Kodak Consulting SAP Course Reviews- 9.6/10



Great experience! Thank you, Kodak Consulting, for providing an online learning platform allowing students to take courses from anywhere and anytime. This institution provided me with outstanding SAP training. I would strongly endorse Kodak Consulting. 


Dear Kodak Consulting. I am Arnav, one of the fortunate aspirants who had the opportunity to attend the SAP  course training. I thoroughly enjoyed every training moment, which was of the highest caliber. The material was incredibly informative and helpful.



The SAP Training Course is appropriate for current and future e-commerce entrepreneurs. When I first opened my cosmetics company in Kolkata, I had no idea how to enhance the customer experience. It must concern business owners, in my opinion.

The SAP  Training Course is generally valid for e-commerce businesses. It has also become a boon for manufacturing companies. I completed my SAP  Course training via an instructor-led online mode. Enthusiastic trainers were instructing the most beneficial factor of my training program.


I am currently working in MNC and enrolled in this course at Kodak Consulting. Great content and excellent explanations. Numerous tutorials for learning shortcuts, view customization, etc. If you are a working professional, trying to save time to become a Pro user would be your best decision.


To uplift my career, I decided to join the SAP  course. Undoubtedly, this course has the best industry standard course modules that help advance your coding skills and transform your confidence and skill. The facility of this institution was great; thanks for your support in changing my life.


I took an SAP course from Kodak Consulting; they are very professional, accommodating your schedule based on your availability, and have unique recordings,  notes, and excellent customer support. I found them cost-effective and will recommend them to my friends and coworkers.

Joydeep- 9.6/10

Kodak Consulting is an innovative and interactive method of evangelizing us toward different courses. Kodak Consulting’s greatest strengths lie in its ticket-solving and customized courses. Teachers are knowledgeable and interactive in their instruction. SAP  training sessions are well-structured and contain relevant information to help us dive. Excellent course materials and well-organized modules for each course.

Adija 9.8/10

I was unaware of SAP and its subsidiary products. The Kodak Consulting trainers helped me easily comprehend even the most challenging subject matter. They continued to assist me even after the SAP  Training Course concluded. Overall it was a life-changing experience for me.

Nandesh 9.6/10

 I have attended numerous pieces of training in the past, but none of them had such a profound impact on me. You have performed admirably, and I value your efforts. Trainer Mr. Debashish sir is exceptionally knowledgeable, patiently explained the subject, and cleared up all my questions. I will undoubtedly suggest this training to my friends.

Thank you, Kodak consulting, for helping me get my dream job.

Pravesh 9.9/10

After graduation, I searched for a course and took up SAP on my friend’s advice. Kodak consulting was my best decision; now, I am working in one of the top MNCs and earning a lucrative salary. The modules and tools helped shape my skill set in the SAP domain. 

Course Description

The SAP  application is embedded product life-cycle management software that serves as a central repository for all product-related data required for collaboration with other parties. Moreover, it helps facilitate product development, design, engineering, quality assurance, preventative maintenance, and environmental protection.

 The SAP  application assists you at every stage of the product’s lifecycle, from brainstorming to production to after-sales service. The SAP Business Suite, of which SAP is a part, provides businesses with adaptable, modular software that can be used in tandem with other SAP and third-party applications to carry out their core functions.

 Organizations and departments across all industries can deploy SAP Business Suite software to address unique business challenges on their schedules and without expensive upgrades.

Who can Join This Course?

The SAP PLM course program is best suited for learners who are:

  • Product Lifecycle Management aspirants
  • Solution Consultants
  • Sales & Presales Professionals
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Aspirants

Advantages of Learning

  • Explore Life-cycle Data Management and Life-cycle Collaboration.
  • To access other R/3 Reports, use the document info record and object links.
  • Learn about Class Hierarchies and characteristic inheritance.
  • Process and implement a change response and Analysis Notes.
  • Learn about Plant Maintenance as it is linked to Enterprise Asset Management and Solution Portfolio.
  • Learn how to use and customize Maintenance Bills of Material.
  • Use a Time-Based Maintenance Strategy to carry out maintenance planning.
  • Learn about graphical user interfaces (GUIs), enterprise portals, and mobile solutions.
  • Set up the Plant Maintenance Information System and its supporting infrastructure


Key Highlights of the Course

  • There will be 44 hours of training, all of which will take place in Live Bi-directive sessions.
  • Projects include Plant Maintenance, Maintenance Bills of Material, and Maintenance Planning to boost students’ practical knowledge.
  • Internship: Internship assistance to gain hands-on experience with the acquired knowledge
  • SAP Training Course completion certificate from a renowned and government-recognized institute in India.
  • Assistance with placement: One year of Free Services following the course
  • E-Learning allows easy access to numerous resources like video lessons, tests, and More
  • Most respected industry trainers with more than 12 years of working experience
  • Bootcamps: 12 months of consistent Bootcamp Training
  • SAP PLM Training Course Membership: One Year Gold Membership

Covered As Per Market Demand

  1. Program and Project Management
  2. Life-cycle Data Management
  3. Enterprise Asset Management
  4. Challenges in Project Management
  5. Advanced Approach to Product Development
  6. Product Data
  7. Material Management
  8. Document Management

Career Benefits From SAP Course

  • Global exposure to millions of Product Life-cycle Management-Related Jobs
  • International brands such as IBM, HCL, Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte, Adobe, and many others have the opportunity to get employed.
  • After completing the SAP PLM training course, be a highly paid freelancer or full-time professional.
  • Enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile through technical and professional growth.
  • Stand out your profile from Peers and get promoted in your current profile by including the most-demanding Skill of 2022.
  • Be a certified SAP PLM professional.
  • Increased stability in employment and unprecedented promotion potential

Steps For the Certification Process


First, contact the counselors to guide you through the course and get a suitable batch to start your training.

Attend The Classes

Regularly attend the insertion-led interactive sessions of the SAP training program. After completing your course, you will get an SAP  certificate. If you miss any classes, you can go through the recorded session. 

Submit Your Project On Time

During the training, your trainer will assign hands-on projects to teach you real environmental challenges

Start Your Career

By completing the course, you can become a certified SAP  professional and promote your certificate on social media platforms to attract your recruiters or grow your network if you want to freelance. 

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  • For most e-commerce enterprises, the SAP Training Course is applicable. Manufacturing firms have benefited from it as well. I used an online instructor-led course to complete my SAP training. My training program's most advantageous component was being taught by enthusiastic trainers.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I have learned so much from your videos, and anyone can easily understand the subjects. I was chosen by one of the major four firms after successfully passing the interviews. Without your advice, I would not have been able to. Thank you for providing such a good service to those who cannot afford expensive training programmes. Thank you a lot.

  • I had a great time in this session, and I'm happy to report that I earned my SAP Certification! Thank you very much for everything you do for your students, for giving us the time we need to comprehend concepts, and for providing us with assistance and additional problems to learn from when we don't. once more, many thanks

  • Tracking completion rates and earning credentials in the event that tests were successfully completed. SAP also makes the enrolment process easier based on employee requirements and HR directives. It is more effective to use a blended learning method with group participation.

  • This blog effectively communicates information about SAP institutes. This assists in familiarizing the reader with useful information so that the necessary decision about joining the institute can be made.

  • I really enjoyed this SAP Training center It is highly recommended for all those who want to write articles, present grants, clarify doubts about the researcher’s career and learn all this from experts. I really enjoyed this SAP fees during my internship.

  • I was in search of a SAP course online as being a working professional i was not able to go for classes and this online course helped me lot in learning SAP course training.

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