10 Best Technical Writing Courses in India with Skills, and Salary

Technical writing course

Many writers and copywriters are familiar with technical writing, but few have a firm grip on its particulars. Since you do not know where to begin, this can make technical writing an intimidating career path.

However, even though few writers dare to specialise in technical writing, it can be an enriching career path. Regardless of your objective, there exists a technical writing course that will help you acquire both fundamental and advanced knowledge. This article enumerates and describes the most widely recognised technical writing programmes.

Due to the escalating requirements of the IT industry, the technical writing course is likely in high demand. Large corporations and businesses desired professional and imaginative writers. These writers are entrusted with translating complex technical jargon into simple language.

Everyone knows that India’s IT industry is flourishing and sweeping the globe. Being an engineer is not the only way to participate in this industry. You can enter this lucrative industry if you are interested in technology and fashion.

Those interested in pursuing this lucrative profession must enrol in technical writing classes. Therefore, We have compiled a list of India’s best technical writing courses.

Let’s jump straight in.

What’s Technical Writing and Its Types?

Technical writing is inclusive of all technical documentation and processes. For the record, this category includes the user manual, executive summary statements, reports, press releases, and communications.

Simply put, technical writing is any web content that uses straightforward language to convey technical information. Technical communication must be precise and free of ambiguity. A novice should be able to decipher the informational web.

Technical documents may contain the following forms of writing:

  • Reports
  • White documents
  • Case studies
  • User interface wording
  • Product information
  • Press statements
  • Proposals

 Different types of technical documentation exist. Initially, you may feel intimidated, but it becomes relatively simple once you gain a firm grasp of the situation. All programmes for technical writing will teach you the formats and methodologies of these documents. In addition, they familiarise you with the software application, which you can use to facilitate the process.

Who is Eligible to Become a Technical Writer?

Anyone with an aptitude for writing and an interest in technical matters can become a technical writer. However, the most practical method to pursue a career in technical writing is to obtain a bachelor’s degree and then enrol in a professional technical writing course leading to industry-recognized certification.

Start by accepting minor writing assignments, so you can eventually take industry-specific professional technical writing assignments from reputable clients in your field.  A technical writer must have a strong command of written and spoken English and fundamental IT skills.

Therefore, if you are considering a career as a technical writer but are unsure of its viability or endurance, have faith and develop your technical writing skills, as the sky is the limit for proficient technical writers not only in India but globally as well, as work is abundant. Choose the finest technical writing course in India that corresponds to your needs and continue.

Skills Essential For Technical writing certification

Technical writers must possess a vast array of skills. There are several similarities with other writers, but many specific talents are also required.

Skills in technical writing include:

  • Excellent written communication skills, particularly the capacity to convey complex information in simple language and write very clearly.
  • Quick comprehension of technical subjects:  Technical writers can not be specialists in all fields. However, they typically can quickly learn and comprehend technical topics. They must understand the issue well enough to convey it simply to others.
  • A comprehensive understanding of technology:  Technical writers typically have a broad but superficial experience of various technology-related topics. This enables them to effectively integrate their existing knowledge with new information and contextualise their work.
  • A recognition of their ignorance: When necessary, technical writers must be able to consult with experts or conduct additional research. Therefore, they must recognise the limitations of their knowledge.
  • Expertise and familiarity with computer programs, including statistical software and design/illustration programmes
  • Excellent proofreading and editing abilities:  Finally, technical writers must be able to proofread their work and recognise blunders, misspellings, and grammatical errors. Technical documents must be error-free and present a professional appearance.

The Job of a Technical Writer

  • The duties of a technical writer are to create instruction manuals.
  • Communicate technical information to a non-technical audience using simple language.
  • Employ precision in composing user documentation.
  • Create software documentation in conjunction with subject matter experts and technical personnel.
  • Assist other authors in document creation.
  • Capability to enhance existing and potential content
  • Convert complex documentation to simple language for multiple audiences
  • Develop product manuals with screenshots and instructional videos.
  • Document internal teams, including developers and programmers.
  • Communicate intricate concepts succinctly.

Best Technical Writing Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin 

The Henry Harvin Institute is the leader in technical writing training. The institute provides 50 hours of E-Learning access and 16 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions. Moreover, candidates can participate in actual industry initiatives during training. One year of Gold membership with the institute’s writing academy includes a multitude of benefits, such as Henry Harvin alum status and networking with 18,000 distinguished alums worldwide; access to recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies; 12-monthly brush-up sessions for INR 6000 for free; and fantastic job and internship support.

Key Advantages of Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course 

There are numerous advantages to taking Henry Harvin’s best technical writing course. These include improving technical writing skills, being aware of the ethics in scientific communication, being able to prepare comprehensive research proposals, using free software to create citations in seconds, exploring and identifying different types of literature, knowing what to write in every section of every research paper, effectively communicating technical details to non-technical audiences, and streamlining one’s writing process to produce higher quality writing.

Tools Included

Tools covered include MS Word, Notepad, and Google Docs; screen capture tools such as Snipping tool, Tech Smith Snagit, Fire shot, Green shot, and Light Shot; image editing tools such as Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Snagit; spellchecking tools such as Grammarly and Languagetool.org; presentation and template infographics such as Canva, Piktochart, and Venngage; and video editing tools such as Open shot and VSDC.


The curriculum includes an introduction to technical writing, documentation process, technical writing process, grammar and editing, technical writing software tools, components of a technical document, technical writing techniques, how to create a technical document template, an overview of specialised document formats, development of soft skills, and resume writing.


The self-paced course costs INR 15,750 and includes everlasting access and support. The live online classroom course provides the same content as the self-paced course in addition to one year of gold membership and monthly Bootcamp sessions for INR 17,500.

2. Winprotech IT Solutions India

Another Indian institution that features a technical writing programme is Winprotech IT Solutions. It has more than nine years of training experience. 

They design their curriculum based on industry requirements and best practices. Their curriculum is also based on industry-leading research, guaranteeing a successful outcome.

Winprotech IT Solutions is yet another Indian organisation that offers a technical writing course.

They have allocated thirty hours for the theoretical portion, thirty hours for the reasonable amount, and twenty hours for doubt and evaluation sessions with your trainer. This institution provides access to its LMS along with study materials.

3. TechTotal Systems

TechTotal Systems is a collection of engineers and technical writers that offers technical writing courses in India and technical writing services to small and large Indian businesses. Before providing their clients with straightforward documentation, they employ technical writers and editors with engineering and scientific backgrounds better to comprehend the technical facets of any product or service.

In addition, they collaborate with fellow technical writers and subject matter experts to offer technical writing services for advanced programming languages. The internal group of scientists can communicate directly with developers and understands how to translate complex concepts into understandable user manuals.

In India, they offer interactive online sessions for technical writing courses. Their course also offers complimentary technical mentoring, study notes, and online discussion forums for assistance. It is a multilingual eLearning platform designed to develop the typical job duties and skill sets of technical writers.

4. Udemy

Technical industries have a high demand for technical writers, and Udemy is all-inclusive concerning this concept. Udemy, one of the best online course providers, offers comprehensive technical writing courses. Udemy offers both basic and advanced technical courses.

Depending on your needs, you can locate a course on Udemy that teaches API documentation, engineering reporting, or business writing. Is it something that you truly desire? In addition, these specialised technical writing programmes are available at reasonable costs.

Nevertheless, you may need to invest in professional technical communication programmes. This course teaches the concepts and principles of editing and writing for technical specialists. By completing this course, you can develop a lucrative and prestigious vocation.

5. Black and White Tech Writing Solutions

Black and White Tech Writing Solutions provides the best technical writing course near me. Additionally, it has an office in Australia. The course material at Black and White Tech Writing Solutions includes in-depth English language and grammar knowledge, technical writing concepts, technical writing tools, and communication exercises.

Their course is meticulously designed with the current demand in the field of technical writing in mind. They provide a curriculum that strikes the ideal equilibrium between theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

6. Blue Dots Consultancy

It is an education consulting, training, and capacity development firm offering India’s best technical writing course. Bangalore, the Indian Silicon Valley, is home to one of the country’s most prospective training and services consulting firms.

More than 2000 students have taken advantage of Industry Partnerships’ 15000 hours of training sessions in technical writing, with over 50 active initiatives. They also provide better placement assistance to their trainees because they offer Staffing solutions.

7. Technical Writer of India (TWIN)

With over 4000+ subscribers, Technical Writer of India (TWIN) is one of the largest communities for technical communication and technical writers. They offer a course in technical writing.

Numerous volunteers run TWIN. They collaborate with Tekom, the most excellent technical communication association in Europe. TWIN also collaborates with Mount Carmel College (MCC), one of Bangalore’s prestigious colleges.

TWIN provides four classroom-based training weekends and one-month offsite programmes. The cost of the course is roughly 14,999 INR.

8. Knowledge Buffer

In addition to offering technical writing courses, this institute provided courses in E-Learning and was the first in 2003 to implement virtual classroom training for technical writing training. In addition, it was the first to use Adobe Captivate in technical writing, even before Adobe included it in its Technical Communication Suite. The institute also assists international students in completing their assignments for their university course on Technical Communication (another term for technical writing). The institute’s exposure to and experience with Printing, Publishing, E-Learning, and Multimedia can give its students a broader perspective. The institute has trained close to 8,000 students and aims to instruct an additional 10,000 via its online platform. 

The institute provides three technical writing programmes, including a diploma in technical writing, a postgraduate diploma in technical writing, and a certificate programme in technical writing.

9. Technokraft

Technokraft India offers one of the most prominent technical writing certification courses. It has been a leading training provider for technical writing and instructional design ever since its founding in 2003.

The mentors are highly knowledgeable and provide the students with useful advice and information to enhance their abilities. They are a leading provider of corporate training and a placement agency. 

The training in technical writing will enhance your visualisation and design skills. You will improve your analytical reasoning and time management skills. 

 This course will provide you with all the information you need regarding the necessary tools for enhancing your technical writing endeavours. You will engage in hands-on learning and be provided with resources to comprehend how to initiate project work in the technical writing domain.

10. Coursera

Coursera has become one of the leading purveyors of online courses. They offer a variety of courses for individuals from all aspects of life. In addition, they offer some of the most comprehensive courses on technical writing for beginners, intermediate, and advanced professionals. 

This course on technical writing by Elena Bazanova is highly rated on Coursera. It is considered one of the most effective technical writing courses for developing sharp technical writing skills. 

 In this course, you will comprehend research reports, feasibility report design, progress reports, consulting reports, and laboratory reports.

 The programme is designed to provide you with a comprehension of the various styles of structure and the ability to create flawless, high-quality and informative reports. 

 You will learn how to organise and compile information for research purposes. The culminating assignment will help you apply your knowledge and assess your comprehension of the concepts inherent to technical writing. 

Is Technical Writing Course Worthwhile?

A technical writing course is the ideal method to begin a career in technical writing. Since you must start somewhere, beginning with a quality lesson rather than diving into actual labour and becoming discouraged is preferable. Nevertheless, choose the course that best suits your needs. Typically, technical writing skills course

 covers the fundamentals is an excellent method to determine if technical writing is for you.


Which are the seven categories of technical writing?

Ans: Instruction manuals, posters, visual communication, proposals, reports, technical descriptions, product recalls, and white papers are examples of technical writing.

Do technical writers are in demand?

Ans: The BLS predicts a 5.5% increase in employment for technical writers between 2021 and 2031. During that time, an estimated 3,100 positions should become available. Technical writing is the art of communicating complex information with differing degrees of subject knowledge to an audience.

What is the highest Technical Writer salary in India?

Ans: In India, the salary range for technical writers is between 2.6 Lakhs and 13.0 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of 5.5 Lakhs.

Is technical writing a viable profession?

Ans: This career path may be rewarding for writers with strong technical skills because it permits them to work with technology. They may also value many of these tasks’ flexibility, as they can frequently be performed from home.

What kind of ability is technical writing?

Ans: Extremely excellent written communication skills, particularly the ability to convey complex information in simple language and write very clearly. Quick comprehension of technical subjects. Technical authors are not specialists in all fields.

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