educational college delivers world-class facilities and also teaching.

● Power BI Courses in Hyderabad. Henry Harvin is a world authority. has rated it as Hyderabad’s top business intelligence course. Relevant, exciting Power BI Courses material bridges knowledge and also curiosity. 

Following are the top 10 best institutes for studying Power BI in Hyderabad

1. Henry Harvin: Best Power BI Course

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

About the Power BI Courses on Business Intelligence 

● 24 Hours of Live Online Training with 50 Hours of E-Learning Access  .

● Industry’s most knowledgeable teachers with decades of training and also professional experience  .

● Real-World Projects: Real-World Project Experience During Training  .

● Get a 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Analytics Academy and also get these perks . 

● Alumni Status: Get a Henry Harvin Alumni status and network with 18,000+ prominent . Alums throughout the world. 

● Along with Access to E-Learning: Includes Video Recordings, Games, Projects, and also Case Studies 

● Brushup Sessions: 12 monthly brushup sessions. It’s a freebie with a year’s worth of Rs.6,000. 

● Job Opportunities and Internships: Gain weekly access to over 10,000 job opportunities. 

Top Ten Advantages of Henry Harvin’s Business Intelligence Training 

● Master Business Intelligence using Power BI Courses in Hyderabad.

● Create Executive Presentations with Powerful Storylines . Develop an innate comprehension of how table calculations operate 

● Create Effective Presentations Through the Use of Stories 

● Tool Complex Mapping Strategies

● Recognize Data/KPIs and also the Significance of Business Intelligence

● Develop Interactive Graphs 

● Create charts of any type with ease 

● Connect Power BI to other Sources 

● Address real-world business issues 

Profits From Your Investment 

● Live Virtual Training for 24 Hours .

● The Certification of Certified Business Intelligence Specialist 

● Membership for one year at Henry Harvin Analytics Academy  and also Monthly Refresher Courses 

● Research Material 

● Availability of the Learning Management System (LMS) 

● Session-Recorded Video Clips .

● 100% job support for BI experts 

● Add-Ons improve project delivery . 

● Signature of CBIS beside your name. For Ex: Kapil Gupta (CBIS) 

Why Henry Harvin Should Be Consider for Power BI Courses in Hyderabad 

● Pertinent and also engaging content .

● Business Intelligence courses definitely deliver essential knowledge and spark interest .

● Learn with the Industry’s Most Elite and Outstanding Trainers  .

● Our Business Intelligence Trainers are to choose following a rigorous interview and examination . 

● We only recruit the best to guarantee that our pupils are the finest .

● Get access to the most powerful learning management system . 

● Henry Harvin’s Learning Management System contains Business Intelligence Projects and also Case Studies . Material soft copies and also presentations for one year. 

● Nationwide presence 

● You may take Power BI Courses in Hyderabad (class or at home offline). Get a Valuable Certificate 


If you win, you’ll also earn a Henry Harvin certificate. 

When you finish the Power BI Courses. 

Our professionals will certify you in person. 

Be distinct from the crowd. 

You will feel the difference when your Business Intelligence knowledge and skills. Boost your confidence at work, in interviews, and also in business discussions. 

Be Proud and Distribute

Students must broadcast their successes and also accomplishments to the world. On social media, highlight and also display your credentials. During networking gatherings for graduates and other interactive venues. People must know when you are successful! 

Projects covered (Hands-on Practical Experience) 

● HR: Analyze the Employee Attrition Rate  .

● Predicting Department-specific Sales  .

● Many: Business Analytics Improvement  .

● Website Trend Analysis in Marketing   .

● Financial Analysis: Stock Market Forecast and also ETF Trends 

● Learn all about our Power BI Certification Training Course .

● Power BI Course Content  and also top Power BI online courses 

2. Udemy – A Comprehensive Overview ( 2021 Edition) 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

This Udemy Power BI Courses has 46,000 reviews and 4.6 stars. You’ll also be able to analyze data from many sources and develop your own. 

Website: Udemy 

This course explains why Power BI is a complete business intelligence solution. Solutions for your data analysis needs. 

Envision is able to arrange data. Apply computations, and also produce and distribute charts in minutes. The training updates encompass Power BI Desktop, Pro, and also mobile. 

Title: Getting Started With Power BI Desktop

OUR VIEW: Chris Dutton, the founder of Maven Analytics, and Aaron Parry. A professional BI trainer teaches this course also . It will teach you. How to make professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up. 

Website: Udemy 

This class will show you why Power BI Courses in Hyderabad are important. . It also provides a comprehensive collection of business intelligence. Tools for achieving data analysis objectives. Imagine being able to organize your data. Add calculations and publish charts in minutes—updated course. Course upgraded Power BI Desktop, Pro, and also Mobile. 

3. Pluralsight

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

This introductory-level course is one of Pluralsight’s most highly-rated Power BI training products. Stacia Misner Varga is a BI partner . It is for SQL Skills and the chief executive officer of Data Inspirations. A Microsoft business intelligence-focused firm. 

Pluralsight is the platform. 

● You’ll see how easy it is to get data from various sources, clean it up, and also make changes with only a few clicks. 

●Enhance your results by merging data sources and also performing simple calculations. 

● Investigate data using visualizations and also dashboards. 

● You will also discover the methods required to keep your data current.

● Reporting using Power BI Courses in Hyderabad. 

Our view: Instructor Tim Boles is a 20-year Oracle database admin. This course also teaches anything about using Power BI Desktop to create exciting reports. 

Platform: Pluralsight 

Effective Reporting with Power BI Courses in Hyderabad teaches you. How to create exciting reports. , you will also learn how to include simple visualizations in a statement. Next, you will also learn how to enhance visuals to create persuasive messages. You will then examine how to develop interactive reports and dashboards. After completing this Power BI Courses in Hyderabad. You will also have the knowledge and abilities required in Power BI necessary. You are using visuals to tell data stories. That is unmistakable and attention-grabbing. 

4. DataCamp -An Introduction to Microsoft Power BI Courses 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

This course will provide learners. It is with a comprehensive overview of exploring and also using Power BI. For effective reports. The six-hour-long program includes 19 films and also 55 exercises. 

System: DataCamp 

This hands-on training will take you from beginner to expert with this BI tool. You will also learn how to load and alter data—using Power Query and the significance of data models. Before diving into generating visualizations and using the drag-and-drop features of Power BI. You will also learn to dive deeper into reports and create interactive reports. You will also get better at using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). Formulas to make calculated columns and fields that help you analyze data better. 

5. Coursera-Introduction to Power BI Courses Desktop. 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

Our take: This is one of the most well-liked Power BI training modules on Coursera. It has 4.7 ratings and approximately 2,000 user evaluations. Popular machine learning instructor Amit Yadav presents this guided session. 

Platform: Coursera 

Project-based 2-hour training. You’ll master Power BI Desktop. We’ll examine credit card defaults with Power BI. Power BI Desktop, developed by Microsoft, is a free business intelligence tool. Tools make it possible to input data, manipulate it, and display the results. You can also generate interactive reports and dashboards with relative ease and speed. We will learn the fundamentals of Power BI by importing data, modifying it, and also displaying it on a screen. 

6. Experfy-Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

This Power BI Courses covers how to construct self-service and enterprise graphs. Experfy Azure Power BI is for data analysts and scientists. 

Platform: Experfy 

This course is for BAs and DSs. Who has an interest in learning Microsoft Power BI? The system provides an overview of Azure with Power BI and also discusses how to optimize your data. It is a crash course in Microsoft Power BI and Azure. This course does not have any requirements. 

7. Microsoft-Learn about Power BI Courses 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

Here you will find the official Microsoft Power BI Courses materials. It makes it simple to learn Power BI Courses with guided learning. Examples and documentation. Everything from making your first graph to experimenting with cutting-edge. Advanced approaches are to cover in this subject. 

Operating system: Microsoft 

Microsoft provides various Power BI training tools via its Learn Power BI module. Besides a collection of self-paced learning classes. That offers a complete introduction to the platform. Microsoft gives examples in dashboards, reports, and also desktop files. That shows how other people make use of Power BI. The documentation contains in-depth information on all Power BI’s tools and capabilities. While more resources. It includes a rich community forum, specialized user groups, and contact support. 

8. Edureka-Microsoft Power BI Instructional Title: 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

An instructor is providing this Edureka Power BI course. The platform’s most well-liked app is this one. A 13-day module or a functional system is also available to students (4.5 weeks). 

Platform: Edureka 

Edureka’s Microsoft Power BI Training teaches business analytics. After this course. You’ll also learn Power BI Desktop, Power BI DAX, Power BI Q&A . Power BI Content Packs, and also Power BI Custom Visuals. Azure Machine Learning and SQL Services. This session also teaches you about Power BI, its components, and its many essential principles.

9. LinkedIn Learning- Power BI Courses Fundamental Training 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

This training will teach you how to create interactive, rich reports also using power bi. Gini von Courter has taught Microsoft Office seminars for over two decades. 

Availability: LinkedIn Learning 

In this session, Gini von Courter summarizes accessible resources. Gini begins by discussing the web-based Power BI tool. Describing how to import data, generate visualizations, and also organize those representations inside reports. She demonstrates how to share visuals by pinning them to dashboards and also how to ask questions. About your data using Power BI Q&A. She also discusses Power BI Mobile and demonstrates how to use it. The data modeling features of Power BI Desktop. 

10. Kubicle- Power BI Courses for Business Analytics is the title. 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad

This Kubicle learning plan includes several courses at various ability levels: 

● You will start by developing your first dashboard . 

● Go on to create fantastic data visualizations . 

● Enable advanced data connections . 

Platform: Kubicle 

Power BI for Business Analytics from Kubicle. It also uses interactive visualizations and sophisticated BI technologies to assist decision-making. The module consists of four sections: Dashboards and Visualizations. The Query Editor, Power BI Case, and DAX connect to the Internet and also your data. Study to provide thorough training. Building Your First Dashboard should be the first section you read. 

Eight Facts About Power BI That Are Fascinating 

1. Combining Data Visualization and Business Intelligence.

Power BI is a cloud-based solution that monitors your company’s KPIs.There are no costs connected with its use because it is free. 

The program is simple to use, install, and understand; you may also begin with a single click! 

2. Microsoft’s Power BI Solution 

Microsoft created and introduced Power BI in 2014. The company bought ProClarity, the startup of Power BI, in 2007 and has been using it since. Power BI is a cloud-based tool. That simplifies the construction of dashboards for data analysis. You may use this tool to display data in graphs, maps, and gauges and also do statistical analyses. 

3. Cloud-Based Upgrades 

Microsoft develops new PowerBI capabilities and updates them in the cloud. Best of all, there is no need to install or set up anything on your computer. Unlike other applications that may need you to download files from their website. Even first-time users may with ease set up the product. 

4. Power BI offers a free edition. 

Suppose you’re searching for a free edition of Power BI. It’s 10MB. As most of us won’t need more, that’s not too bad. That’s not so awful, considering most of us won’t need more. If your organization will be working with significant volumes of data. Or performing extensive research on its data. (such as constructing models), the free version will not suffice. 

Read on for alternatives to Power BI. 

Power BI’s mobile app enables customers to access dashboards and also reports anytime, anywhere. 

5. Mobile Business Intelligence. 

The Power BI mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It enables remote access to dashboards, reports, and also datasets. You may share your work with others or also cooperate with them! 

This material is accessible anytime by opening the app on your smartphone or tablet. Installation and configuration are simple.

Simple steps of configuration and also configuring allow for a smooth installation. 

Installing is simple. The only need is Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 or higher, which comes standard with Windows 8/8.1. To learn more about how to begin using Power BI

You already know how to use Internet Explorer on your PC. The setting is easy and also requires no code. All but one step completes through the browser interface. So you don’t need to download anything from us. Everything we offer also works online and offline, thanks to saved data files. Suppose you want more control over how things appear. where we separate each option into its part for customers. It can understand what influences which element of their dashboard experience. 

6. Intuitive interface for easy deployment. 

Power BI is an easy-to-use tool for novices. Microsoft engineers are available to assist with product queries and also issues. 

7. Data visualization with a click. 

Visualization is an effective method for comprehending data. It also helps users understand their data and detect patterns and trends. 

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad lets you view your datasets with a single click or also using the Power BI Desktop. 

You may drag and drop to add or also edit visualizations. 

Visualizations are helpful in exploratory analysis. 

Without clear aims. 

As well as in analytical processes. 

It is necessary to find solutions to problems (such as “where did this money go?”). 

8. Effective data analytics 

Microsoft’s online Power BI Courses solution analyzes and also presents data. As of 2014, construction has begun. There was no expansion of availability for the service. Until 2016 as part of Microsoft’s Azure offering.

Power BI Courses in Hyderabad employs Microsoft’s PowerPivot add-in for Excel. It enables users to construct dashboards using bar charts and also line graphs. It contains extra tools like pivot tables, slicers, and filters. So you may further explore database information (s). 

The free version of Power BI has restricted functionality compared to commercial editions. Enable sophisticated analytics (e.g., forecasting models), email and social media sharing, etc. 

Using Power BI, you can also view data in any way you choose, making business analytics simple. Businesses of all sizes and sorts may add and also analyze data with Microsoft’s Power BI. This unique tool has the potential to transform corporate performance. 

Are you eager to learn more? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Click IT Solutions is a six-time recipient of the Microsoft Partner of the Year award. It also provides online training classes on Microsoft Power BI Courses in Hyderabad. That is mentor-led and self-paced. 


Power BI Courses in Hyderabad are becoming the primary data analysis solution. Despite its complexity, it is for corporations, corporate groups, and data professionals. It gives you experience, expertise, a competitive edge, offers Power BI classes, qualified trainers, and also a learner community. It is to encourage your pursuit of knowledge. You get fundamental data analytics skills from a reliable platform .If you have concerns about the product itself. There are also alternatives to Power BI. That provides advantages that are equal to those offered by Power BI. With the help of Microsoft Power BI, insights may be mined from a company’s data. Power BI may facilitate the linking of unrelated data sets, the incorporation of data transformations and cleaning procedures into a data model, and the production of data visualizations like charts and graphs. Everything can be sent to other workers that utilize Power BI.


Q1 . What do I need to install to utilize Power BI?

Ans: To utilize the Power BI tool for free, you only need a Web browser and email.
You may get the Power BI mobile applications from their respective shops, also for free:

App Store
Google Play
Windows Store

Q2. Is business intelligence (Power BI) a viable career option?

Ans: A profession in business intelligence (Power BI) might be a rewarding one. Business intelligence consultants are critical for decision-making at all levels of a company and are highly appreciated by top stakeholders.

Q3.Do you need Power BI Certification?

Ans: Yes, Power BI certification is valuable since it teaches data’s lifecycle. It gives you a more confident, analytical outlook.

Q4.What are Power BI’s major components?

Ans: The three major components of business intelligence (Power BI) are the data warehouse, business analytics and business performance management, and also user interface.

Q5.What do PowerBI analysts do?

Ans: Power BI analysts build innovative firm technologies and tactics. BI analysts bring strategic thinking, data-driven decision-making, and also novel insights.


  • The Power BI course in Hyderabad was an invaluable experience. I learned so much and the instructor was great in helping us understand the concepts. I am excited to explore more of the platform and build my own projects with the knowledge I have gained from the course.

  • The Power BI course in Hyderabad was a great way to get up to speed with the tool quickly. It was well organized and did a great job of covering the basics and advanced topics. The instructor was knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I had. I’m very happy I took the course.

  • Enrolling in the Power BI courses in Hyderabad was a game-changer for me. The practical projects and real-world applications gave me the confidence to apply my skills in the job market successfully.

  • The Power BI course in Hyderabad was a great experience for me. The instructor was very experienced and knowledgeable, and the course material was very well organized. I was able to learn a lot of valuable skills and develop a better understanding of how to use Power BI more effectively. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get a better grasp of Power BI.

  • The Power BI course in Hyderabad is really great. It is comprehensive and covers all the basics as well as more advanced concepts. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient, and the materials provided were also very useful. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Power BI.

  • I found the Power BI course in Hyderabad to be very helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. The course was also very well-structured and was a great way to learn the basics of Power BI. I’m looking forward to using the knowledge I gained to improve my data analysis skills.

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