10 Best Stock Market Courses in India – 2023

Stock Market Courses

Stock Market Course is one of the courses every person wants to pursue. It fulfills the financial issues by acting as a source of a second income. Do you ever come across the idea of doing a stock market? Are your friends investing in the stock market?

There may be chances that you won’t be able to start investing due to a lack of knowledge and confidence.

So this blog will solve your problem by suggesting the best stock market courses. You may be new as an investor, but the blog and courses will show you the correct path to building the stock market goals.

Stock Market Courses and Eligibility:

Before financing in the stock market, you must study the tips which will supply the details of stock market courses:

  • Qualifications- You should pass your class 12th examination.
  • You can go through the online outlets and universities.
  • The period of the stock market course differs from a few weeks to one year.
  • There are widespread courses that will enable beginners to start the stock market.
  • Opportunities in the stock market can be a stockbroker, equity analyst, stock dealer, trader, etc.
  • The stock market course fee depends on the institute you enroll in. It can be around INR 10,000/-.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is rated the best institute to propose a stock market course. “Value Creation” is the vision that the institute follows. Many leading publishers like Times of India, Economic Times, and Hindustan have recognized this institute. It is a Global Edtech company delivering career and competency with the top corporate winning award.

Why should you choose Henry Harvin?

  • Get the benefit of enrolling 9 in 1 course (Training, Projects, Internship, Certification, Placement, Bootcamps, E-learning, Hackathons, Gold Membership)
  • Lifetime Support & access to the best customer care service
  • Access to 1 Year Gold membership 
  • Enterprise experts with 15+ years of working experience 
  • Employment help with job shield and undergoing projects related to the capital market.

Certification Course Registration Process:

  • You require to reach the counselor to choose the batch of your preference.
  • Follow the instructor-Led sessions of the stock market course.
  • Finish the tasks and projects assigned by the tutor.
  • Apply for the certification after successfully following the session
  • Grasp Course Certification of Certified Stock Market Specialist Course from Henry Harvin Finance Academy in your name.

Course Module of the Stock Market Course:

  1. Capital Market
  2.  Fundamental Analysis
  3. Derivatives
  4. Technical Analysis
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Two Complimentary Courses

 Stock Market Course fee:

  • The self-paced Stock Market Course costs Rs 13500/-
  •  There is more option, i.e., to attend the online live lectures, the fee structure is Rs 15000/-.
  • They offer competitive finance options at a 0% interest rate, making it more convenient for the students.

More additional courses are offered:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Data Science with Python
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance Course
  • Content Writing course
  • Six Sigma course

2. Udemy

Udemy includes an excellent sequence of course systems with its worldwide community. Everyone is a student and educator right here, which they believe.

Based on the course’s period and score, college students can choose the course on Udemy. Udemy is the worldwide medium that preserves the period for the candidate through its online courses and selecting the course of their niche.

So, select the course based on the score, and start reading accordingly.

The stock market course is one of the most useful classes provided by Udemy.

Why should you select Udemy?

  • More nominal cost
  • You don’t need to wait for the classes or follow the schedules.
  • Pick the video of your levels.
  • Professional faculties with doubt clearing opportunities
  • Real-world examples as a practical demonstration

Udemy Course Structure:

  • Udemy gives the option of selecting videos as per our level.” Investing in the stock market” is one of the courses which have a duration of 14 hours.
  • The Course Fee starts from INR 525. Many times Udemy grants offer discounts on special occasions. Free Courses are also available to get basic knowledge of the Stock Market.

3. Coursera

Coursera is one of the finest education platforms for learning stock market courses. Coursera partners with over two hundred universities and groups. It carries easygoing, reasonable, job-applicable online studying to people and corporations worldwide. They deliver learning options—from hands-on initiatives and journals to job-equipped certification and diploma schedules.

Why should you select Coursera?

  • World-class education platform
  • Reasonable fee system
  • Career development skills
  • Leading industrial, professional trainers

Course Structure:

Coursera includes a checklist of stock market courses. You can readily buy by turning upon your interest and the grades you fall.

4. Skillshare 

Skillshare is an internet mastering network with education packs for progressive and curious people. Topics gifts include inventory marketplace, illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more. On Skillshare, participants come collectively to discover guidelines and take the subsequent step of their evolutionary journey.

Why should you select Skillshare?

  •  Experienced college across the globe
  •  No time sure for the lectures
  •  Scholarships available

Course Structure: 

Skillshare has been a pleasure getting to know the platform, enabling novices to select the required levels, durations, and capabilities. Fundamental to the inventory marketplace- The length of the route is 10hours.It consists of all of the elements of the inventory marketplace. Investing masterclass newbie inventory marketplace getting to know every day trading an intro to the inventory marketplace, etc. The inventory marketplace route length is from less than 15 minutes to more than 60 minutes.

5. NIFM-certified financial modeling(College)

NIFM is one of the best institutes which delivers the stock market course. They deliver job-oriented vocational training classes in diverse specializations.NIFM delivers diverse short-term courses such as Stock market, Share market, Derivatives market, and so on.

Why should you select NIFM?

  • Class Room sessions with the best faculty on board
  • Laboratories
  • Students Placement supports
  • Conducts Seminars 
  • E-learning platforms options are available
  • Online Mock test program

Courses offered:

NIFM conveys both full-time classroom sessions and online stock market courses.

6. IFMC New Delhi

It is one of the most trusted names within the stock market institute. The institute is ranked #1 by the Stock Market Institute of India with 9,500  students studying over 26 programs. They have a group of more than 50 technical analysts, research analysts, currency advisors and various contributors.

Why should you select IFMC New Delhi:

  • High Tech Institutes with the Best Classrooms
  • Libraries Available
  • Job Opportunities
  • Seminars and Conference Rooms

Course Structure:

IFM New Delhi also offers online and offline courses.

Online courses:

online courses include recorded lectures with a subject-dependent duration. Candidates can request the e-books if they wish. There are question and answer sessions for each module.

  • Finance and Stock  Market Diploma Course
  • Stock Market Certification Course
  • Stock Trader Course
  • Stock Market Course for Beginners

7. BSE Institute Ltd., Mumbai

BSE Institute Ltd. has the unique advantage of being in the heart of the action: the financial center of India, one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Academy  helped us provide a glimpse into the special abilities of this world. Emerging markets, including the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), can be deceptive and intimidating.

Why should you select BSE Institute Ltd:

• The first hand of our school and situation to remind professionals to deal with the realities of this market.

• Enable candidates to  become aware of how organisations, employers and buyers are aware of and respond to these challenging new  situations and opportunities.

• Structure based on case studies.

8. Elearnmarkets

Elearnmarkets is one of the top stock market courses by top professionals. Vivek Bajaj is the founder of the institute. It gives various options to start the stock market journey.

Why should you select elearnmarkets:

  • Dive into the text-based content with lots of information related to finance.
  • Short courses are available to get more information with a self-paced learning facility.
  • Certification courses to build a stronghold in the finance market.
  • Many more career courses to learn concepts.
  • Blogs to keep updated with the trends.

Fee Structure

There are many courses available which range from lowest to highest price.

9. Sharekhan by BNP Paribas

One of the top investor course providers with a complete human network provider to teach finance.


The Stock Investor course is an interactive online course that helps the students to have a better understanding. It is packed with many case studies which allow one to understand the concept properly.

Why should you select Sharekhan:

  • Learn fundamental and technical analysis by building your portfolio.
  • Identifying the type of stocks to invest
  • Proprietary market timing strategy to invest at the right time.

10. Smart Money by Angel One

Smart Money brings various modules for all levels. This allows every individual to learn the different concepts of the stock market. Just a click in the chapter will help in getting ample information. Smart Money helps the students to know the market through its engaging chapters.


Stock Marketing has come to be the heartbeat of the economy. Everybody from a finance background should have knowledge of the stock market. In starting it might additionally differ from the outside environment. Taking the hazard might be a vital component for an investor.  In the Stock marketplace, you may make a satisfactory monetary career. The big danger might be now no longer taking the hazard. If you take the best stock market course you won’t face any issues.


Q1. What might be step one withinside the stock market?

Ans. If you’re a beginner, you are instructed to hire a stockbroker. You also can take the stock market course. There are diverse steps withinside the stock marketplace- you want to pick out the way you need to invest, then open a funding account, apprehend the position of the depository and begin buying and selling. 

Q2. Could you explain what is a Demat account? 

Ans. A Demat account involves holding the equity or debt in an electronic form. It is the way of holding financial securities through electronic medium.

Q3. Is there any age restriction for buying and selling in the stock marketplace?

There aren’t any age regulations for buying and selling in the stock marketplace. A minor age is restricted from opening a Demat account and trading account. 

Q4. Are there any sectors in Stock Market? 

Ans. Yes, Stock Market divides into 11 categories. Energy, Materials, Industrials, Utilities, Healthcare, Financials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Information Technology, Communication Services, and Real Estate are the sectors.

Q5. What are the satisfactory websites for stock marketing? 

Ans. As a beginner, you may test this internet site to peer how the marketplace works. 

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