Top 10 Machine Learning Courses in Delhi

As we all know, machine learning, Python and artificial intelligence have become so famous nowadays. Machine learning course is the study of computers that update themselves according to the past history and the data collected without being explicitly programmed. There are many applications of machine learning in gaming, online scam detection, e-commerce, medicine, etc. Still, the applications of machine learning are more difficult to assume. In turn, this leads to massive growth in the domain. 

Due to this development spurt in the area, there is a consistent increase in the need for programs in the machine learning field. Seeking the best machine learning course in Delhi? Pick your phone and call out to Henry Harvin experts now. In this blog, let’s dive into and learn more about the best machine-learning institutes in Delhi. This blog will help you to pick the best institute for machine learning courses in Delhi. 

Factors to think about while choosing the best machine learning course in Delhi

There are many factors you have to consider while picking the best machine learning institutes in Delhi.

  • Before you pick a machine learning Institute, ensure they offer you deep knowledge about the costs that may regularly contain different assessments and projects.
  • Check out if the duration of the whole course is enough to make you learn the course better, as machine learning courses consume more time than other classes.
  • Learn if the institute is working and has years of experience in machine learning, which will boost your learning.
  •  Find the institution for machine learning course in Delhi that can offer you a job after your course.
  • Make sure you check twice to ensure that the institute provides you with a certificate. 

Here are some of the best machine learning courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin

Contact No: +91 9891953953 

Henry Harvin is the best machine learning institute in delhi. It aims at apprising people by raising them in various domains via extra courses. 

Henry Harvin is a famous Global EdTech company for educating its candidates to industry bars through well-structured teaching. It offers a machine learning course in Delhi with Python and a machine learning course with R. 

CMLP (Certified Machine Learning Practitioner) is highly regarded by IIT and IIM students. Therefore, the Henry Harvin machine learning course is among Delhi’s top 10 machine learning courses.  


  • A 32-hour instructor-led course
  • The course covers Python, R, and Excel tools.
  • Gold membership for one year entitles you to unlimited access to recorded classes, internships, job opportunities, brush-up sessions, and more.
  • The course covered activities such as Multi-domain Business Analytics Optimization, predicting department-wise sales, Website trends Analysis, and Analysing ETF trends.

Henry Harvin’s other courses

  • Content Writing Course
  •  Creative Writing Course 
  •  Technical Writing Course

Course fees and duration

Course fees- Rs 15000 

Course duration- 32 hours

2. Techstack

Contact No: +91 931984 4494

Techstack is one of the area’s leading educational providers offering vast machine learning training to its students. It is one of the best institutes for machine learning course in Delhi. Designed to help students understand and grasp complex ideas within the financial analytics industry. The famous Institution has got an average 4.92-star rating. They got the best rating mainly due to the in-house staff of more than 20 data scientists with great skills at Techstack. They have the type of expert who tackled extreme study and several other ventures within the industry.


  • Personalised mentoring sessions
  • TechStack Academy certificate of completion
  • Certification from Organus India
  • Assistance with resume writing
  • Work on practical projects
  • The capstone project
  • A few case studies
  • Tools and languages
  • Support for placements

Course fees and duration

Course fees- Affordable

Course duration- 2 months

3. Croma Campus

Contact No: +919711526942

Croma campus is one of the oldest and best machine learning institutes in Delhi. It offers a large number of IT courses. In the last seven years, they have trained 1800+ candidates. The best part of joining this institution is that it offers unlimited practice on the front question. In addition, they conduct regular tests to find the areas in which the student needs improvement. 

Croma campus follows a clever teaching approach that bridges the gap between practical and academic skills and prepares students well for the corporate globe. Throughout the year, the experienced faculty update the class and curriculum regularly. They give each student quality training.


  • Intensive training
  • Dedicated lab
  • Analysing your performance
  • A mock exam
  • The assessment

Course fees and duration

Course fees- Affordable

Course duration- 32 hours

4. Edureka

Contact No. +91 89517 55408 

Edureka is a famous institute for machine learning courses in Delhi. It is very famous as it offers education through online mode. It has a great team of mentors and trainers who put their 100% into helping students improve their teaching. Postgraduate diploma courses in artificial intelligence and machine learning are available at Edureka.


  • The position is open to all graduates and diploma holders with programming knowledge.
  • Expert support is available 24/7
  • Support in finding a job
  • Over 20 industry-relevant projects
  • There are more than 100 tools available

Course fees and duration 

Course Fees: INR 2,22,450+GST

Course Duration: 450 hours of training 

5. Madrid

Contact No. +91 9560785589

Madrid is a famous institute for machine learning courses in Delhi that offer varieties of IT and data science courses. Furthermore, they cover the course as per the needs of the industry. In addition, Madrid provides proper training to students allowing students to run their program. The famous institute offers 100% practical training to candidates and covers each part of machine learning. Several of their faculty members have more than five years of experience. Furthermore, with the machine learning course, students can prepare for the duties of a machine learning job.


  • Curriculum that’s up to date
  • The latest case studies and projects
  • Experts with industry training
  • In-person and online training
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • An experienced placement team
  • Video recordings from classrooms

Course fees and duration 

Course Fees: INR 25000

Course Duration: 4-6 months

6. Data Trained

Contact No. +91 95600 84091

Founded in 2012, Data Trained Is a famous institute for machine learning. They train students in data science, machine learning and management space. Machine learning experts have prepared all their programs for the machine learning course. They have a heavy arrival of real-life case studies. In addition, the best part about this institute is that they offer got six months of internship to students as a core part of their Course plan. 

Therefore, this institute for machine learning course in Delhi helps aspirants stop common mistakes while pursuing a career in machine learning.


  • Nearly 90% success of Data Trained machine learning course
  • This institute has expert tutors and experts who have experience in different fields.
  • You will get a capstone project and 15 real-life projects
  • Five major topics are covered in the course, with ample syllabi to help you learn more. 
  • In addition to machine learning, you’ll learn Applied Data Science with R

Course fees and duration 

Course Fees: INR 160000

Course Duration: 12 months

7. Analytixlabs

Contact No. +91 9555219007

In terms of data science institutes in Delhi, Analytixlabs is one of the best. The course is only available in Data Science and related fields. So, Analytixlabs is the leading machine learning course in delhi. Among Delhi’s top machine learning courses, Analytixlabs offers machine learning with Python.


  • A 12-hour online class and a 60-hour self-study course
  • Projects and assignments totalling 8
  • The curriculum is progressive and updated as trends change
  • Candidates must have prior experience with Python programming
  • Creating profiles, getting job referrals, preparing for interviews, etc. 

Course fees 

Course fees: INR 20,000+taxes(self-paced)

 INR 25,000+taxes (live online classes)

 INR 25,000+taxes (classes and boot camps)


Contact No. +9196321 56744

ExcelR Has arisen as a global leader in technical and management training, and it now has offices in 40 Nations. The company trains 140,000+ experts across various courses and is trusted by 350+ universities and corporations. 

It has more than 25 franchise partners worldwide, helping people and organisations by offering a course based on theoretical concepts and practical knowledge. You can take machine learning courses in Delhi online or offline, and sometimes both. Excelr combines online, offline, and e-learning with expert instructors who lead all classes.


  • Faculty with expertise
  • Curriculum that meets industry standards
  • Working on a live project
  • Support in building a career
  • Providing post-training support
  • Certification on an international level
  • Opportunities for internships

Course fees and duration 

Course fees: INR 26000 for a Self-paced course

Course Duration: 40 hours

9. Imarticus 

Contact No. +91 8448515861

Currently, Imarticus alums work with more than 300 leading global companies. It is regarded as one of Delhi’s top 10 machine learning institutes. Since 2012, Imarticus Learning has helped over 35,000 individuals develop in-demand skills using an #IndustryFirst approach, transforming their careers. The Imarticus Learning platform also offers 100+ mentors as your role models. It comes under the top institute for machine learning courses in Delhi.


  • Imarticus is in line with IBM in machine learning and deep learning.
  • 360-degree learning with machine learning.
  • After 18 weeks of rigorous learning, you can become a machine learner.
  • Classroom and online training are both available.
  • A top-notch machine learning expert will mentor you one-on-one. You’ll get clear career guidance from them.

Course fees and duration 

Course fees: INR 1,6500 + GST

Course Duration: 145+ hours

10. Datamites

It is a leading, affordable, and top-rated institute for machine learning course in Delhi. Datamites offers high-quality real-time analytics training courses.

With Datamites, you can take machine learning courses and get placements in Delhi, Banglore, the US, and the Netherlands. Essential machine learning tools and deploying machine learning models are covered in this Machine Learning Expert course.


  • A combination of online training and self-study books and videos.
  • Self-study and live online instruction are both options in the blended learning approach. Additionally, they assist you in passing your certification exams.
  • Provide support for internship projects as well.
  • Real-time customer projects to work on.
  • In addition, it provides interview guides, resume writing tips, and job alerts.

Course fees

INR 35,000Instructor Led Live Virtual Training 

INR 16,900 Blended Learning – Self-Paced + Live Mentoring  

INR 37,900 Classroom Training – Classroom Training.

The bottom line,

Looking for the best institute of machine learning course in Delhi, do not fear. Henry Harvin’s expert team is here to help you. Henry Harvin skilled tutors have years of skills in the teaching line, and you don’t have to worry about anything. Contact the best machine learning institute in Delhi at Henry Harvin now.


Q.1 After the 12th grade, can I take a machine learning course?

Yes, of course. After the 12th grade, one can take a machine learning course. Courses may be certificate courses, diploma courses, short training courses, or degrees.

Is there a course duration for machine learning?

The duration of a course varies depending on its type and model. It can take 2 to 12 months to complete a course.

 Can you tell me how much a machine learning course costs?

You can expect to pay between 2000 and 30000 INR for a course, depending on its duration and type.

What are the eligibility needs for machine learning courses?

For enrollment in a machine learning course, you must have passed the 12th grade in the science stream. Moreover, some institutes shortlist students based on different criteria.

 In what categories does machine learning fall?

Using words such as supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised, and reinforcement learning commonly refer to machine learning, which extracts data to improve a computer’s precision and performance.

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