Top 10 Spanish Language Courses Online in 2023 (Exposed)

Is it safe to say that you will be able to learn a simple global language? What’s more, if your answer is yes. I would suggest that you go for the Spanish language. The Spanish language is one of the worldwide dialects and it is spoken by 5 million individuals throughout the world. Generally in America and Spain. It will assist you with exploring more job opportunities, professional choices, arts, literature, and getting admission in presumed colleges.

Before entering into the list of top 10 Spanish language courses online I would like to discuss the course structure and levels of language.

The Spanish language is easy and with continued practice and dedication, you can achieve mastery in the language. By learning the language you can enhance your career as a Spanish instructor, you can work in a BPO or KPO or you can become a translator and there are no specific criteria to learn the Spanish language.

There are four levels to gain mastery in the Spanish language and they are beginner level (A1/A2), Intermediate (B1/B2), Advanced(C1/C2).

A1– after completion of the A1 level, you will be able to perceive words and articulations. you can comprehend simple words and sentences. You will be able to take part in simple discussions, can ask basic inquiries, and react to them. You will be ready to compose short and simple texts.

A2– after completion of the A2 level, you will be able to speak familiar sentences and you can explain simple topics like family, shopping, geography, environments, and background. You will be able to make simple conversations with clarity.

B1– after completion of this level, you will be able to share your experience and opinions on certain topics and in this part, you can travel to Spanish-speaking countries and you can make decent conversation with native Spanish speakers.

B2– after completion of this level, you can use simple sentences and often expressions. you can impart simple and routine errands requiring basic and direct information on natural and routine matters. you can depict in basic terms.

C1– after completion of this level, you will be capable of getting up to speed with longer texts, and understanding meaning. you can communicate fluently without looking for expressions. You will be able to speak the language successfully for social, academic, and expert purposes. you can likewise create clear, very much organized, definite text on complex subjects.

C2– after completion of this level, you will have the same abilities as a native speaker, this means that you can easily understand everything heard or read. You are also able to summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a presentation. You will be able to express yourself spontaneously.

1 Henry Harvin Language Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the popular edtech companies located in India and the USA. They offer online and offline classroom sessions all over the world and the mode of a session depends upon the availability in your location. They offer multiple jobs and skill-oriented courses which will help you to enhance your skills. Henry Harvin language academy offers French and Spanish language courses online.

Course Name: Spanish Language Course

Course Duration:

A1- 30 hours

A2- 30 hours

B1- 40 hours

B2- 40 hours

C1- 40 hours

C2- 40 hours

Perks of the course

  • The course curriculum is integrated and designed by experts in the industry as per the DELE and SIELE exams conducted by Instituto Cervantes directed by Instituto Cervantes for Spanish Language Skills.
  • 100% practical approach used during the training sessions and the sessions are mostly filled with a lot of activities like debates, group discussions, presentations, etc. the trainers will encourage you to speak in Spanish.
  • Henry Harvin offers an optional internship program and in case if you are interested to check your competency level you can apply for the same, you will get a great opportunity to work under the best mentors in the industry who help you throughout your internship program.
  • Henry Harvin certificate is recognized by the reputed organization and industries and it will add value to your resume
  • 100% placement support from the Henry Harvin language academy team

Gold Membership

Henry Harvin offers INR 6000/- wroth gold membership for free in which you can access multiple benefits for free and they are

  • Recorded sessions of all batches
  • Access to Henry Harvin Learning management system
  • Weekly boot camp sessions in career-building topics
  • Free complimentary modules like resume writing and soft skill development
  • 10+ job opportunities
  • Hands-on projects during training.

Fee Structure

Henry Harvin offers courses at affordable prices with multiple benefits as mentioned above. Further, Spanish language course fee details are mentioned below for your reference 

A1- INR 9500/-

A2- INR 9500/

B1- INR 12500/-

B2- INR 12500/-

C1- INR 15000/-

C2- INR 15000/-

Henry Harvin also has a refund policy, in case you feel the session does not meet your desired standard. You can request a refund after post-completion of your first session.


EDX is an American online Edtech company created by Harvard and MIT students. It is a non-profit organization and provides some university-level courses for free. The sessions are conducted on the free Open edX open-source software platform.

About 150 schools and organizations plan to offer seminars on the edX site. Starting on 20 July 2020, there are 3,000 courses accessible for its 33 million enlisted students.

Course Name: Professional Certificate in Basic Spanish

Course Duration: 4 months(4 hours-5 hours) per week

There are three levels in this basic Spanish program and they are

  • Getting Started
  • One step further
  • Getting There

Perks of the course

  • The course is for beginners and will help you to understand basic language requirements like reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Post completion of the course, you will be able to make simple conversations in the Spanish language.
  • In this course, you will learn about tenses, Spanish verbs, sentence formations, and basic conversations.
  • In this Spanish language courses online have been created utilizing a creative language learning strategy that lets speakers foster their language abilities while they have a great time rehearsing regular circumstances.
  • You will receive a recognized certificate from UPValenciaX after the completion of your course.

Course Fee: $126

3 Duolingo

Duolingo is an American EDtech organization and its main motive is to provide education for free though they charge for premium services. The application runs on a freemium model. Duolingo offers Spanish language courses online.

Course Name: Learn Spanish

Course Duration: Self-Paced Course

Perks of the course

  • The course curriculum covers all the basic requirements for beginners. In case if you are applying for an advanced level course you need to take up a test which is available on the website.
  • Duolingo works on a freemium model in which it offers free Spanish classes. However, if you want premium services you need to make a payment.
  • You can sessions from your PC, Mobile, and TV. The sessions are conducted by experienced persons in the industry.

4 Babbel

Babbel is an E-learning platform, where you can explore 14 different languages like Spanish, French, Italian, English, and German. Other languages are Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Norwegian, and Turkish as of now.

Course Name: Learn Spanish Online

Course Duration

  • Light Sessions- 3 months
  • Focused Sessions- 6 months
  • Intensive sessions- 12 months

Perks of the course

  • Babble offers different types of training sessions like light, focused, intensive depending upon your requirements.
  • They offer all levels in Spanish which include A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, and as a beginner you can apply for an A1 session. However, to opt for advanced Spanish classes you need to go through a test conducted by babble.
  • The course curriculum is comprehensive and designed by experienced Spanish language experts.
  • Classes are full of activities and games which will make you stick with each concept taught during training sessions.

Fee Structure

Babbel sells membership participation beginning at $12.95 each month. The per-month value decreases when you pay for quite a long time of access ahead of time. You can purchase three months ($26.85), a half year ($44.70), or one year ($83.40)

5 Lengalia

Lengalia is a CEFR recognized institute. They offer exclusively Spanish language courses online. They offer all levels of the Spanish language. They offer different types of courses based on individual requirements like learning a language for business, for traveling, and for translations, etc. Lengalia likewise offers official CEFR confirmations for students post-completion of the course.

Course Name: Learn Spanish online

Course Duration: Self-Paced Course without any fixed schedules.

Perks of the course

  • Lengalia offers 24 Spanish online learning courses that permit you to learn at your speed and without schedule so you can realize what you need when you need it. When you buy a course, you will have quick admittance to all the course material and our learning instruments 
  • They offer multiple courses on the Spanish language based on your need for learning such as traveling, business, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.
  • They offer two types of learning courses and they are personalized courses and guided courses.
  • In personalized courses, you can learn at your own pace and in guided courses, they will guide you through the objectives.

Fee Structure

1 Month-2999 Euro

12 Months-5999 Euro

24 Months-8999 Euro

6 Udemy

Udemy is an American Edtech organization that offers multiple skill-oriented courses. They offer on-demand course videos. It is one of the largest open online platforms in the world. Udemy has around 44 Million subscribers and 65000 instructors.

Course Name: Spanish 1-4: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced

Course Duration: 109 hours recorded sessions

Perks of the course

  • The course curriculum is comprehensive and contains 323 lessons.
  • You will be to implement your knowledge and skills
  • you will be able to speak Spanish fluently
  • you will get 24 hours assistance from language experts.
  • By finishing the whole course (every one of the 4 levels), you will be fit for standing your ground in Spanish…
  • 167 downloadable resources and 24 hours access.

Course Fee: INR 656/-

7 Yabla

Yabla is an open online platform and is a computer-assisted language learning application. In this, there will be interactive sessions and you will get to understand difficult levels by television dramas, movies, vocabulary, etc. subtitles will be mentioned in every video for better understanding. Yabla offers Spanish language courses online.

Course Name: Learn the Spanish Language

Course Duration: Self-paced course(learn at your own pace)

Perks of the course

  • The Yabla video player incorporates double language subtitles that can be autonomously shown or concealed by the client’s inclination.
  • Clients can likewise tap on a word in the subtitles to see its definition in a coordinated word reference apparatus and add it to a rundown of flashcards.
  • The Yabla player additionally incorporates pitch-adjusted play, which permits students to dial back the discourse in each caption.
  • A jargon survey practice and a cloze-based listening game give further to student interaction.

Fee Structure

Free for 15 days and once the trial period is ended you will be charged $12.95 per month

8 Clic

Clic is a language learning center located in Seville, Spain and they also offer other languages like English, German and French Courses.

Course Name: Spanish courses for foreigners 

Course Duration: 20 to 30 classes a week

Perks of the course

  • The Spanish course is the most famous and the most requested in their institute.
  • 100% customized intensive Spanish course.
  • Spanish courses in Seville are extraordinarily intended to address your issues
  • Mentors are native speakers who are proficient with the language.
  • They will help you achieve Spanish language courses-oriented examinations.

Fee Structure

A free trial is available for a certain period. Post that you will be charged according to the type and duration of the course.

9 Baselang

Base lang offers a one-month crash course in learning the Spanish language. They believe that to communicate in a language there is no need for grammar. They have unique techniques to help you speak Spanish within one month.

Course Name: learn Spanish language (Grammerless Course)

Course Duration:1 month-(2 or 4 hours a day in total 80 hours)

Perks of the course

  • Course Curriculum is created in a creative way that will help you make basic conversation with native speakers in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Rather than beginning with the punctuation and models, you start with training. In each class, you go directly to utilizing the new idea.
  • By speaking regular words and listening to the conversation you will be able to make basic conversation with native Spanish speakers without using any google translator.

Course Fee: $900

Installment option is available you need to make $250 in 4 installments

10 Lingoda

Lingoda is an online language school that offers training in multiple languages like Spanish, English, business English, French, and German. Training sessions are conducted by the native speakers

Course Name: Learn Spanish Online

Course Duration: 1 month to 12 months. Duration is based on your learning skills and the level of your expertise.

Perks of the course

  • This is a self-paced course, online classes are available 24 hours
  • Sessions are conducted in small groups and private
  • Flexible schedule and you can attend sessions at your convenience
  • They offer all levels from beginners to advanced.
  • You need to attend fifty sessions in total and post completion of the requirements of the course you will receive a recognized certificate from Lingoda

Fee Structure

For 1 month-9.5$ per class

For 12 months- 6.75$ per class( one time payment)

Free trial for 7 days

Benefits of taking up Spanish language Courses Online classes

Everyone will not be able to follow sessions at the same speed. customized sessions are a great advantage of learning online. The teacher will be able to understand the student’s progress, plan and guide him according to his needs and goals in language learning.

Each of the four language abilities can be supported during an internet-based language session. The instructor collaborates with the students in a manner that furnishes them with enough freedom to tune in, talk, peruse and write in Spanish which permits them to rehearse and even screen their mistakes.

In online sessions, you can access unlimited information related to the course. Utilizing genuine recordings, podcasts, readings, and even punctuation practices as a component of the illustration spurs students and place them into a setting for learning a particular point inside the language.

People often feel uncomfortable learning a different language in front of others. Online lessons help you to gain confidence and you will be given a chance to practice at your own pace.


From my perspective, I have listed the top 10 Spanish courses online for your reference. I trust you will find this rundown helpful. During this pandemic it is better to stay at home and Further, you can learn and update yourselves online. Learning a Spanish language and understanding their culture will help you explore more opportunities and will help you understand people and it will also help you stress-free travel to countries like Spain and USA.


1. How much does a Spanish tutor earn per annum?

Ans. A Spanish tutor earns $51,717 per year in the USA.

2. On what criteria did you list the above-mentioned institutions?

Ans. The above-mentioned institutions are listed according to benefits, placement support, and course fee

3. What is the quality of education in Spain?

Ans. Spain is a beautiful country with reputed institutions and universities and the quality of education is excellent.

4. What kind of jobs can we apply for after learning the Spanish language?

Ans. Foreign language trainer, research associator, translator, air hostess or flight Stever, Diplomat, freelance writer, interpreter, etc.

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