TOP 10 Power BI Certification Course in Dubai

Power BI

Power BI is one of the most prevalent BI mechanisms delivered by leading software Microsoft. The main aim is to help everyone analyze and envision their data. It is highly in demand in Dubai. As many openings are available for the same. Students and professionals refer to add on the Power BI certification course for better career options. Data specialists make it feasible for corporations and organizations to optimize the importance of their input data assets by operating Microsoft Power BI.

The Microsoft Power BI Certification Courses will benefit specialists to accumulate ethical knowledge of the skills needed to analyze business data through the Power BI tool to generate business visualization for dashboards and statements.

List of top 10 best Power BI Certification Courses.

  1. Henry Harvin: 

Rating: 4.9/5

Henry Harvin is a global commander in Business Intelligence training and has the outstanding and prominent status of being consistently ranked as the best Business Intelligence course. It is one of the prominent Power BI Certification Courses

Course and Duration: Henry Harvin has the structure to run BI training courses offline, online as well as via self-paced paths. We boast of having a promising e-learning system and programs. 

You will get 24 Hours live Online Power BI training in Dubai and a  50 hrs E-Learning Access in the Power BI Certification Courses

Our power BI training spaces are equipped and furnished with all the necessary logistics and establishments to bring in training fun and interesting.

A 12-month premier membership to Henry Harvin Analytics Academy

Fitting out Job support, Case studies and projects, E-learning, Alumni portal access, and lots more for this Power BI Certification in Dubai,

Here is the bonus you get on completing the course. You will get 10K plus job opportunities every week. You will get a Power BI course certificate from the institute.

  1. Edureka: 

Rating: 4.7/5

Edureka provides world-class instructors for Power BI Certification Courses. They have an instant doubt-clearing method. Edureka also uses expert-led monitoring sessions.

Course: You can have access to Power BI Certification Courses for a lifetime. That means they always have your back. Not only that you can have free access to future updates in the course.

They cover desktop formats, data transformation, DAX commands charts and page layout reports dashboards advanced analytics. You cover every skill required to become a professional in Power BI.

Projects: You will get a chance to work on some live projects apart from the quiz and assignments.

Duration of Power BI Certification in Dubai : Power BI Certification Courses complets in 5 weeks. In the end, you will be getting the BI course certification of completion, the Power BI training in Dubai.

  1. Edvicons: 


Edvicons designed Power BI Certification Courses in  such a way that it puts on relentless training. It is a qualitative, innovative course.

Course: You will be trained by real-time industry expertise. They will train you, guide you and examine you. So you will be ready to use the Power BI tools in your own business set up or company after completing the Power BI Certification Courses. 

It is a 32 hrs training program with a BI certificate. You will get a description of Power BI training in Dubai and its different products. You will be creating reports and managing the data and much more. So, you will get our back up support for finding a job or doing an internship. 

  1. Accountants and Auditors 


Association: Power BI Certification Courses allows trainees to learn how to examine data and apply it to modern business. Accountants and Auditors also equip students with credentials at the culmination of the course. They also deliver 18 CPE hours for constant development.

Course and Duration Power BI Certification in Dubai : They have crash courses for the Power BI tools. Where you will learn about the all required tools used in Microsoft BI tools. This way you will learn to manage, create, generate and analyze the data effortlessly.You will get a Power BI Certification Courses

  1. Zabeel Institute: 


Zabeel Institute covers all the fundamental training, knowledge, and skill related to Power BI Certification Courses. They also provide power BI course certificates on completion of the course.

Course and Duration of Power BI training in Dubai : The course gets completed in 16 hours.

Power BI Certification Courses is offered by Industry specialist trainer. Emphasis on evolving professionals for the ever-growing IT field.

  1. Power BI Guru: 


The institute’s name itself focuses on its main aim and goals. One-stop solution for Power BI training and the power BI certification course in Dubai.

Course and Duration: The course is about 10 units, and gets completed in 30 hours. They have the amenities to run courses offline, online as well as via self-paced routes. They boast their team and institute of having the best e-learning technique. The power BI training rooms are prepared and furnished with all the necessary logistics and required facilities to bring in training fun and interesting.

  1. Leoron: 


At Leoron institute you will learn all about the tools used in the Power BI certification course in Dubai. How to use the tools to analyze and manage the data properly. 

Course and Duration: The Power BI certification course in Dubai helps you learn tools and gets completed in 4 days. So you can say it’s kind of a crash course. And you get a certificate also. The goal is to immerse you in the knowledge of powerful business intelligence through Power BI for reporting.

  1. Learners Point Academy:

Rating: 4.5/5 

The Power BI training will deliver you a chance to comprehend developing, designing, and deploying Data Science. You will get a chance to analyze and examine the applications of Big Data in the real world. It is well known in the field of the power BI certification course in Dubai

Course and Duration: By the end of this activity of the Power BI certification course in Dubai, you will have tremendous proficiency in Hadoop Developer, statistical computing, real-time analytics, Administration, testing and analysis modules, creating NoSQL applications & much more. 

The Power BI Certification in Dubai will be completed in 5 weeks. 

  1. Knowledge Hut: 

Rating: 4.7/5 

KnowledgeHut delivers all the necessary courses required in the meadow of data analysis, such as Microsoft and the Power BI training. This power BI certification course in Dubai intends to cover all the visions like Power BI Desktop features and Power BI services. 

Course and Duration of Power BI Certification in Dubai: In the Power BI course the trainees are also instructed on server, gateway, Power BI reports, and Power BI mobile app.

You will get a full ledge of 30 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions and 95 Hours of On-Demand Learning sessions. You will have lifetime access to courseware and 6 assignments and one live project to work on. Apart from this, you will get a few quizzes and experiments too. 

  1. Koenig India: 


This course will help professionals to attain proper knowledge.

Course and Duration:This Power BI course in Dubai is a 3-day instructor-led training delivered by a Microsoft Gold Partner. This Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI workout in Dubai is excellent for business intelligence professionals looking to operate their data assets to the utmost by utilizing the Microsoft Power BI tool. Earning this Microsoft Power BI certification in Dubai will enable individuals and enterprises to keep up relevant by adopting different types of cloud keys that are dominant lately. 

It is complete power BI Certification Training and you will get access to an unrestricted recording.

Microsoft Power BI certification Course in Dubai Benefits and Scope:

  1. Collect the data.
  2. Organize and arrange the data.
  3. Analyze and transform the data.
  4. Load the data.
  5. Prepare the data model.
  6. Design and develop the data model.
  7. Uses DAX tool for measurement.
  8. Optimize the performance of the designed model.
  9. Envision the data model and create a dashboard.
  10. Build and develop the data space and workspaces.
  • Benefits of Power BI certification course in Dubai 
  1. It is beneficial for career growth.
  2. Project manager, business analyst, Data scientist and many more fields can benefit from power BI courses.
  3. The power BI courses in Dubai will help you to grow your own organization or the company you are working for.
  4. Power BI courses make you expertise in data management, data analytics and data development.

Conclusion:Power BI Courses in Dubai

 One of the extensively sought-after classes of Business Intelligence with particular emphasis on pragmatic training and job placements. The power BI certification course in Dubai is proposed by the country’s premier academic Institute delivering Best-in-class training and infrastructure facilities. So if you are interested in Power BI courses and want to take a career in Dubai. You must enroll now and upgrade your resume.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Who should enrol for the Microsoft Power BI Training?

The Microsoft Power BI Training is for all the experts and specialists who are sincere and passionate about BI i.e. business intelligence, data visualization, and data analytics. It is best suited for:
Entry-level Professionals, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Managers, Statisticians, and Analysts. 

Can I apply to this course along with my full-time job?

Yes, you can. Every Institute offers different flexibility in courses. So if you are working or doing some other courses, you can apply for the Power BI courses in Dubai.

Is The Power BI course certification course in Dubai valid? 

Yes, it is. The power BI course is highly in demand in Dubai. IT infrastructure is a booming career option one can have in Dubai.

Will the power BI course in Dubai help in my career growth?

For sure, this will help individuals and companies to generate data, manage data and analyze it. Even if you are planning to work in Dubai or start your own set up. The Power BI course will be very helpful.


  • HENRY HARVIN Power BI certification course in Dubai is amazing. The course was taught by expert instructors who provided hands-on training and practical guidance. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to build their skills in data visualization and business intelligence.

  • The course was well-structured, covering both the theoretical and practical aspects of Power BI. I feel confident in my ability to use Power BI effectively after completing the course and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build their skills in data visualization and business intelligence.

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