Top 10 Power BI Courses in Mumbai

“Power BI courses in Mumbai provide in-depth instruction in Microsoft’s data analytics tool.”. training in Microsoft’s data analytics tool. Learn data visualization, DAX functions, and report creation in these courses. Gain valuable skills for business intelligence and data analysis. To help you sort through the possibilities, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Power BI courses in Mumbai.

Power BI Tutorial

An easy-to-use software program for data analysis and visualization is called Power BI. It enables users to transform difficult-to-understand data into understandable charts, graphs, and reports. It’s extensively used in business to help people make better decisions by visually displaying data. Power BI is excellent for monitoring performance, identifying patterns, and disseminating insights.

“The demand for data specialists with Power BI abilities is increasing in Mumbai’s job market. These top 10 Power BI courses in Mumbai cater to different learning needs and skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your expertise. Enroll in one of these courses today to invest in your future career.”

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Power BI course in Mumbai is a program for beginners to learn data visualization and business intelligence using Power BI. It offers hands-on training to create impactful reports and dashboards for better decision-making. Gain valuable career skills in a practical way with this course. It is one of the top 10 power BI Courses in Mumbai.

Power BI Course

Key Highlights

  • Engaging Business Intelligence course with a stimulating curriculum.
  • Learn from expert industry trainers for top-quality education.
  • Access a state-of-the-art Learning Management System for 12 months, including projects and materials.
  • Choose between classroom or online learning options available nationwide.
  • CBIS Certification, which is affiliated with the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, and the Indian government. will be given upon the course’s completion.

Course Duration

  • Course duration and fees are listed on their website.
  • Membership: 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Analytics Academy.
  • Access to recorded films, games, projects, and case studies via e-learning.
  • Brush-up Sessions: 12 free monthly brush-up sessions for a year (worth Rs. 6,000).
  • Live Projects: Real industry projects during training.
  • other blogs from Henry Harvin

2. Besant Technologies-Power BI Training

Besant Technologies Mumbai offers concise and practical Power BI courses. Learn Power BI from expert trainers with hands-on experience. Gain valuable skills for your career with real-world projects. Through these courses, you can improve your data analysis skills.

Power BI Training

Key Highlights

  • Besant Technologies in Mumbai offers practical Power BI classes.
  • Expert trainers with hands-on experience.
  • Real-world projects for skill development.
  • A straightforward and accessible approach to learning data analysis.
  • It offers students various kinds of training such as classroom, one-on-one, live instructor LED online, fast track, and customized training.

Course Details

  • Course duration of 30 hours.
  • Fee cost Rs.1499/-
  • They have their own course materials.
  • Resume editing and interview preparation are part of their program.
  • Globally recognized course (MSCA) completion certification will be provided.

3. EDUREKA -Microsoft Power BI Certification Course

Microsoft Power BI Certification

Edureka’s Power BI course in Mumbai is crafted to prepare you for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Exam: PL-300. People who want to learn how to make customized visual reports and use the Power BI tools can take the Edureka Power BI course.

Key Highlights

  • Edureka’s Power BI courses covers all aspects of Power BI, from basics to advanced topics.
  • Learn from experienced Power BI professionals who provide guidance and insights.
  • You’ll gain practical experience by working on real-world projects and datasets.
  • Create interactive and dynamic dashboards using Power BI tools.
  • Explore how Power BI integrates with other Microsoft tools like Excel and Azure.

Course Details

  • Choose from self-paced or instructor-led options to suit your schedule.
  • Mon-Fri weekday classes are 15 days, while Sat-Sun weekend classes are 5 weeks.
  • Join a community of learners and get access to 24/7 support.
  • Access course materials and updates for a lifetime after enrolment.
  • After completion of the course certificate will be issued.

4. QuickXpert Infotech – Power BI Course in Mumbai

QuickXpert in Thane, Mumbai, is a reputable IT training institute. They provide classroom and live online training, led by expert trainers, with a strong focus on placements. This course is designed to help you gain skills in Power BI and boost your career prospects in the field of data analytics and visualization.

Power BI Courses in Mumbai

Key Highlights

  • Master Power BI from start to finish with the course. Learn basics, advanced DAX modules, dashboard creation, and more, guided by experts. Suitable for beginners and experienced users aiming to become Power BI pros..
  • It is Conveniently located in the Thane region.
  • Personal attention and Study materials will be provided.
  • Live Projects, case studies, and Interview preparation tips are given.
  • Certification will be provided after completion of the course.

Course details

  • Course duration is 1.5 months.
  • Flexibility to choose between classroom and live online training.
  • Guidance from experienced industry experts in the field of Power BI.
  • Hands-on, practical learning to master Power BI tools and techniques.
  • If any classes are missed recorded sessions will be available.
  • Fee structure will be given upon details provided on the site.

5. EXCELR- Power BI Course Training

ExcelR is a well-known institute offering a wide range of professional courses in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, and digital marketing. The Power BI courses from ExcelR is made to give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the area of data analytics and visualization.

Key Highlights

  • ExcelR’s Power BI course covers a wide range of topics, from basics to advanced concepts.
  • Value-added courses in Java, DevOps, Python, Jenkin, and Agile will be provided.
  • Case studies, Internships, and Real-time projects will be given.
  • Dedicated support team of experts.
  • A course certificate from EXCELR and an internship certificate from AI Virant will both be awarded.

Course Highlights

  • The duration of the course is one month. 65 hours of learning.
  • Course fees Rs. 17999/-
  • There are two types of value-added self-paced learning and live virtual classrooms available.
  • Lifetime E-Learning access will be provided.
  • Hands-on projects, mock tests, and job placements are part of the courses.

6. The Tools BI & Analytics Training -Power BI Courses.

The Tools BI & Analytics Training established in 2017, is a program that offers in-depth training in the fields of business intelligence and analytics tools. It is a valuable resource for those seeking to boost their data analysis skills and advance in the BI and analytics field.

Power BI Courses

Key Highlights

  • The tool’s Power BI interface is simple to use, making it suited for both novice and experienced users.
  • Training led by experienced instructors knowledgeable in Power BI.
  • The courses take place at a convenient location in Mumbai..
  • Certification will be provided on the completion of courses.
  • Hands-on Projects and job placements are provided.

Course Details

  • The duration of courses can vary depending on the specific program and level.
  • A total of 6-8 hours of classroom training every week.
  • The course fee and other information will be provided once we register on their website.
  • Anytime and anywhere, you may learn using content housed in the cloud.
  • Options for flexible timing to accommodate your schedule.

7. COMPUFIELD Institute- Power BI courses

Compu field’s Power BI Training in Mumbai helps you become an expert in Microsoft’s business analytics services. You’ll learn Power BI Desktop, DAX, Q&A, and Custom Visuals. it is one of the top 10 Power BI courses in Mumbai

Power BI Courses Mumbai

Key Highlights

  • Gain expertise in Microsoft’s business analytics services.
  • Conveniently located in Mumbai for easy access.
  • Receive expert instruction in Power BI from experienced professionals.
  • Master Power BI Desktop, DAX, Q&A, and Custom Visuals with comprehensive training.
  • Job Assistance will be provided.

Course Details

  • Course duration of 40 hrs.
  • fee is of Rs. 12000/- each (part 1 &2) and Rs. 22500/-(for combined)
  • Options for both classroom and corporate Power BI training
  • The cost of live 1:1 online training sessions varies.
  • They provide certificates and diplomas after finishing a practical task.

8.Net Tech India- Microsoft Power BI

NetTech India provides a Microsoft Power BI Course in Mumbai. In this course, you will learn about Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and the Power BI service.

Key Highlights

  • The course covers core Power BI basics like data visualization, data modeling, and creating dynamic reports.
  • Training from qualified trainers.
  • Live projects and case studies are part of the course.
  • Professional Training Recognized by the Industry.

Course Details.

  • The course duration and costs are available once we register through their website.
  • There is both online and offline training available.
  • There will be a certificate of course completion.
  • They offer interview coaching and job assistance..

9. ACTE- Power BI Training

Power BI Training

ACTE Mumbai provides Power BI Training in over 27+ locations with skilled trainers.

Key Highlights

  • Our trainers are industry leaders and subject matter experts who will deliver the best Power BI training to students.
  • Industrial Power BI Expert created the design with Low Fees and the Best Curriculum
  • Job-oriented training and Real-time projects are done.

Course Details

  • Course Duration of 40 hrs.
  • Fee cost Rs. 14000/-(online) , Rs. 18000/-(one to one)
  • Access to the student portal, study materials, videos, and the top MNC interview questions for life.
  • Following completion of the course, certification will be issued.

10. Seven Mentor – Power BI Course

The best Power BI training program in Mumbai is offered by Seven Mentor, which also offers Power BI placement training. With this program, you can learn Power BI and find work all in one spot.

Power BI Course

Key Highlights

  • The course covers a wide range of topics, from basic concepts to advanced analytics using Power BI.
  • It includes hands-on labs and real-world projects to reinforce your learning.
  • Dedicated team of experts.
  • The course issues a certification upon completion.

Course Details

  • Course Duration is 90 hrs.
  • Only Online Classes are available.
  • On their website, you can request course fees and offline classes.
  • Depending on the convenience of the students, weekday and weekend batches are offered.


Finally, the Power BI training in Mumbai teaches vital skills for data analysis and visualization. It gives students the tools they need to build effective dashboards and reports. This course is a useful approach to expand your job options in the data industry and enhance decision-making.


1. what is Power BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a strong data visualization and business intelligence application. It helps users connect to various data sources, create interactive reports, and gain insights from data.

2. Do I need programming skills for Power BI courses?

No, Power BI courses are designed for users with various technical backgrounds, and coding skills are not mandatory.

3. How long does a Power BI course?

Power BI courses vary in duration, ranging from a few days for basics to several weeks for comprehensive training. The length depends on the course content and your objectives.

4. What career opportunities are available after learning Power BI in Mumbai?

Power BI skills are in demand across various industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and more. You can pursue roles like Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, or Data Scientist.

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